3 Reasons To Buy Hoge Coin And 1 Reason To Sell

Last Updated April 20th 2022
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Is Hoge Coin Meme Coin All Set To Skyrocket In 2022? Let Us See. 


Key Points

  • If Hoge Finance launches its NFT marketplace, it will provide a real use case for Hoge coin.
  • HOGE is one of the first DeFi meme coins to complete a Certik audit successfully.
  • Compared to other cryptos, HOGE could be a risky investment option now.

The success and popularity of Dogecoin helped create a pathway for an array of meme coins, aiming to reproduce the incredible returns experienced by DOGE holders. One such meme token that has generated media attention recently is the Hoge coin. 

Hoge Finance is a community-driven DeFi project that allows its users to auto-stake. The platform rewards its users for holding crypto. It uses smart contract technology to integrate special tokenomics into every transaction.

HOGE, the internal token of the Hoge Finance platform, is an ERC 20 token that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. This deflationary cryptocurrency supports the whole Hoge Finance network. But what are the reasons to buy Hoge coin, and what could be the reason to sell it? Let us see. 

No. 1 Reason To Buy HOGE Coin: Deflationary Nature

The demand for the HOGE token will increase with time, pushing its price to new highs. 

HOGE is a meme token with the power of DeFi and combines meme and frictionless yield farming. The ERC-20 token has a unique tokenomics to incentivize holders not to sell. A 2% tax on every transaction is the primary mechanism that helps HOGE achieve this. Half of this tax income is distributed back to token holders, and the other half is burned forever. 

HOGE is a deflationary token and is designed to decrease supply every time a transaction, swap, trade, or transfer is made with it. This unique mechanism allows the price to increase over time with the efficient burning strategies HOGE has created. In the end, it leads to a constant reduction in the existing supply while concurrently increasing the demand for tokens. Since the token’s supply will gradually decrease, the remaining tokens become scarce and more valuable, making this an excellent time to buy HOGE. 

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

No. 2 Reason To Buy Hoge Coin: HOGE Going Global With Community Projects Like HOGE University

The team has more plans to expand the token’s network and ecosystem, making Hoge coin a smart investment now. 

The Hoge community is continuously developing multiple use cases for the token to attract people from all around the globe. Currently, the community is leveraging its legal team and not-for-profit Swiss Association to design a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) to keep the Hoge ecosystem safe and optimized without intermediaries. 

Additionally, the team is also building a platform for its users to help them search for recent articles and educational courses called the Hoge University. This will attract thought leaders from various trending industries to train the community in unconventional areas like content creation and crypto, along with expanding the scope of learning. The courses are created by industry leaders with high expertise in the field. 

No. 3 Reason To Buy Hoge Coin: The Release Of The NFT marketplace 

A significant mark in the booming NFT sector makes Hoge coin a potential investment option. 

Yet another reason to buy HOGE now is its plans for the launch of the Hoge NFT Marketplace. The team is working on a HOGE-owned and operated NFT marketplace to create opportunities for artists and members. This plan has generated a lot of buzz amongst community members, garnering attention from investors across verticals. Hoge Finance also has a dedicated website called HogeMint that acts as the minting platform for Hoge Finance NFT drops.

This unique mission aims at creating opportunities for artists and members. The NFT market is thus expected to be one of the large revenue sources for HOGE as it will be integrated with the existing e-commerce and merchandise platform already available on HOGE's website.

Moreover, Hoge coin’s whitepaper notes that the team’s goal is to create a ‘HOGE brand’ that will introduce the benefits of cryptocurrency to the mainstream. This will be further supported by implementing a decentralized autonomous organization, where the token holders have the final say in the project’s future moves. If everything goes according to plan, the Hoge coin will position itself as the next top meme coin in the market.

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

One Reason To Sell Hoge Coin

Hoge coin seems to be a risky investment option in the middle of this market crisis. 

Meme coins like HOGE rely on community backing since most of them do not possess the same utilities as other cryptocurrencies. Moreover, HOGE is a higher-risk investment than some of the larger coins, as it is one of the new meme coins in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The future of the token entirely depends on its adoption by the crypto community and the success of its projects. 

The Bottomline 

So above mentioned are the three key reasons to buy HOGE and one reason to sell it. However, the Hoge coin price is mainly driven by the plans laid in its roadmap. The enhancements include arrangements for Hoge coin merchandise to be released and bridges to other networks such as Polygon and BSC. The team mentioned that they are even planning for ‘HOGE Space Program’ that seeks to develop a platform to integrate crypto technologies into orbit. Therefore, the potential outlook of the crypto has resulted in many investors holding on to their tokens.

Additionally, the HOGE community would promote the growth of an economy and its participants through rapid collaboration and alternate financial structures in the future, making Hoge coin a good investment for the long term. 

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

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