The 5 Best Investments to Make in Summer 2018

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It's advised you start looking at the best investments for 2018 if you are on the road to making more profits. Taking the time to research the various investment options will not only make sure you invest in an area you are comfortable with, but will also make it more probable to work out.

Want to know the five best investments might be for summer 2018? Read on for more information:

1. Invest in yourself

This may seem a strange one - after all, where is the actual cash return into your bank? However, taking the time to invest in yourself could actually make you more money in the long term.

Don't forget - you are your biggest asset. The greater your knowledge, the better decisions you will make on what to invest in and what to avoid. Educating yourself is super important as you can learn from other people's mistakes and use their ideas to be successful. Investing in yourself by reading and learning all the available information out there can help you on the road to successful trading. 

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2. Investing in property

One of the most common forms of investment is property. This can be done as an individual or via managed property funds. If you opt to invest via a fund, you won't actually own the property, you'll simply invest with others. The money collected will then be invested on your behalf in property by the fund manager.

There are two main reasons why property makes for a great investment. The first is that you may make an overall gain on the value if you buy a property to sell. This can see huge profits made and a significant return on your original investment. The second reason property investment is so popular is because of rental gains. If you've purchased a property, you may opt to rent it out and see the steady income that this can bring you annually.

3. Stocks

Along with property investment, buying or trading in stocks is very popular as an investment. It is pretty easy to understand, easy to access and can be entered into with a comparatively low amount of starting capital. For these reasons and the potential to see outstanding returns on your investment, stocks are one of the best investments for 2018. You can buy stocks in a company to hold until you want to sell or trade stocks more frequently on shorter timescales to lock in profits. Investing in stocks also allows you to ride the coattails of successful companies.

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4. Peer to peer lending

Peer to peer lending is one of the newer investments you can make, but certainly one of the best for 2018. In a nutshell, it allows you to invest money in start-up companies from around the world who will repay your investment with a good return on top of the original amount. There are many peer to peer lending companies now such as Zopa ( and RateSetter ( to choose from. They all offer a wide selection of businesses to invest in and good interest rates on the money that you lend to them.

5. Cryptocurrency/blockchain technology

Along with peer to peer lending, this is one of the newer ways to invest your money on the market. It is just as popular, as anyone who has seen the rise of Bitcoin will know.

This makes it a great investment for 2018 as there is money to be made by investing in the various cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. Just be careful to do your research first! Look at what each technology or cryptocurrency involves so you know the investment is a sound one. As always, start small rather than investing big sums! Only scale up your investment when you feel confident in it working out. A really good piece of advice here is to look for options that have backing from respected industry figures or organisations.

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