Wajeeh Khan
Resides In
Dubai, UAE
Bachelor's Degree in Economics and a Master’s Degree in Finance

Finance with a focus on Cryptocurrency, Stock and Forex Trading


Wajeeh Khan is an experienced financial and cryptocurrency researcher. His expert niche subjects include asset valuation, forecasts and analysis, and portfolio management. Wajeeh is particularly skilled in explaining complex financial and crypto topics in a user-friendly manner for beginners and experienced readers. Academically, Wajeeh holds a Bachelor's Degree in Economy and a Master’s Degree in Finance.


Since 2017, Wajeeh Khan has written for notable online platforms like Invezz, Trading-Education.com, NewsBreak, Dog of Wall Street, and many other.

Wajeeh is a competent financial content writer with over 4,000+ published articles, guides, and market insights in many publishing brands.

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