Avalanche Forecast: Will Avalanche (AVAX) Reach $500?

Last Updated January 24th 2022
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Will Avalanche token prices eventually reach $500? If yes, when?

The short answer to this is, Yes. It is highly likely that Avalanche token prices will continue rising in the foreseeable future and that it will eventually reach $500. In fact, a few crypto experts and technical analysts has predicted that AVAX will reach $500 in 2022, but as the bears took over the markets, they adjusted their forecast to indicate that Avalanche will get to $500 by the end of 2025.

This optimism has its roots in AVAX’s stellar performance throughout 2021 and its proven resilience. Its proponents are confident that it can carry on with the 2021 momentum that saw it gain 3000%+ in less than 12 months to help it gain the 550% needed to reach $500 in the next 4 years. They are also confident that having survived multiple volatile crashes in 2021, Avalanche can withstand any of the crypto market’s future volatilities and still get to $500.

Other factors that analysts and investors are confident will help drive Avalanche’s price rally include the fulfillment of the different projects as outlined in the Avalanche roadmap and strategic partnerships with other on- and off-chain brands. A recovering crypto market and scaled adoption of blockchain technology are both expected to play a crucial role in driving AVAX token prices towards $500.

So, when will Avalanche reach $500?

When Will Avalanche (AVAX) Token Reach $500?

In truth, no one knows with utmost certainty if or when Avalanche token prices will reach $500. Nonetheless, and basing their arguments on AVAX’s past price action as well as fundamental and technical analysis, the majority of analysts and investors are convinced that Avalanche will ultimately reach $500. The more optimistic are confident that Avalanche will get here before 2025 while everyone else expects the altcoin to get here in 5 years.

Here are some expert’s forecasts on when they expect Avalanche to reach $500.

Technical analysts at PrirePrediction.Net are massively bullish on Avalanche’s future price action, though they can only see it going parabolic in the last half of the decade. They reckon that though they expect it to grow its value by more than 5000% in the next 10 years, this sharp gain will be preceded by a slow recovery and can, therefore, only see AVAX reaching $500 in 2026.

A similar analysis by crypto experts at CryptocurrencyPricePrediction is a tad more optimistic about Avalanche rebound and recovery. It, too, indicates that much of the parabolic rise for AVAX tokens will take place in the last half of the decade, but they are confident that it will have a swift rebound that takes it to $500 by February 2025.

At Cryptopolitan, crypto experts argue that Avalanche will have a quick rebound that helps it rise above its current all-time high of $146 by the end of 2022. It will then continue building on the uptrend that takes AVAX token prices well above $500 by 2024.

These sentiments are shared by crypto pundits at Coinquora, who are massively bullish on the Ethereum killer’s price action over the next few years. They argue that Avalanche has everything it needs to rise above its current all-time high in the first half of 2022 before ending the year selling well above $350. They then expect AVAX to sustain this uptrend and most likely rally to $500 within the first few months of 2023.

Technical analysts at Gov Capital are also convinced that Avalanche is one rally of strategic partnership of a crypto market rally away from setting a new price record. They expect Avalanche to rebound and resume the November 2021 price run immediately, rising above its current all-time high in the next few months and reaching $500 by July 2023.

After looking at the most probable time that Avalanche will reach $500, as predicted by different forecasters, we now need to shift focus and look at the impact that such a value gain would have on both the AVAX network and the larger crypto community.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

What Will Happen When Avalanche (AVAX) Reaches $500?

When Avalanche eventually makes it to $500, you can expect to see many changes to both the AVAX network and in the larger crypto industry. Here are the four that we believe will be most visible:

Exponential market cap growth: One of the most obvious development, when AVAX hits $500, will have to be its bloated market cap. Assuming that it gets to this price level in the next few years when its total token supply is 400 million, we will expect to see its market cap blow and reach $200 Billion. This is enough to help AVAX make it to CoinMarketCap’s coveted list of top 5 most valuable crypto assets.

More investor interest: In getting to $500, Avalanche will need to grow its current market price by more than 550%. This has already sparked FOMO among long-term speculative investors and is expected to help AVAX draw in even more investors moving forward. These will play a key role in not just pushing its token price further up but also popularizing the altcoin.  

Overtake competition and eat into Ethereum’s market: A $200 Billion market cap would help Avalanche overtake the competition, the likes of Solana and Cardano, to become the ultimate Ethereum killer. It is also highly likely that with its ultra-fast and low-cost blockchain service, most of these new users and partners would be drawn from its competitors, especially the slow and rather costly Ethereum.

More strategic partnerships: As Avalanche popularity soars, the network draws in new users, and the use case for AVAX tokens rises, analysts would expect it to enter into more strategic partnerships. These factors, combined with ultra-fast and low-cost nature, will help Avalanche score strategic partnerships with more on- and off-chain brands interested in building on what AVAX developers describe as the “fastest smart contract platform in the blockchain industry.”

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Will Avalanche (AVAX) Reach $300 In 2022?

It is highly likely that Avalanche token will shake off the current bear sentiments directing its price action at the moment, rebound, and rally to $300 before the end of 2022. In fact, the majority of crypto analysts and investors had expected Avalanche to reach $300 by the end of 2021, but the market-wide sell-off that started in December has forced them to adjust their predictions.

Though the general feeling is that how high up AVAX will get in 2022 will be determined by how first the market recovers, several optimists are confident that Avalanche can rebound and resume its late 2021 price rally in the next few months. 

Among the many forecasters who expect Avalanche token price to rise and end the year trading above $300 include technical analysts at Gov Capital, who expect AVAX to reach $300 in November before rising further and reaching $360 in December 2022.

Crypto experts at Coinquora are also confident that Avalanche token prices will rebound and sustain an uptrend for the next few years. By December 2022, they expect AVAX to trade between $300 and $350.

Is Avalanche (AVAX) A Good Investment?

Yes, even though Avalanche is relatively new, it is a viable investment because it has all the hallmarks of a good long-term investment. These include having performed exemplarily well in the past, seeing that it is 180X up its ICO price, it has proven its resilience by surviving one of the most volatile crypto crashes, and everyone is rooting for massive value gains over the next few years.

Further, every forecasting metric - from experts to investors and even market sentiments - is bullish on AVAX’s future price action. The renowned crypto analysts named “GUY” at the Coin Bureau YouTube channel, for example, mentions that Avalanche’s technical and fundamental analysis indicates that it has enough room for a massive uptick.

To sum this up; Avalanche is a good buy primarily because as the value for its AVAX tokens grows over the years, so will your invested capital.

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Conclusion: Will Avalanche (AVAX) Eventually Reach $500?

Yes, it is highly likely that Avalanche will eventually rebound and resume its late 2021 uptrend that eventually pushes the altcoin value above $500. According to most analysts and investors, Avalanche will most likely reach $500 in the next 5 years, with the most optimistic holding the view that it could get here as early as 2023.

Some of the factors that these analysts believe will help Avalanche reach $500 this early include a recovering crypto market, upgrades to the Avalanche network, and scaled adoption of blockchain technology across the world. When this eventually happens, Avalanche’s market cap will explode and reach $200 Billion, AVAX will make it among the top 5 most valuable crypto assets, overthrow competition, and eat into Ethereum’s market share.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

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