The Best Places To Buy Small Love Potion (SLP): Today’s Hottest Crypto

Last Updated July 23rd 2021
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Small Love Potion (SLP) is one of the cryptos that have held value pretty well since the bear market started in May. After hitting a high of $0.359 in early May, it entered a corrective phase like the rest of the market. However, it has since the rebound and hit an all-time high of $0.40 in July. Its price action in recent months has made it top trending crypto. The result has been a sharp rise in interest in SLP tokens by day traders and long-term investors.

In this article, you will get all the information you need about the Small Love Potion project and its SLP coin. Some of the things you will learn here include information about the project, its working mechanism, and whether to buy the SLP coin now.

Before we delve into the mechanics of Small Love Potion, below is a highlight of the best place to buy or sell SLP coins in the U.K and globally.

How & Where To Buy SLP Tokens Online

As expected, the best place to buy or sell Small Love Potion tokens is one that is reliable, and affordable. Due to security and regulatory issues surrounding centralized exchanges, people are moving more towards decentralized exchanges (DEXs). However, crypto brokers remain the best when it comes to giving customers, especially beginners, a good buying experience.

Click on the link below, sign up, and make a deposit to start trading. Here is one of the best brokers for crypto trading.


eToro gives you access to multiple assets ranging from stocks, ETFs to crypto.

One of the things you will love about trading on eToro is its extremely low trading fees. The broker’s fees are set so that when you open a non-leveraged position, you are not charged a commission. eToro also happens to have some of the most competitive spreads in the market. When looking to trade SLP tokens using eToro, you can expect spreads as low as 1 pips. This means you will be buying and selling at the best possible prices in the market.

eToro also has a very elaborate mechanism for protecting its customers in case things go south. Think about it for a minute. If your favourite crypto exchange were to go under, you would have little means of recovering your funds. That’s because most of them operate in a regulatory vacuum.

eToro is an exception. This broker is not only regulated, but it also has 1 million Australian dollars/Euros/Sterling Pound free insurance for all its clients.  This means even if eToro were to ever go under, you are sure that your SLP coins would be safe.

eToro also has a social trading feature. Through this feature, you can interact with other traders on the platform in real-time. This can help you get deep insights on how to trade. You can also use it to gauge crowd sentiment and make an informed decision on whether to buy or sell.

Closely linked to social trading is eToro’s copy trading feature. With this feature, you can view the profiles of successful traders and copy their moves. This saves you from the extensive learning curve needed to become a pro-trader. In the context of SLP tokens, all you need to do is find successful SLP token traders and buy when they buy, or sell when they sell.

Besides all these features, you will love the fact that eToro is quite easy to use.  The broker’s user interface is designed for both pros and newbie traders. Once you sign up with this exchange, you do not need anyone to guide you on buying, selling, or trading SLP tokens. Everything is pretty self-explanatory.

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What Is Small Love Potion (SLP)?

Small Love Potion is an Ethereum blockchain-based cryptocurrency. To earn SLP tokens, you need to play Axie Infinity. This is a community-led game, where players earn SLP coins, unlike other games where players earn experience points.

 After a player accumulates SLP tokens, they can use them to buy Axies. These are digital pets that are part of the Axie Infinity ecosystem. The base price for these pets is 100 SLP, but the price rises as one scales up the game. The maximum is 2700, which is for the 7th scale. It is also the upper cap as to how many pets a user can breed. The goal behind putting a cap on the number of times players can breed pets is to prevent hyperinflation within this gaming economy.

For you to start breeding pets, you have to win 15 rounds of the game. However, you can shorten your breeding journey by buying SLP tokens in the market. For most people who do not have the time for gaming, buying SLP is the best route to take.

Should I Buy SLP Tokens?

That depends on your goals. If you want to play Axie Infinity or bet on the potential future success of this community-driven game, then it makes a lot of sense to buy SLP tokens now.

That said, you need to be aware that cryptocurrencies are extremely risky investments. You need to have the stomach for extreme volatility if you are to make any money out of SLP tokens or any other cryptocurrency, for that matter. The key is to do your research and put in money that you can afford to lose.

Will Small Love Potion Coin Make Me Rich?

Chances are that it won’t make you rich. You would need to hold many SLP tokens if you are to get rich off it, and in such a scenario, you would probably be wealthy already. However, things happen, and prices can rally to a level where SLP can make you rich. Dogecoin is an example of an altcoin that rallied out of the blues and made many people rich.

Small Love Potion (SLP) price predictions

From data and sentiment analysis, here is what to expect from SLP in the future.

The price of Small Love Potion to reach $0.53 in 2021, $0.63 in 2022, and $1 level in 2025.

Social media coverage of $SLP

Check out this crypto news website for up-to-date news on SLP and other hot cryptocurrencies.

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Virtual currencies are highly volatile. Your capital is at risk.

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