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Last Updated May 16th 2022
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API3, a crypto that is paving the way for Web3, could be your millionaire-making investment option for the future. Find out why. 

Data is one of the most valuable commodities in the emerging Web3 world. Oracle solutions play a significant role in facilitating the accurate and secure transmission of data between blockchain and data sources. As crypto startups began focusing on interoperability in 2022, oracle projects have started seeing bullish momentum. One such innovative project taking a unique approach to develop oracles is API3. 

API3 harnesses application programming interface (APIs) to create first-party oracles using decentralized APIs capable of broadcasting data directly to blockchain networks. Since the token has massive growth potential, it is worth knowing if API3 could be a millionaire-maker coin for investors. Let’s see. 


API3: What Is It?

API3, the next generation of oracles, could be one of the best millionaire-maker coins to buy now. 

The API3 blockchain network offers a platform to build, manage, and monetize decentralized versions of APIs. This data oracle enables APIs to feed data to the blockchain applications directly, eliminating the need for a third-party middleman. API3 addresses the problems emerging from legacy third-party oracles by developing reliable first-party oracles. In addition, it successfully streamlines the flow between API and smart contract. 

A key feature of API3 is its unique solution called dAPI. It is a decentralized approach for providing a conventional API service to smart contracts that ensure safety and cost-effectiveness. With dAPI, API3 achieves its stated goal of decentralized versions of APIs.


Is API3 A Millionaire-Maker Investment 

API3 is one of the best cryptocurrencies worth watching in 2022. 

API3 has experienced impressive rises and tremendous falls since its launch in December 2020. With a range of advanced technological solutions, the platform claims to have solved issues related to smart contracts’ ability to access reliable real-time, off-chain data. In its mission to create and scale-up decentralized versions of APIs, API3 has experienced massive volatility. Thanks to its significant utilities, experts believe that API3 could be a millionaire-maker coin in 2022. First-party oracles offer more security, efficiency, and data-source transparency than problematic legacy third-party oracles.

Its native API3 token is also a work token. However, API3 was designed to expand its use beyond just a currency. Its creators believed that the coin has much more benefits and use cases in the real world. This has led to the development of various applications that could take advantage of the coin’s features. API3’s use as a payment method for online purchases is one of the most popular applications of the token. 

Moreover, API3 is working with merchants worldwide to accept Bitcoin payments. Along with making it easier for customers to use Bitcoin, it also helps promote the currency and show people its utilities. 

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Factors That Make API3 A Millionaire-Maker Coin

Along with the token’s utilities, several other factors have pushed the price of API3 this year. 

The Launch Of Airnode 

One key reason for the bullish rally of API3 is the oracle solution’s announcement that Airnode will be launched on the main network of Avalanche. Airnode is Web3 middleware created to connect any web API directly with blockchain applications to make real-world data accessible via smart contracts. This process seamlessly cuts out middleman service providers and facilitates the transformation of data providers into their own blockchain oracles. Also, Airnode allows API data to be queried from blockchains eliminating the need for any specialist node-operating intermediaries.

API3 Listing On Binance Exchange

Yet another factor that provided API3 with an added boost lately was a new listing on Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume. The listing has made API3 available to a wider audience, eventually boosting its adoption rate.

The token is available on four out of the top six cryptocurrency exchanges by volume, including Binance, Coinbase, KuCoin, and Huobi Global.

The Release Of Beacon Data Feeds With Amberdata

API3 started 2022 with an exciting new product, the Beacons. The project entered a new partnership with the digital data asset provider Amberdata to release beacon data feeds for the crypto community. It aims to deliver continuously updated data feeds on-chain directly from the API source. Beacons challenge the commonly used third-party oracle model; they are the first-party data feeds that enable developers to connect crypto applications to constantly updating streams of off-chain data.


Could API3 Be A Millionaire-Maker?

Thanks to the token’s immense potential, the value of API3 is increasing, making API3 one of the best millionaire-maker coins in the market. 

API3 is a collaborative effort to build, manage and monetize dAPIs at scale in a fully decentralized way. To ensure complete decentralization, the participants are incentivized through the governance, security, and value capture utilities of the API3 token.

API3 aims to expand the applicability of the blockchain without sacrificing decentralization by connecting decentralized applications with the abundant data and services offered by traditional Web APIs. Since the underlying technology behind API3 crypto appears to be solid, API3 has a great future ahead in 2022 and beyond. Moreover, with ongoing developments happening within the API3 ecosystem, as well as in the overall crypto market, experts believe that API3 could be the next millionaire-maker coin for investors. 


The Bottomline 

Web 3.0 is slowly becoming a reality now. Millions of dollars have been invested into the infrastructure upon which Web3 will be built. Several crypto start-ups have emerged, all attempting to become frontrunners in the Web3 movement. API3, with its innovative blockchain technology, has positioned its place in the list, making the coin a definite millionaire-making investment. 

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