Could The Graph Be A Millionaire-Maker Coin

Learn why The Graph is one of the fastest-growing altcoins in the market today. 

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Last Updated February 3rd 2022
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Blockchain investors are trying to find potentially undervalued altcoins that could skyrocket with the discovery of newer technologies. One such promising project is The Graph. It is built on solid network fundamentals and has plenty of room for growth. The question is, could The Graph could be a millionaire-maker coin for investors?

The goal of blockchain technology is to be a decentralized and trustless network. Therefore, specific processes like retrieving data from the third party are limitations and cannot be applied in blockchain-based systems. But The Graph or GRT has gained the attention of several crypto enthusiasts as it introduces a simple solution to these limitations and promises excellent value for the future. So let us explore a bit more. 


What Is The Graph? (GRT)

Thanks to its potential use cases and increased adoption by dApps, The Graph could be a millionaire-maker coin.

The Graph is sometimes called the “search engine” for blockchains as it aims to facilitate the seamless exchange of data between blockchains and applications. It is also one of the first decentralized indexing and querying softwares available in the market. 

As the network follows a decentralized indexing protocol working with blockchain data, GRT is also described as the “Google of blockchains.” The Graph protocol indexes blockchain data by grouping it into subgraphs on open API (application programming interfaces), similar to how search engines such as Google index the Internet. Data is organized into subgraphs, and users can search for their desired information seamlessly.

GRT has seen a significant rise since its launch in 2020. The network has already hit over a billion queries. So far, The Graph has been adopted by DeFi projects like UniSwap, Synthetix, Decentraland, Aragon, and others. 


Is GRT A Millionaire-Maker Investment? 

GRT is one of the top cryptocurrencies in the market today, with high growth potential.

The GRT token powers The Graph network and has numerous utilities. GRT is used to pay for queries. It is also used to reward users who operate on the network. Therefore as The Graph network becomes more popular, the value of GRT will also rise eventually. 

A significant feature of The Graph is that it enables developers to seamlessly create and release subgraphs, regardless of the type of data infrastructure used. Currently, it supports IPFS, POA, and ETH, with the support for more protocols to be introduced shortly.

This crypto was founded by three veteran blockchain developers. They were Yaniv Tal, Jannis Pohlmann, and Brandon Ramirezs. The Graph Foundation conducted a highly successful public sale that allowed the team to raise over $25 million from investors across 100 countries. Thanks to its airtight technology, GRT was also able to gain significant institutional financing from several organizations like ParaFi Capital, Reciprocal Ventures, Coinbase Ventures, Tally Capital, CoinFund, and Framework.


Factors That Could Make The Graph A Millionaire Maker Coin

Its powerful blockchain technology and software developments make GRT an excellent investment at the moment. 

1. Software Developments 

The Graph provides specific functionality to the blockchain ecosystem. Therefore any positive improvements in the technology or the software could drive the price of GRT higher. 

There have been several developments in its technology and software in the past. In February 2020, The Graph introduced a software development company that aims to help blockchain protocol development. The announcement of the introduction of Edge & Node had skyrocketed the price of GRT with a whopping surge of 144% in just four days. Further, any positive news from Edge & Node could give an extra push to the price of The Graph. 

Additionally, The Graph has also announced a $2.5 million reward to developers and ethical hackers who can identify and fix any shortcomings or vulnerabilities in its protocol.

2. Offering Fluidity And scalability To Decentralized Applications (dApps)

Most often, developers have to choose between efficiency and software decentralization while building dApps, which inhibits these apps from achieving proper balance. But The Graph has announced a novel solution to this problem. It creates a global API that developers employ to simplify their activities. As a result, it allows the applications based on The Graph to function correctly without eliminating decentralization. 

Moreover, for its unique features like querying and indicating the data, The Graph has even been compared to Google. By indexing blockchain data from networks of repute like Ethereum and Filecoin, The Graph groups them into open APIs called subgraphs. Anyone can query these subgraphs by using GraphQL. Using smart contracts and adding data to the Ethereum blockchain, The Graph promotes decentralized applications, positioning itself as a pioneer for such applications in the DeFi sector. 

Therefore, with the increasing popularity and adoption of dApps, the price of GRT would also increase, making The Graph a millionaire-maker coin for investors. 

3. The Graph – Building Block For A Decentralized Future

As The Graph is positioned perfectly to fuel the DeFi developments, the recent expansion of the DeFi sector could make GRT a good buy now. By offering a much-needed service, the network will continue to boost further innovation and development of the decentralized sector. In the future, developers expect even more DeFi platforms to leverage this secure and efficient method of acquiring Ethereum blockchain data as the industry grows further. 

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Could GRT Become A Millionaire Maker? 

The Graph Network is one of the most technologically advanced and innovative projects in the blockchain ecosystem, and that’s why GRT is a good buy right now. 

Thanks to its unique use cases, The Graph has quickly become one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the market. Since it is in its early stages of development, the cryptocurrency has more room for growth. GRT would keep on surging higher as several DeFi projects are adopting its applications. Therefore if you are planning to invest, this could be the right time to buy GRT and double your investments in the future. 

Moreover, the price of GRT has appreciated remarkably since the launch of the token in December 2020. Several blockchain investors are firmly convinced that GRT has enormous growth potential, making The Graph a millionaire-maker coin worth buying. Its experienced team ensures that it fulfills some of the most significant use cases and thus has gained impressive financing. Therefore, the price of GRT is expected to skyrocket even higher in the foreseeable future. 


The Bottomline 

The Graph cryptocurrency has positioned itself as the cornerstone technology in the blockchain space today. Crypto enthusiasts say that it could become the actual “Google of Blockchains” by 2025 with further improvements to its technology. If the cryptocurrency keeps on improving its network fundamentals and widening its use cases, GRT could likely be a millionaire-maker coin in the future.

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