Course Description

Did you know that the cryptocurrency market is worth over $240 billion and growing? And at one point it was worth over $780 billion?! That’s an astonishing amount of money!

But do you know what’s most enticing about the cryptocurrency market? It’s the most volatile in the world and fluctuates hugely in price.

But why is volatility good? 

Because it means you can get in and out of the market easily. If a market is stagnant, then it is hard to make a profit as prices are too close together.

Our philosophy at Trading Education is that anyone can learn to trade. With the right skill set and education, a trader could be very profitable and master this volatility.

In this course, you will master foundation in cryptocurrencies, mechanics of cryptocurrencies, advanced analysis of cryptocurrencies and strategies in cryptocurrency trading.

Come and take part in this exhilarating market today! We promise that cryptocurrency is the most intriguing financial market you can ever participate in.


Do you need any experience to attend this Crypto Trading Course?

No previous experience in cryptocurrency or financial trading is required!

In fact, the vast majority of people enrolling in this course are complete beginners. All you need to take part in this course is an open mind.

Trading Education will guide you from the absolute basics all the way to the most complex elements of cryptocurrency trading in a logical and understandable way.


Where will this course take place?

You can take this course completely online at your own pace and access it whenever you want to!

Study after work in the evening or on the weekend and learn a new skill that could generate you more income.

Finish the course in a month or finish it in six, it’s completely up to you.


What will happen once I have completed this Crypto Trading Course?

Once you finish Trading Education’s cryptocurrency trading course, you can start putting your newly learnt skills into practice and start earning an income from cryptocurrency trading.

On top of that, you will also receive a personalised certificate to keep as a record of your achievement.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t just stop there. 

Trading Education has a mission to provide all of our students with an exceptional Trading Education and will continue to do so by giving you access to further educational materials, articles, trading tools and information that will help you grow your knowledge of cryptocurrency trading.

The cryptocurrency market is constantly changing and is still in the early stages. You should never stop learning how cryptocurrency works and how to trade.

Certificate of Completion
Once you pass this course you will receive a Trading Education Certificate

This Certificate will be a reminder to you and all that see it that you are taking action to get a step ahead. Life is about learning new things and bettering yourself from day to day so let your Trading Education Certificate of Achievement be a reminder that you have taken an active decision to grow as an individual.

Course Chapters
Chapter 1 Foundation in Cryptocurrencies
Chapter 2 Mechanics of Cryptocurrencies
Chapter 3 Advanced Analysis of Cryptocurrencies
Chapter 4 Strategies in Cryptocurrency Trading
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