Course Description

The forex market is estimated to move around $5 trillion a day and some of that could be yours. If you want to say goodbye to your day job, say goodbye to your boss and say hello to financial freedom! You need to start learning now.


Our philosophy at Trading Education is that anyone can learn to trade. With the right skillset and education, a trader could be very profitable. 


Master Foundation in forex, trading psychology, technical analysis and trading strategy.

No prior knowledge is necessary, just an open mind.


Do you need any experience to attend this Forex Trading Course?

No you don’t. No prior experience is needed in order to take part in our Forex Trading Course. In fact, the vast majority of people enrolling on the Forex Trading course are complete beginners.


Where will this course take place?

This course is completely online therefore you can access it at anytime that suits you. 

After work, of an evening or weekend you could be learning a new skill that could generate you more income. 


What will happen once I have completed this Forex Trading Course?

Start focusing on putting your new learnt skills into to practise, up to $5 trillion is traded every day so it's time you got your piece of that pie

You will of course receive a personalised certificate to keep as a record of your achievement.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t just stop there. Trading Education has a mission to provide all of our students with an exceptional Trading Education and will continue to do so by giving you access to further educational materials, articles, trading tools and information that will help you grow your knowledge of Forex Trading.

You should never stop learning and never stop trying to improve.

Certificate of Completion

The certificate you will receive once you have completed our Forex trading course will serve as a reminder of your achievement and will showcase the results of your hard work and serious action. Life is, after all, about learning new things and challenging yourself every day. Let your Trading Education Certificate of Achievement mark your decisions to grow as a modern individual and trader.

Course Chapters
Chapter 1 Foundation In Forex Trading
Chapter 2 Mechanics Of Forex Trading
Chapter 3 Advanced Analysis in Forex
Chapter 4 Strategy In Forex
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