Cryptocurrency Market Rally: 5 Dirt-Cheap Cryptos To Buy Today

Last Updated July 23rd 2021
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The cryptocurrency market has been on an absolute tear. Over the last six months, the crypto market cap has jumped up from $343.50 billion to $950 billion. We are on the verge of a trillion-dollar market. Now is as good a time as any to enter this space. So, here are five dirt cheap cryptocurrencies for you to buy today.

5 Dirt-Cheap Cryptos To Buy Today:

1. Stellar XLM

2. Tezos XTZ

3. Cardano ADA

4. Tron TRX

5. Ripple XRP


What Are The Cheapest 5 cryptocurrencies to Buy Right Now?

Here’s a look at 5 dirt-cheap cryptos to consider today: 

1. Stellar XLM - Just Made A Huge Partnership

Stellar has closed out 2020 with a bang by announcing a partnership with the Ukrainian government. As per a press release, Ukraine will be building their CBDC - the digital hryvnia - on the Stellar platform. The Stellar Development Foundation will also be actively developing the CBDC with the Central Bank of Ukraine. XLM has jumped from $0.127 to $0.3152 over the last four days but is still very affordable.

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2. Tezos - A Coin To Keep An Eye Out, As Per Huobi

Huobi Global, one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, has singled out Tezos as one of the major coins to keep an eye out for. Tezos’ upward movement during Q4 2020 has allowed it to break critical resistance at $2.30. However, DeFi development should allow XTZ to break past $3. Huobi expects XTZ to reach impressive highs in mid-August.

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3. Cardano - Far From Done

Cardano is one of the most well-regarded and respected cryptocurrencies globally, mainly because of its “research-first” approach. Over the last four days, ADA jumped from $0.177 to $0.304. However, it looks like the price still has some room for growth. The relative strength index (RSI) in the monthly chart has not yet crept into the overbought zone. As such, ADA can still grow before it gets overpriced.

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4. Tron - Get Utility Boost With Wrapped BTC and ETH

Speaking of DeFi, let’s not forget Tron while we are at it. While Ethereum continues to dominate DeFi, Tron has been making significant strides with Just Swap, JustLink, and other applications.

However, they have recently delivered a haymaker by launching Wrapped Bitcoin (wBTC) and Wrapped Ethereum (wETH) on its blockchain. They were able to do it via BitGo – the leading digital asset company. Tron CEO Justin Sun believes that these two tokens' launch marks the "beginning of a new era" for the project.

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5. Ripple - Drop May Provide Rare Opportunity

Alright, we admit that this is a bizarre entry to the list. Is XRP in the middle of an ugly lawsuit with the SEC? Yes. Has XRP dipped from $0.664 to $0.24? Yes. Have multiple exchanges delisted it over the last week? Yes. Is it going to drop out of the top 5 coins? Probably.

However, the main thing here is that if Ripple wins the SEC lawsuit, it will inevitably make a significant comeback. It has its fundamentals in place, along with an impressive list of partners. If this comeback does happen, then this sudden price drop should give investors an excellent opportunity to bolster their holdings.


The cryptocurrencies that we have listed down in this article are all extremely cheap. Those who want to make the most of this crypto bull run should definitely look into these coins and boost their holdings.

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