DeFiChain Announces Sponsorship Of Germany’s National Fighting Championship (NFC)

Last Updated March 7th 2023
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Singapore, March 07, 2023DeFiChain is taking a stand for decentralized finance by supporting MMA fighting in Germany with NFC sponsorship. This is big news for DeFiChain Global and the many fans of MMA, as it adds much-needed early support to the fledgling sport. 

Not only does this provide DeFiChain with an opportunity to raise visibility in the Deutsche MMA community, but more importantly, this shows just how far decentralized financial technology has improved over the past few years, providing alternative solutions to traditional centralized finance systems. 

NFC is establishing itself as one of the top mixed martial arts leagues worldwide. With events broadcast across multiple platforms, including television and social media, its events attract millions of viewers worldwide. 

This year, six live events will be hosted, with each event ranging between 2,500-6,000 fans watching on the set. All these events come with the exciting announcement that DeFiChain will sponsor five of the six. 

The key events that DeFiChain is sponsoring are:

  • NFC 13 Westfalenhallen Dortmund – 25th March 2023
  • NFC 14 Maritim Hotel Dusseldorf – 27th May 2023
  • NFC 15 Telekom Dome Bonn – 16th September 2023
  • NFC 16 Shownpalast Munich – 11th November 2023
  • NFC 17 Maritim Hotel Dusseldorf – 16th December 2023

While commenting on the partnership, Michael Ortlepp, the head of GmbH, one of the organizers of the NFC, said they were thrilled to join forces with DeFiChain and broaden NFC's capabilities. He added that NFC is passionate about using blockchain technology's power to provide innovative solutions that benefit the entire MMA industry. He said that by accessing DeFiChain's resources, the NFC could improve the German MMA scene and position itself for growth.

DeFiChain is benefiting from a fast-growing community in Germany. The upcoming sponsorship of the NFC, Germany's biggest Mixed Martial Arts league, offers it an excellent opportunity to capitalize on this. Research conducted before the sponsorship revealed a pro-crypto segment particularly interested in drone fighting, basketball, and sports fighting sports. 

By sponsoring the NFC, DeFiChain will reach out to this segment with its innovative finance offerings. This potential synchronization of sponsorships and target audiences will allow DeFiChain to spread its message across multiple areas, increasing brand recognition and industry participation.

According to Benedikt Keck, Project Lead NFC Sponsoring at DeFiChain, the DeFiChain community is thrilled about the partnership between DeFiChain and The partnership strengthens community ties and allows DeFiChain to demonstrate its dedication to the fighters with the 10,000€ “Fighter of the Night Bonus”. The sponsorship will undoubtedly increase morale among existing fighters while encouraging new participants to join in on the action, leading to more exciting matches for all involved. 

DeFiChain has also announced an exciting bonus plan to reward the fighters and their fans. The "Fighter of The Night Bonus" will be given to the fighter who puts on the best fight of the night, with them being paid directly in DFI via their Wallet. They can then use this to invest in dStocks or liquidity mines for even more rewards, allowing them to prosper from their hard work. 

As for fans, one lucky individual will be randomly selected during the event, and if they prove that they are using DeFiChain’s Wallet app, they will instantly receive 1,000 DFI. This is an excellent way for fighters and their supporters to get some extra crypto for fun.

DeFiChain is a game-changer in the blockchain world, offering a fully decentralized, self-sovereign economy governed by its users. Since launching its main net in May 2020, it has experienced an exciting period of growth and innovation, with developers, masternode operators, projects, and enthusiasts all contributing to this project's success. 

By using on-chain governance to issue governance tokens and allowing users to shape decisions related to economic incentives and coding boundaries actively, DeFiChain sets itself apart from other public blockchains lacking decentralization. With an ever-growing open-source code base that undergoes rigorous peer review processes and collective discussion among community members, what is already poised to be the leading DeFi platform could have yet greater possibilities ahead.

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