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What will EOS price be worth in the long term?

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Last Updated May 24th 2024
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As Bitcoin’s astonishing price run appears to finally be cooling off, many crypto industry insiders are predicting that we could be entering alt season - a time when the lesser-known tokens will ride in BTC’s wake and potentially make some significant gains for themselves. 

One altcoin that has been tipped for a resurgence is EOS. Having recently undergone a network upgrade, a refreshed EOS has seen prices surging in the beginning of the year - with its value having increased a total of 245% by the end of April. Naturally, any coin that undergoes massive price growth draws a lot of attention, but is EOS’s recent good fortune sustainable?


It certainly has the technical credentials. EOS is one of the fastest and most scalable networks out there, originally intended to run decentralized applications and smart contracts. In fact, EOS was quickly labelled as an ‘Ethereum killer’ within months of its launch and many believe it has yet to achieve anything close to its potential.

So what can we expect from EOS in future? In the following EOS price predictions, we’ll take a look at factors affecting the EOS altcoin’s growth, see how its technical particulars measure up to its competitors and check out what other analysts have to say on its suitability for investment. And consider the case for EOS as an investment opportunity over the next five to ten years.


EOS - A Quick Recap

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EOS was launched in 2018 by Dan Larimer, who also set up Bitshares and Steem, and is owned and operated by the Block.one organisation. 

The intention behind EOS was to build a blockchain that can process quick, low-fee transactions and support the development of smart contracts and dApps. Inevitably, this puts EOS largely in competition with the first of the second-generation cryptocurrencies: Ethereum. 

EOS certainly ticks the box for fast transactions - the network creates blocks in approximately three seconds, as opposed to Ethereum’s time of 13 - 15 seconds. The way in which EOS achieves this is with its unique consensus mechanism, which is known as delegated-proof-of-stake and was designed by Larimer himself. 

DPoS allows those staking to vote on which of EOS’s 21 block producers will verify a given transaction. This ‘democratic’ approach is a central tenet of the EOS philosophy and there is actually a digital constitution that each node on the network must agree to.

EOS also differs from other blockchains with its operating system approach. The network has two key features: the EOS.IO and the EOS token. The EOS.IO works in a similar way to an operating system, effectively overseeing the EOS blockchain network and providing the core functions developers need to build decentralised apps. EOS is the native cryptocurrency that powers the network. 

Anyone considering buying EOS in 2022 will probably have noticed that the coin has had a fairly volatile price trajectory - even by cryptocurrency standards. As such, there’s no denying it is an investment that carries a fair degree of risk.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

What to Expect from the EOS upgrades 

We’ve already noted that the whole cryptocurrency sector experienced a market upswing in the opening months of 2021, but in addition to this, EOS benefitted from another development: a series of protocol improvements

One of the most significant of these upgrades was the official release of the EOSIO Testnet, announced by Block.one at the beginning of April. The new testnet offers a multi-node distributed network with an integrated EOSIO explorer. The upgrade offers a host of development innovations for the building of apps on the EOS network and led to renewed interest from investors. 

Then EOS prices were further buoyed in April when talk of a collaboration between EOSIO and Google Cloud emerged online. According to Google Cloud, it is helping to develop the integration of distributed ledger technology with confidential cloud computing. The platform is working with EOS with the aim of helping to "build applications that redefine the future of blockchain and cloud-based systems” which helps to combine the transparent nature of blockchain with the speed and security offered by cloud solutions.

Naturally, any links to a platform bearing the  Google name has given EOSIO a huge amount of credibility - which we could rightly expect to be reflected in EOS’s price movement going forward. 

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Could EOS be an Ethereum Killer?

It was inevitable that when EOS - a  new smart network that with fast, cheap transactions and a huge amount of development potential -  would eventually be touted as the latest ‘Ethereum Killer’.

However, in this case, EOS can rightly be considered a rival to its predecessor as the developers behind it sought to fix scalability, usability, and functionality issues specifically identified in the Ethereum architecture. When it comes to transaction time, EOS’s DPoS network certainly outperforms Ethereum’s current and, let’s face it, increasingly out of date Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism. 

On paper, this should give EOS a significant advantage. In reality, however, things aren’t quite so simple. As it stands, EOS has never been close to toppling Ethereum as the number two crypto. The latter has a huge support base and some significant backers from the world of finance.

Ethereum is also undergoing plenty of its own upgrades - not least the Ethereum 2.0 infrastructure upgrade and a shift to a Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism. Ultimately, the long term success of each token’s respective upgrades will take time to become apparent and it is perfectly plausible that EOS could win out in the long run, but it seems EOS won’t be overtaking Ethereum any time soon. 

What’s next: EOS Price Predictions for 2025

The trading price of EOS has always been volatile, but recent upgrades to the network and a resurgence in interest from investors mean many analysts see a brighter future ahead for EOS. Of course, the crypto world changes quickly so long term predictions are notoriously difficult, but what follows are some EOS price predictions for 2025 from some of the industry’s top analysts. 

So what are the top analysts forecasting for EOS?

In the coming five years, many top analytical platforms are certainly optimistic about what EOS can achieve.

TradingBeasts has come up with an interesting trajectory in its EOS price prediction for 2025. The outlook for 2022 doesn’t improve much from 2021, as EOS struggles to climb above the $3.5 mark. However, things are expected to change by 2024, when EOS will grow steadily and reach a potential high of $4.5.

Elsewhere, DigitalCoinPrice is more optimistic with its EOS forecast. Based on the platform’s technical analysis, EOS will reach $3.92 by the end of 2022 and continue to rise over the next few years. By 2023, it is expected to have broken the $4.8 barrier and is predicted to enter 2025 trading at around $5.53. There are a few fluctuations along the way, but ultimately DigitalCoinPrice is predicting sustained growth. 

Coin Price Data has EOS potentially reaching $15 by 2025. 

The Economy Forecast Analysis's EOS price prediction points to an eventful future for the altcoin. The platform then has EOS price at low prices for the most of 2022 but then slowly increasing in the following years, to $6.96 in 2024. By 2025, EOS will have dropped a little to $4.09.

Finally, the most ambitious EOS price prediction for 2025 comes from Coinswitch. Having conflated numerous price predictions, the platform suggests that, with continued investment and the success of its upgrades,  over the course of the next four years EOS could reach as high as $106 per token. 

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Looking Further Ahead: EOS Price Predictions for 2030

Forecasts predicting the next four years are one thing, but EOS price predictions for 2030 should be approached with caution. Realistically, the cryptocurrency market is notoriously hard to predict at the best of times, so it is unlikely that a ten-year price forecast will ever be particularly reliable. However, they do tell us a lot about where EOS stands at the present. 

DigitalCoinPrice, for example, believes that EOS will continue its predicted growth beyond 2025 and continue to rise steadily, breaking the $6 in 2026, before dipping slightly before the end of the year. However, the platform predicts that this will be short-lived and EOS will be trading over $12 throughout 2029. 

Coin Price Forecast has also drafted a long-term EOS price prediction - and a highly optimistic one at that. It has EOS breaking the $5 before 2024 is out and continuing to surge in the years ahead. The platform predicts a slight slowdown in growth between 2025 and 2029, but by 2030 it has EOS trading at over $9.07 per token. 

A research firm by the name of Crypto Research is expecting EOS to reach $15 by 2025, and $45 by 2030.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Conclusion: Should You Invest in EOS?

As we’ve seen, EOS and its associated network represent some of the most advanced blockchain technology on the market. It appears to have succeeded where many coins have fallen short, in creating a truly scalable and low-fee system for the exchange of cryptocurrency. 

Most EOS price predictions suggest that the digital coin can expect to see a significant growth over the coming years. Experts and analysts vary wildly on their forecasts - but if even the most conservative predictions pan out, anyone who chooses to invest in EOS could see decent returns. 

The EOS architecture and DPoS approach have their critics, of course, but the developers behind EOS have made numerous upgrades to the protocol and the recent release of the EOSIO testnet could herald big things for the cryptocurrency in future. Combined with support from Google Could, these developments could well see EOS reclaim its place in the top ten crypto list. 

So, is EOS a good long term investment?

EOS may well prove to be an excellent investment over the long time. 

Most analysts are predicting growth for the EOS coin, but how much growth depends on who you ask. Finding a good long term investment in the world of cryptocurrency is tricky, as the market is still relatively new and constantly changing, but EOS certainly has the technical potential to be a market mainstay over the coming years. 

If you do choose to buy EOS, then you’ll need to keep a close eye on developments with the upgrade and any potential partnerships with Google Cloud. These are likely to have a huge effect on EOS’s price as well as its potential for competing with Ethereum as a leading smart network. 

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Where to Invest in EOS

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.


Is EOS a good long-term investment?

EOS has recently had some interesting upgrades to its protocol and is believed to be working in partnership with Google Cloud to work on solutions for integrating the EOS ledger with cloud computing. These developments could pay dividends for long-term investments if they pan out. However, the cryptocurrency market moves fast and there are no guarantees that EOS will rival the likes of Ethereum and Cardano.    

What are EOS price predictions like for 2025?

EOS has had something of a resurgence in 2021 and many EOS price predictions for 2025 are optimistic about its future potential. DigitalCoinPrice, for example, believes that EOS could be trading in excess of $6.32 per token by 2025.     

Where can I invest in EOS?

If you want to invest in cryptocurrencies like EOS, then you’ll need to find a broker that can facilitate access to the markets. For most users, we recommend eToro as it’s a highly accessible platform with an excellent reputation.     

Will EOS ever overtake Ethereum?

It seems that anytime a cryptocurrency breaks new technological ground, it is instantly deemed to be a potential ‘Ethereum killer’. EOS has many advantages over its predecessor but it has yet to come close to rivalling it. Recent updates to the EOS system may help it to close the gap in the future, but how much remains to be seen.     

What will EOS be worth in 2030?

Any EOS price predictions for 2030 should be taken with a pinch of salt. They can only ever be guesswork based on current sentiment. However, that in itself can be useful for investors. Long term forecasts for EOS are fairly positive, with forecasts predicting prices as high as $120 in 2030. 

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