Here’s Why This is the Best Forex Trading School in the UK

Last Updated January 27th 2023
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Here’s Why This is the Best Forex Trade School in the UK

In the past few years, the foreign exchange market, also known as forex, has turned into one of the most appealing and exciting markets in the financial community. 

Why is that and can you learn to benefit from it? 

Well, the fact that it’s the most liquid financial market in the world probably has something to do with it. Not just that but due to technological developments and the Internet, now average individuals also have the opportunity to trade from any corner of the world and enjoy the perks of making extra money from home. 

In addition, other favourable characteristics of forex that turned it into one of the most popular financial markets these days include: 1) being open 24/7; 2) low transaction costs; 3) high liquidity; 4) the ability to use leverage; 5) trading flexibility; 6) no central exchange involvement; 7) volatility and way more.

No wonder so many people are drawn to forex trading. 

Can you also become one of the successful traders out there? The answer is yes! There’s just one very essential thing to keep in mind...

The first and most important thing you need to know about forex if you decide to go down that road is that you have to get a proper trading education. We can’t stress this enough - you can’t trade with foreign currencies, manage your risks, comprehend a large amount of data and floating numbers and utilise various strategies unless you are trained for it. 

Of course, experiencing loss is inevitable - it happens even to the most educated and experienced traders. However, forex trading is a never-ending journey of learning from your mistakes, improving and developing new skills and strategies. The market won’t be kind to you if you don’t have the determination and effort to learn. 

With all that being said, we hope you understood the necessity and importance of getting a good forex education.

What’s next?

The next step would be to check out where can you get the education you need to succeed in forex. 

Choosing the best trading education requires time and research. Not every class or type of education will turn out to be the right fit for you. You have to consider many different aspects, including cost, quality, reputation, convenience, methods, simplicity and more. 

Ultimately, you have to focus on finding engaging, easy to follow and understand course that will build the foundations of your trading career.

Check out our article on “Top Tips to Find the Best Trading Education” for more on the issue. 

Are you perhaps looking for a great forex trading school in the UK

Don’t worry, we have the answers for you. 

Future forex traders, located in the UK, pay close attention because we are going to introduce a great forex trading school in the UK that offers a free forex trading course to everyone who is serious about becoming a trader.

Trading Education has developed a comprehensive, highly-interactive and convenient forex trading course that will help any novice trader develop or improve the skills needed to master the art of trading.

Our team has taken into consideration many aspects, including accessibility, convenience, time, simplicity, quality, format and more to present a course that can accompany any novice traders on their new forex trading journey. 

Let us tell you more about our UK forex trading school and why we have the best course for novice forex traders.

About Trading Education:

The team at Trading Education have developed a detailed and in-depth forex trading course, combining together the most important things future traders needs to know, before risking their hard-earned money.

The goal of Trading Education is to be the ultimate go-to stop for novice traders who are eager to learn. That’s why we have opened our forex trading school in the UK and are offering our course for free to our new students.

Based in London, we have an open door policy which makes things simple for people looking for a forex trading school in the UK. We invite anyone who is interested to drop into our office and start learning how to trade like a pro. 

You can give us a call and make an appointment if you want to find out more. Our customer support team will arrange everything.

See how you can contact us on our official website: 

If you don’t live in London or for one reason or another can’t make it to London to see us in person, keep in mind that our free forex trading course can also be completed online at your own convenient pace. 

It’s up to you to decide how you want to get our free course. Regardless, we are still going to be there every step of the way. 

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Reasons Why Trading Education is the Best Forex Trading School in the UK:

We took into consideration many aspects when we designed our course. We wanted to make sure that our future traders are not just well-educated but get there in the most convenient and modern way. Let us tell you in more detail why Trading Education is one of the best forex trading schools not just in the UK but in general: 

  • No prior experience needed

No prior experience in forex trading is required to take our course. It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner in forex trading or you know just a little bit - our course is designed to prepare you right from the very beginning.

The course will introduce traders to the basics of forex trading and will gradually expand to more serious issues, including strategy formation, psychology and more. 

  • Free

The course we offer is 100% free. The reason why we are offering our course for free is because our partners, who just like us, want to make sure there are plenty of well-educated traders out there who stick around for longer, instead of giving up on their first trade.

Traders who lack an education are more likely to quickly lose money and give up. 

With us, it’s a “win-win” situation - you learn how to trade for free and they get a new, dedicated and effective trader to add to their community.

  • Convenience

Another reason why we claim that Trading Education is the best trade school in the UK is the way we’ve designed it. You are free to choose how to receive your education - online or offline.

Due to responsibilities, including daytime job or family, the majority of traders usually take our course online. This gives them time to learn at their own pace and go back to the material whenever they want. 

  • Format 

We also have to mention the format of our course. Our trading experts have crafted our course in an outstanding way to make sure our future traders understand forex in the most comprehensive and engaging ways.

Once you register for our free trading education course, you will receive materials in various forms, making sure you get the best out of the educational experience. 

In addition, we are also offering free quizzes that will test your knowledge and build your confidence once you’ve completed each chapter.

  • Certificate 

Last but not least, if you still haven’t made up your mind, our certificate of completion may change things. 

We will issue a personalised certificate to each and every one of our trading students to commemorate their achievement.

The official Trading Education certificate can open many doors and will always serve as a reminder that you can do anything as long as you put hard work into it. 

Behind the chapters:

Are you interested to know what you will learn in our free forex trading course? Here’s how we’ve divided our chapters: 

  • Foundation in forex

The first part of our course will cover the basic foundation in forex trading. Without knowing the basics, you can’t progress further in your studies and trading career.

The first chapter of our free course consists of several parts, supplemented by video materials for you to watch whenever you have the time. You will learn what forex is, how it works and the benefits of trading. You will also find out how to set up an account and forex charts. A case study and a comprehensive glossary of terms are also added to further help you.

  • Mechanics of forex trading

Throughout the second chapter of our course, you will learn about the mechanics of forex trading. You will understand how to work with trading times, trade on margin and the difference between fixed and floating spread. Get ready to also learn about prices, pips, rollover rates, trading sizes, currency charts and so much more.

  • Advanced analysis in forex

The third part of the course will focus on advanced analysis in forex. Novice traders will learn about the differences between technical and fundamental analysis. Moreover, throughout this chapter we will talk about financial instruments and country-specific financial indicators. 

An introduction to the MetaTrader platform will also be part of this chapter.

  • Strategy in forex

The final chapter of our free forex trading course requires extra effort and attention, especially from beginners. Here, they will learn about the different trading strategies and techniques that will help them shape their trading style. The students will also learn about Fibonacci retracements and how can they be utilised in the financial markets. Other essential principles and indicators will also be covered, further assisting traders in understanding the complicated structure of the market. 

Once you’ve completed the chapters and received your certificate of completion, you will be ready to start trading. Keep in mind that your learning shouldn’t stop here. 

To be a successful forex trader you need to understand that you have to keep up with market news, updates and other financial situations. Don’t for a second think that you can become the richest trader in the world just like that. 

Don’t you worry, though. Trading Education will always have your back. Our website offers various other materials for free, including in-depth articles about forex, educational videos, free webinars and more. You can always go back to us if you are ready to learn more and become an absolute pro.

This is why we are the best forex trading school in the UK (and not just there).

To sum it up

If you are looking for a forex trading school in the UK that will not only teach you everything you need to know about forex but will also support you every step of the way, you’ve found the right place.

Yes, our headquarters are located in London, however, our goal is international. We want to help the traders of tomorrow succeed and benefit from the most liquid financial market in the world. 

Becoming a member of our Trading Education community will give you access not just to a free course but to tonnes of ongoing materials, advice and support. We are here to give you all the tools you need to keep growing and progressing as a professional trader.

We are working hard towards producing the best forex trading education on a worldwide level and be responsible for the birth of creative, successful and innovative forex traders.

The team of Trading Education invites everyone to apply for our course The Ultimate Guide to Forex Trading while it’s still free. 

Our team is 100% committed to assisting traders access all the information they need to succeed. Call our London office today or sign up online for a free course to get your journey started as soon as possible. 

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