How To Buy Ren (REN) In The UK

A Beginner’s Guide to Buying and Trading Ren Cryptocurrency in the UK

Last Updated December 10th 2023
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With more than 50 UK crypto exchanges, we have been able to shortlist the best three exchanges to buy REN in the UK. The winners are eToro, OKEx, and Coinbase.

Over the last few weeks, REN cryptocurrency is one of the most widely discussed and trendy crypto assets. Recently, the team managed to sell 65% of the coins during the ICO stage and raised $34 million from private and public sales. The coin was created to serve the Ren network and has a fixed supply of 1 billion tokens, with the value of each token strictly connected with the success of the Ren project that aims to solve the interoperability problem of blockchains. 

REN Overview

Cryptocurrency Ren
Ticker Symbol REN
Rank 424
Price $0.06861672444254487
Price Change 24h 2.47%
Price Change 7d 10.26%
Market cap $68,556,856.38
Circulating Supply 999,127,500.362
Trading Volume $25,470,836.41

Read on to discover how the Ren network operates, how REN cryptocurrency is used within the network and whether it is a good long-term investment or not. You will also find out the best platforms to trade REN and be guided on how to buy REN coins in the UK.

What’s In This Guide? 

This guide provides all the details a new investor needs to invest in the Ren cryptocurrency. The guide is comprehensive to ensure none of the crucial details is missed. However, before applying the information contained in the guide, it is important to understand that the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile. Therefore, one needs to understand the risks involved before buying any token.


  1. Open an account with a cryptocurrency exchange
  2. Verify your account
  3. Go to the deposit section
  4. Go to the platform and select Ren
  5. Enter how many Ren tokens you want to buy
  6. Check the details and confirm your purchase

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries and the UK. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Where To Buy Ren (REN) In The UK

Are you looking to buy Ren in the UK? Well, there are hundreds of crypto exchanges and brokers in the UK. This can make it hard to know which platform is right for you. 

List of the best Exchanges to buy Ren (REN) in the UK:

Looking where to buy REN in the UK right now? Below you will find 4 of the best brokers that allow you to buy REN in the UK. 

  • eToro - Best broker to buy Ren (REN) in the UK
  • Binance - Best exchange to buy Ren UK for asset diversity
  • Coinbase - Best exchange to buy Ren (REN) for beginners
  • OKEx - Best broker to buy Ren UK for low-cost

What is Ren Network (REN)? 

Ren network was founded in 2017 by two software developers, Loong Wang, and Taiyang Zhang. They initially named the project Republic Protocol and, in 2019, renamed it Ren. The main idea is to make the transfer of various cryptocurrencies across different blockchains easier so that people can use Bitcoin in Defi projects, such as staking, yield farming, etc. 

The protocol does so by creating a new cryptocurrency that is equivalent to your original coin, and the new coin works on the Ethereum-based protocols. Behind the project is a so-called Virtual Machine that conducts computational tasks. Also, Ren uses an encryption program zk-SNARK and Shamir Secret Sharing System, which together allow you to carry out a transaction while keeping your privacy. 

As mentioned, REN cryptocurrency is used within the Ren network to pay for taxes, run a DarkNode, and pay the ones who operate these Nodes. DarkNodes are responsible for adding capacity and computational power to the network. To become a DarkNode holder, you need to stake 100,000 REN coins in the DarkPool. One of the unique things about the project is that you don't have to hold REN to use the Ren network. Instead, you can pay the necessary fees in your original digital currency.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries and the UK. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Should You Buy REN Coin?

Obviously, this is the big question. At the time of writing, REN cryptocurrency is traded at $0.35, which makes it an affordable investment to buy in large amounts. But is REN a good investment, and should you buy this cryptocurrency? The answers to these questions actually depend on your investment goals and budget. Before investing in any cryptocurrency, you need to remember their volatility, meaning they fluctuate too often, increasing the risk of losing money.

Still, if you are looking for a promising crypto project to invest in, Ren can be an excellent choice. It's not only a cheap cheapt but also works to provide a good solution to the interoperability problem of the blockchains. The problem is that several cryptocurrencies go bust over time, especially those which are a copy and don't offer any real-world solutions. Ren belongs to the type of projects which set big goals and ambitions, which is a plus for the project and makes it more trustworthy.

Historically, REN entered the market in 2018: it raised $29 million during the private ICO. Plus, $5 million was accomplished during the public ICO, making a total of $34 million profit with 5% of REN coins being sold. The coin significantly increased its value compared to its ICO price, which was less than 4 cents. It then hit an all-time high almost a year ago, reaching $1.83. But then it dropped following the major crash in the crypto market. REN made an attempt to recover during the last quarter of 2021 but again lost its value from 2022. 

REN price chart

​​How To Buy REN Coin Online In The UK - A Step by Step Guide

Ready to buy REN coin? Here are the steps you must go through to purchase REN coins safely and successfully in the United Kingdom. 

1. Register for an Online Account and Deposit Funds

The first step is quick and straightforward, as long as you have selected the cryptocurrency exchange where you will buy REN. What you need to do is to sign up for an online account, providing the necessary information required by the platform. You also need to verify your account going through the KYC process in terms of your own safety. 

With all these actions being done, you can deposit funds into your account to start buying REN. Multiple payment options are available for this purpose, depending on your selected platform. Withdrawal and deposit transaction fees and speed may also vary among different crypto brokers. So, consider this while making a decision on which option to choose. 

2. Buy REN Coin

The next actions are pretty easy. Just find the REN cryptocurrency on the platform, fill in the amount you want to purchase, and click on the "Complete" or "Buy" button. It should be noted that many platforms may not allow you to buy REN directly with fiat currency. So, your first step should be converting your fiat into an asset with which REN can be exchanged, such as BTC or ETH, and then swap this coin with REN. 

3. Transfer Your Funds to a Cold Storage Wallet

If you have done all the aforesaid steps and have REN coins on your exchange account, you can now think of where to store them. You don't necessarily have to do this, but you can buy a cold storage wallet and transfer your coins into it.

Such wallets enable you to keep your coins offline and are considered the safest way to store cryptocurrencies. A cold storage wallet can be an excellent decision if you intend to keep your coins for an extended period and have bought them in large amounts. Otherwise, you can either leave them on your exchange account or use a software wallet

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries and the UK. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

How To Trade REN Coin Online In The UK - A Step by Step Guide

Trading REN coin means buying and selling the crypto asset frequently with the aim to make profits from its price movements. So, if this is your purpose, what do you need here in the first place is a good trading platform. Choosing a trading platform may be a bit challenging, but it's one of the crucial parts of successful trading. The top priorities you need to take into account here also include trading fees and safety.

Suppose you have selected a platform where you can safely and effectively trade; how would you do that correctly? To put it simply, you should know when is the right time to buy and sell REN in order to make high profits instead of losing your capital in the process. You can read several educational blogs on this topic to understand how the crypto market works and how trading works in general. Apart from this, you should also explore REN separately, read what experts say about this coin, take a look at its market and fundamental analyses, etc.

If you have enough information about the market and REN coin, you can start creating a plan about how you will trade it. These plans are known as trading strategies, and they help you bring your trades to a more professional level. Making a short-term strategy, you should always keep an eye on the market and follow the news to be up to date. As a passive investor, you can make a long-term strategy and wait for the perfect moment to gain profit.

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REN Coin Pros and Cons

If you are still suspicious and have doubts about investing in REN coin, below we have summarised the pros and cons of this cryptocurrency to give you the whole picture of this asset.


The project is being developed by a professional team.

Offers solutions to enable Bitcoin usage for Defi projects

Sold most of the tokens during the Initial coin offering stages.

It has a limited supply which makes it a scarce crypto asset. 

Allows staking your coins to earn rewards. 

It is built on Ethereum and is compatible with ERC-20 token wallets.


As a cryptocurrency, REN is highly volatile.

Users of the Ren protocol don't have to hold REN, which decreases demand for this coin. 

Is REN Coin A Good Long-Term Investment?

REN cryptocurrency can be considered a good investment in terms of a long-term perspective. It is the in-built token of an excellent project and has generated a lot of attention. Almost all the REN coins are already in circulation, and it has a capped supply of 1 billion tokens, meaning that this coin cannot be issued anymore. REN value may increase along with the popularisation of the Ren network.

One concern is that you don't necessarily have to hold REN coins to use the Ren network, affecting the demand for this coin. Still, there is one essential factor - REN holders can stake their coins and earn rewards. For this purpose, they need to lock up 100,000 REN in the DarkPool. So, with every REN staker, the demand for this coin can automatically increase.

What Will Be REN Coin Worth In 2025?

Generally, all the Ren predictions are quite bullish as to the future of Ren coin's price. Digital Coin Price predictions indicate that REN can hardly hit $1 by 2027. The platform predicts that REN will reach $0.79 in 2025, again drop to $0.73 in 2026, and finally trades above $1 in 2027.

As per REN price prediction, the price of REN can reach up to $0.741 in one year with a 101.95% earning potential. According forecasts and data, REN can hit $2 by 2027 . 

GOV Capital REN predictions are even more bullish. Though they indicate little progress for REN value in 2022, the platform predicts that in 2025 REN will be valued between $4 to $6. 

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries and the UK. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

What’s The Purpose Of The Ren Network?

Ren protocol is an Ethereum-based project that aims to enable people to use digital currencies across different blockchains. The project brings this into reality through a VM (virtual machines) technology that does computational tasks while keeping users' privacy. All in all, Ren aims to enable Bitcoin and Zcash holders to use their crypto on Ethereum blockchains and make them a part of the decentralized ecosystem.

Is REN Coin Mining Profitable?

REN's blockchain is Ethereum-based, which means that it can be mined through the Proof of Stake mechanism. To start earning rewards through your REN coins, you need to become a DarkNode runner and benefit the network. You operate a DarkNode by staking 100,000 REN coins in the DarkPool. DarkNode operators are then paid in REN coins which are charged from the REN network users as transaction fees. 

Buying Or Trading REN Coin - Things To Take Into Consideration

To conclude, REN cryptocurrency is an affordable investment that can bring you good rewards. It is backed by the Ren network that introduces such protocols to enable crypto transactions between different blockchains. 

The fact that REN is not just a cryptocurrency to use for trading but serves a good project makes it a more reliable asset. Still, you need to consider that the Ren project is still in development and needs to gain high popularity in order to become a well-established protocol, which in its turn can assist REN price growth.

On the other hand, the REN coin is still very cheap, so you can buy them in small amounts and wait for the perfect moment to sell them and make profits. If you are ready to invest in REN, you can select one of the best crypto exchange platforms introduced in this article and use our guide to buy REN coins online in the UK.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries and the UK. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.