Would You Like to Make Millions and Travel The World Like Tim Sykes?

Last Updated June 27th 2019

How can you make millions like Tim Sykes? or Would you like to make millions and travel the world like Tim Sykes?

You are likely to come across Timothy Sykes on social media, alongside the hashtags #dreambig, #workhard and #workfromanywhere.

Or, you could find him in person, if you travel to an exotic beach, remote mountainside or glamorous luxury hotel.

Because this is a man who is not only the poster child for the riches to be found by making money online, from any location. He has also illustrated this brilliantly by deliberately operating from some of the most far-flung and amazing places on the planet.

To quote his Instagram bio, I turned $12,415 into $4.8million while visiting 100+ countries. (timothysykes).

Tim Sykes

But who is Timothy Sykes?

This millionaire businessman and prolific blogger (www.timothysykes.com) made his original fortune from penny-stock trading. Now, his wealth and enviable lifestyle come from sharing his methodology and mantra online.

His original investment capital that initial $12,415 was the money he was gifted during his Bar Mitzvah. Instead of concentrating in college, he used his cash to trade. From this he created his own Hedge Fund in his senior year of college.

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Using his initial millions, Sykes created a scholarship for talented and passionate students at Tulane University. This was the forerunner of his determination to pass on what he learnt to others.

He also starred in a US TV documentary called Wall Street Warriors.

Timothy Sykes then turned author. Typically for Sykes, he decided to take the self-publishing route for his book "An American Hedge Fund". This led him to launch a blog to help promote his book.

Such is his acumen at unleashing the internet's profit potential, Sykes' blog went on to be so popular that it too began to rake in millions of dollars in revenue. It now gets thousands of visitors each day and employs dozens of staff to keep it running. Especially as Sykes himself is out there globe trotting.

passing on success

Passing on his success

Timothy Sykes also founded Profit.ly, an 84,000-strong trader network online. Users share good practice and support each other's business aims.

By his own admission, Sykes has his enemies and critics.

Yet, he is also open and transparent in his methodology and willing to pass on what he knows to help others to make money online.

This phenomenally successful trader is a firm believer that it was not luck or some sort of unique skillset that got him to where he is. Instead, he believes that making money is highly teachable if the student is willing to work hard.

Sykes has several millionaire students and now classes himself as a teacher, on the lookout for more willing students. Footage on his social media of him trying to pass on his wisdom to a live cheetah, as part of a claim he can even teach animals to trade successfully, is clearly tongue in cheek.

However, the ultimate message is there for all to see.

Anyone can make money online. And, this education opens the door to travelling the world in style and having abundant adventures. Not least as worldwide connectivity grows, so does the opportunity to work successfully from any location.

So what does it take to be the next Timothy Sykes? #hardwork #dreambig #learnwell

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