How To Make (Or Lose) Money With Axie Infinity (AXS)

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Cryptoasset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Last Updated December 4th 2023
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Can you make money with Axie Infinity (AXS)? How can you lose money with Axie Infinity? More importantly, how can you protect your AXS investment and retain as much as you make with Axie Infinity?

Well, making money with Axie Infinity is relatively easy, and there are multiple ways through which you can earn with AXS. But losing money with Axie Infinity is equally easy, and the internet is awash with stories of traders and investors who have lost significant sums of money investing in AXS. To make money with Axie Infinity, you will need to maximize the income-generating activities and seal potential loopholes that may lose you cash.

In this post, we will be helping you understand the different ways through which you can make money with Axie Infinity. We will also tell you just how much you can make when interacting with either income-generating investment strategy.

Even more importantly, we will tell you the different ways through which others have lost money with Axie infinity and how that can be avoided.

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Ways To Make Money With Axie Infinity (AXS)

Unlike most other cryptocurrencies that you can only trade, invest, or stake, Axie Infinity presents you with more than 5 income-generating activities. Let us go over all of these in detail below and try to understand just how much you stand to make from either.

Buying and holding

The most common and most beginner-friendly way of making money with Axie Infinity has to be buying and holding. Also known as HODLing, it involves buying AXS tokens and holding on to them for a long time as you wait for their value to appreciate.

Can you make money HOLDling Axie Infinity tokens? Most definitely. In fact, a 22-year-old gamer in the Philippines made a fortune investing in Axie Infinity in early 2021, and it was big enough to enable him to buy two houses.

You, too, could be worth more than $500,000 today if you had invested in Axie Infinity when it launched in November 2020. At the time, it was selling for $0.1. Moving forward, the majority of investors and analysts are confident that you can still make money investing in Axie Infinity.

By 2025, for instance, technical analysts are confident that the Axie Infinity token will have grown its value by more than 8000% and will have broken above $4,000. This says that if you buy AXS worth $1000 today and hold to 2025, you will have grown this investment to $80,000.


Trading is also referred to as short term investing. It involves buying AXS tokens and holing them for the shortest period before closing that trade - often after it turns profitable or immediately it starts posting a loss. Unlike investing, trading is a reserve of experienced investors with access to significant trading capital and trading resources.

But how do you make money trading Axie Infinity? Well, you could choose to day trade, swing trade or follow trends. To understand how much you can make trading Axie Infinity, we will start by assuming that your trading experience allows you to make consistent gains that average 5% each week. This then implies that you will have grown your initial investment by more than 250% by the end of the year.


Like all other proof of stake blockchain networks, Axie Infinity lets you stake tokens in return for rewards. By staking, you are locking your AXS tokens and committing to verifying transactions on the Ronin sidechain, and for this, the AXS platform will automatically award you even more AXS tokens.

How much can you make staking Axie Infinity tokens? At the moment, you will earn an estimated 90% APR for staking Axie Infinity tokens - which is one of the highest staking rewards available today. Some of the things that you need to know about staking Axie Infinity today include the fact that it is currently only available via the Ronin wallet, rewards are paid daily, and there is no specific lock-up period.

Playing games

Axie Infinity is at its core - though it is slowly transitioning into a blockchain-based social network - an online game. However, unlike such conventional games as Pokemon, Fortnite, or Minecraft, it is a play-to-earn game - implying that you will earn SLP (smooth love potion) tokens every time you play and complete tasks here. These SLPs can then be converted to USD or AXS.

How much can you earn playing Axie Infinity games? It is hard to place a specific figure on how much one can make while playing Axie Infinity. There are multiple factors influencing how much you earn playing Axie Infinity, including the quality of your team, the gaming platform (arena or adventure), the amount of time you play, and your efficiency. Randy from the Nosebleed Gaming YouTube Channel, however, noted that he was recoup his $900 investment within six weeks of playing.

Breeding and Selling Axies

Note that each Axie is unique. It, therefore, is considered to be an NFT and a transferable crypto asset. These Axies can also be bred to produce offsprings, and both the parent and offspring can be sold on Axie Infinity’s proprietary NFT marketplace.

How much can you make breeding and selling Axies on the marketplace? Well, how much you make breeding and selling Axies on the Axie NFT marketplace is dependent on the quality of your Axies and their offspring.

To give you context on the value of different Axies, the minimum price for Axies today stands at around $20. On the other hand, the most valuable Axie yet, sold for 339 ETH (approximately $880,000) in July 2021.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Ways To Lose Money With Axie Infinity (AXS)

We have said that it is equally easy to lose money with Axie infinity. In this section, we will highlight three ways through which you can lose you money when investing in ETH and tell you how each can be avoided.

Reckless trading

You will definitely lose your Axie Infinity investment if you trade recklessly. In this case, reckless trading refers to trading Axie Infinity without a profitable investment strategy, without adequate trading skills/experience, without access to relevant and advanced trading tools, trading with leverage, and without managing the trading risk.

How do you avoid losing Axie Infinity investment when trading? Start by gaining relevant experience and perfecting a trading strategy on a demo trading account. Secondly, seek out as many advanced trading and market research/analysis tools as possible, and lastly, make use of all the risk management tools provided by the trading platform.

Hacking and crypto scams

Hacking is the most devastating vice to crypto investing. In 2021, Chainalysis reports that more than $14 Billion of crypto investor funds was lost to hackers and scammers. In 2020, Crypto Head had announced that the rate of crypto-focused cybercrime was rising at an average rate of 3016% annually since 2016.

This goes to show just what a threat hacking poses to your Axie Infinity investment. In most cases, they will target your personal wallet as they did with Coinbase wallet apps in early 2021 crypto exchange vaults as they did with BitMart and Liquid exchanges.

How do you avoid losing Axie Infinity investment to hackers and scammers? There is little you can do to prevent crypto exchange hacks. But you can prevent by personal wallet hacks by investing in a reliable hardware wallet. You also need to use a strong, unique, and memorable password for the wallet and exchange account.

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The Bottom Line: How To Make Or Lose Money With Axie Infinity (AXS)

There are five primary ways through which you can make money with Axie Infinity. These include the beginner-friendly HODLing, trading AXS tokens, staking AXS via the Ronin wallet, playing Axie Infinity game both in arena and adventure modes, as well as breeding and selling Axies on Axie Infinity’s proprietary NFT marketplace.

You can also lose money through reckless trading, hacking and crypto scams. But in recognizing these AXS investment sinkholes, we have provided you with actionable measures that you can take to avoid losing your invested capital.

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