What Might Happen If You Invest $100 In 1Inch (1INCH) Today?

Should You Invest $100 in 1inch (1INCH)?

Last Updated February 3rd 2022
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1Inch is a network that unites decentralized protocols whose synergy enables the fastest, lucrative, and protected operations in the decentralized finance space. 

Such innovation has made it easy for traders to get better rates on some of 1Inch’s Networks such as the 1Inch Liquidity Protocol among others. 

Such awesome products have given extensive mileage to its novel token, 1INCH, which continues to see liquidity in the cryptocurrency trading space. 

This has given birth to questions such as, is 1inch a good investment, is 1inch exchange safe, is 1inch a good project, what does 1inch crypto do, and what will 1INCH be worth in 2025

Since cryptocurrencies continue to be mired in cybersecurity issues, many new traders and investors will like to get into the space but are afraid of losing large sums of money. 

This is why many of such traders are testing the possibility of investing in 1INCH with less capital. 

As a result, most of them want answers to the question, what might happen if you invest $100 in 1INCH Today

If you invest $100 in 1INCH today and the value of the crypto trading asset increases due to a bullish market, which increases the worth of your investment to let’s say up to $1,000, you stand a chance of making a profit of $900. 

Such profits are widely known as capital gains on a portfolio which can make up for the losses incurred by other coins since 1 INCH is a digital financial asset.

In the event, the market value of 1 INCH drops due to decreased demand by investors to let’s say $96, you stand a chance of making a loss of $4. 

However, in the world of 1INCH investing and crypto investing for that matter, it is only at the point of letting go of your holdings, called selling, will you see profits or losses on your investment. 

If you want to learn more about the 1inch crypto project, Trading Education has several articles on the subject. 

This will help you learn how you can invest in 1 INCH tokens in the short, medium, and long term. 

Follow the article in its entirety to get invaluable information as to the potential worth of your $100 investment in 1INCH in the long term.


If You Invest $100 In 1inch (1INCH) Today, What Happens?

Can I Invest $100 In 1inch (1INCH)?

What Is 1inch?

What Makes 1inch (1INCH) So Valuable?

How To Invest $100 In 1inch (1INCH)

Will Investing $100 In 1inch (1INCH) Make You A Millionaire?

What To Consider When Investing $100 In 1inch (1INCH)?

Should You Invest In 1inch (1INCH)?


If You Invest $100 In 1inch (1INCH) Today, What Happens? 

The price of 1inch (1INCH) has been soaring since opening at $1.37 on the 1st day of January 2021. 

Due to the bullish nature of the cryptocurrency market which has brought forth a new term, crypto millionaires, there is a great chance of seeing at least 100% and 300% returns in the short and long term respectively, if you were to invest $100 in 1INCH today. 

In October 2021, 1INCH’s value soared to new high highs, returning more than 390% year-to-date (YTD) for traders and investors who believed in the possibilities of the 1Inch Network right from the start of December 2020 until then.

The market capitalization of 1INCH is more than $750 million. Despite the bearish outlook of the cryptocurrency market, experts believe the value of the crypto token is going to soar high again. In the long term, this will translate into huge returns for investors. 

The digital asset continues to enjoy the support of some of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges by trading volume. 

These include but are not limited to Mandala Exchange, OKEx, Binance, Huobi Global, FTX, and eToro. Dogecoin (DOGE), the most popular meme-inspired currency and other tokens took a long time to gain the support of most of the aforementioned exchanges. Gaining their support shows the level of trust they have in the 1inch project. 

Aside from these, 1 INCH continues to benefit from several projects that are part of the 1inch ecosystem. Some of these projects are the 1Inch Wallet, 1inch Limit Order, and 1 Inch Liquidity Protocol

Since 1 INCH serves as governance tokens that oversee all activities in the ecosystem, more liquidity is poured into it through the use of these products. 

This is one of the primary reasons why analysts at Digital Coin Price, Price Prediction, and Wallet Investor think the 1INCH token has a great potential in the market based on the impacts of its issuing authority (the 1Inch Network) in decentralized finance. 

According to the analysts, extensive usage of the network by liquidity providers, global economic recovery, and a positive aura around crypto trading and investing could take 1INCH to an average price of $2.02 by the end of 2021. 

Additionally, the analysts further forecast the digital token to command average prices of $3.05 and $3.11 by the year’s end of 2024 and 2026.

This means that investing $100 in 1inch today could see more than 26% returns in the short term, more than 90% returns in the medium term, and more than 95% returns in the long term.

With reports of individuals and investment corporations buying large sums of crypto tokens, you may have asked the question, can you really invest $100 in 1inch (1INCH) today

Let’s find out. 

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Can I Invest $100 In 1inch (1INCH)? 

You can invest as little as $100 in 1INCH. 

Since cryptocurrencies are largely successful because of the faith developers and users have in them, they possess the feature of divisibility in addition to counterfeitability, transportability, durability, scarcity, and utility

Therefore, in the event 1 INCH trades at new price milestones above the reach of low-income traders and investors, you can still invest in fractions of the coin. 1 INCH can be divided into eight (8) decimal points (1.00000000). 

In fact, you can buy 65.2 1INCH worth a $100 investment.

You can see awesome returns if you decide to hold onto your coins for the long term. 

Since long-term holders of crypto tokens have seen more than 100% returns, there is a huge chance that holding onto 1INCH for more than two (2) years could categorize you under the few people who made it through crypto trading and investing.

But before you invest in 1inch (1INCH) with $100 or any amount of money that meets your investment goals, it will be in your interest if we discuss what 1inch is.

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What Is 1inch? 

1inch is one of the most popular crypto projects in the decentralized finance space. 

Its native asset, 1INCH, is one of the most popular DeFi coins as well as one of the most traded tokens globally. 

In the new world of innovative technologies, the 1inch Network is supported by five (5) networks (Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Binance Smart Chain, and Ethereum Optimistic).

Launched in May 2019 by senior software developer Sergej Kunz and software developer Anton Bukov, 1inch comprises three (3) entities that ensure its survival and efficiency in a very competitive smart contracts applications market.

They are the 1inch Network, its cryptocurrency 1INCH, and the 1inch Foundation (a non-profit organization that issued the 1INCH token and is dedicated to fostering the 1inch Network and initiatives that benefit the network’s community.

After appearing on cryptocurrency exchanges on 25th December 2020, 1INCH had an initial value of $1.60 but has gone on to hit levels of up to $7.87 on 8th May 2021.  

Per compliance with regulations, it is the responsibility of centralized cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, eToro, and Huobi Global to fully verify customers as part of Knowing Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) before they become account holders. 

Once this happens, as a customer, you are entitled to set up your private keys. You are normally advised to make a combination of numbers, words, and symbols (an example is Kam2006*).

Despite the two (2) factor authentication (2FA) through hardware security keys offered by these exchanges, many investors feel cryptocurrency exchanges cannot be fully trusted due to some of them being involved in shady schemes over years. 

As a result, they prefer to store their 1INCH holdings in wallets such as Ledger, Trezor Wallet, Trust Wallet, Atomic Wallet, and MyEtherWallet

Because cryptocurrency exchanges can be held accountable for security breaches as part of their being regulated exchanges, in the event of a loss of your private keys, measures have been put in place to help you regain access to your account. 

Through pin codes to your verified phone number or links to your registered email address, you can restore your account and carry on with your trading and investing activities. 

The same cannot be said for Trust Wallet and co. Due to their decentralized nature (which means they are unregulated), you cannot hold anyone accountable should things go wrong. 

During the signing up process for a digital wallet, passcodes will be generated for you. These passcodes are essential to help you access your account anytime. 

Without these codes, access to your wallet can be limited forever. Therefore, do all you can to write the private keys in the way they are arranged in multiple diaries. So that, in the event of a loss of one diary, you can find the others and restore your wallet to help you carry on with your investing journey. 

You should know that the creation, distribution, trading, and storage of digital currencies including 1INCH employs a decentralized ledger system popularly known as blockchain technology

Digital currencies are moved from one place to the other through peer-to-peer (P2P) technology. 

To maintain and update the network to meet the demands of developers and users, 1 inch relies on upgrades and the efficiency of its ecosystem. 

This is why products of the 1inch network are great aggregators that search deals across multiple liquidity sources and offer users better rates than any individual exchange. 

To illustrate how 1INCH works as an investment asset, let us consider the example below. 

For instance, if you invested $100 when 1INCH opened at $1.37 on 1st January 2021, you would have purchased 72.99270072 1INCH. If you were able to control your emotions and avoid selling during the boom of February, March, April, and instead let go of your investments on 8th May, when 1INCH tested new high highs of $7.87, the value of your $100 1INCH holdings would have been worth $574

This is a 474% increase in your $100 investment capital.

What Makes 1inch (1INCH) So Valuable? 

1INCH, like all digital currencies, holds no intrinsic value

For an asset to have intrinsic value, it should have value on its own, aside from the faith people have in it as a transactional currency (medium of exchange). 

Therefore, 1 INCH does not have intrinsic value because it is not backed by physical assets such as metals (gold, silver, and diamond), or commodities (corn, natural gas, and millet). 

The value of 1 INCH is merely based on speculation (demand and supply), that’s what buyers are willing to pay at a price set by sellers. 

As a result, the market value for 1INCH increases when more investors pour liquidity into the token, especially in times when all alternate coins (altcoins) follow the bubble set forth by parent crypto Bitcoin (BTC). 

On the other hand, the market value for 1 INCH decreases if investors embark on a selling spree during a bearish engulfing where red percentage changes are written next to most cryptocurrencies (in such a situation, the supply of 1INCH is greater than the demand of 1INCH).

Since 1INCH and all forms of cryptocurrencies are seen as a threat to fiat currency and centralized finance in general, it does not have any support from any country. Currently, there are no physical representations of 1INCH (it continues to remain a virtual currency). 

Yet, this token is among the most popular decentralized finance (DeFi) tokens on the market. Ranked as top 95 digital assets, 1INCH is more valuable than some mainstream companies such as Ramaco Resources, TrustCo. Bank, International Money Express, Cara Therapeutics, The Hackett Group, Bank of Marin BanCorp, Dynex Capital, MoneyGram, Cass Information Systems, Qiwi, and Arrow Financial whose market capitalization is below $690 million.

Many proponents of blockchain and decentralized finance view the 1inch Network as one of the future technologies of finance. 

Many experts believe that it is the most audited project in DeFi and continue to offer attractive prices, as well as a high degree of security

Although the cryptocurrency market continues to face uncertainty, the 1inch Network continues to stay in a positive light. 

This is why it's novel token, I1NCH, continues to record daily volumes of at least $100 million since the start of October 2021 and has more than $80 million as a total value locked. 

In the not-too-distant future, such statistics will reflect positively on the market value of the cryptocurrency.

How To Invest $100 In 1inch (1INCH)

You can invest $100 in 1INCH in several ways. 

As an e-learning organization with experts that have tested many cryptocurrency exchanges, we would like to recommend eToro as the platform to guide your trading and investing journey. 

Although this article is primarily focused on what might happen if you invest $100 in 1INCH today, you can invest any amount of money you sole wish in 1 INCH as per your investment goals. 

Just watch out for regulation, ease of use, security, insurance, and speed of processing orders as part of your exchange selection. Since eToro possesses such features, it is possible to start investing in 1INCH with $100. 

Follow the process below to become a 1 INCH holder. 

Firstly, register for an account with eToro. 

Secondly, verify your account with a government-issued card and bank statement. 

Thirdly, deposit funds through a range of payment methods in the form of USD, EUR, and GBP. 

Lastly, navigate to the 1INCH page and order several tokens. Your order will be calculated, processed, and completed.

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Will Investing $100 In 1inch (1INCH) Make You A Millionaire? 

Investing $100 in 1INCH could make you a millionaire if you decide to hold on for dear life (HODL). Aside from this, the cryptocurrency must test new high highs in the long term to help you realize your dream as a crypto millionaire

For understanding, let us use simple mathematics in our analysis of a $100 1INCH investment turning into a millionaire maker.

At $100, you can purchase 62.5 1INCH. 

You could become a millionaire if 1 INCH trades for $16,000 in the future. 

Although there aren’t any price forecasts of such a figure by all the reputed crypto news and prediction portals, anything is possible in the crypto world. 

At $16,000 and 62.5 coins in holdings, simple mathematics in the form of multiplication will provide the millionaire maker statistics. 

$16,000 multiplied by (×) 62.5 totals $1,000,000 (millionaire maker). 

1Inch Network continues to contribute immensely to the progress and adoption of decentralized finance since it can be found on multiple platforms. 

Although many experts still consider 1INCH as a high-risk investment, 1 INCH continues to trade below 79% of its all-time. This means you can buy more tokens and if new price highs are tested, you can see an increment in the worth of your $100 1INCH investment.

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What To Consider When Investing $100 In 1inch (1INCH)? 

When investing $100 in 1inch, it would be in your interest to consider the following. 

Virtual Currencies and Blockchain Technology Is a New Concept 

Do you know that more than 6 billion people do not hold any crypto wallet? Do you know that several developing economies think crypto is just Bitcoin

This is a new industry that has created lots of opportunities in terms of content writers, UX developers, graphic designers, traders, and investors, but it is still gaining ground. 

Till Bitcoin and other digital currencies become legal tenders in highly developed economies such as the United States, the United Kingdom, China, and Japan, cryptos will continue to be patronized by those who love the idea of a financial revolution. 

Do not think that investing $100 in 1INCH will result in gains within weeks. It takes time to see real money in the crypto world. 

Since no one can predict the future of cryptos, do well to invest with caution.

Know Your Risk Tolerance 

If you cannot afford to lose $100, you are not fit to be a part of the crypto world. 

Trading and investing in cryptocurrencies involves risk. Some people felt they were going to make gains only to end up losing their capital within hours. 

If major news hits parent crypto Bitcoin (BTC) that leads to a bullish engulfing of the crypto market, will you be affected by the loss of our capital?

1 INCH continues to experience fluctuations in price, therefore assess your level of risks, and if you think it is lower than possible rewards you can invest $100 in 1INCH. 

Know the Actual Costs Involved 

There are hidden costs involved in investing through exchanges. 

These are depositing and processing fees. Depending on how novice or experienced you are, you will always add up such fees to your investment patterns. 

You may have to deposit $105, $107, $110 onto an exchange before you can buy $100 worth of 1INCH coins. Get to know the fee structure before selecting an exchange for your trading and investing needs.

Should You Invest In 1inch (1INCH)? 

1INCH is a digital asset you should consider adding to your portfolio of investments, according to Digital Coin Price, Wallet Investor, and Price Prediction

Most investments come down to risk versus reward. Do the potential rewards of investing $100 in 1 INCH outweigh the possible consequences of the risks?

Investing in 1 INCH has resulted in strong gains for several investors and may have made some people millionaires. Perhaps, today could be the right time to invest $100 in 1INCH, who knows, it may be the digital asset needed to complete your portfolio. 

eToro – Best Platform To Buy 1Inch

eToro have proven themselves trustworthy within the crypto industry over many years – we recommend you try them out.

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

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