Is Celo Expected To Reach $100 Or More In The Next 5 Years?

Last Updated January 24th 2022
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Is Celo Expected to hit the $100 mark price in the Next 5 Years? It certainly could, but we can't tell for sure.

There are several factors at play here, and we will need to look more closely at technical analysis to give an informed opinion. However, this project has the potential to explode and even surpass $100 in five years if the market sentiment and conditions are right.

Here is why;

Celo (CELO) is one of the most promising cryptocurrency projects in recent times. The project aims to become a global mobile payment network for cryptocurrencies powered by blockchain technology. It will allow users to make mobile payments to other Celo users in any part of the world via phone numbers, regardless of their location.

Because this project has the ability to take cryptocurrencies mainstream, many analysts are bullish about its future. But can Celo really hit $100 or more within the next five years?

To get a clearer picture, let's start with the coin's historical performance.

Celo (CELO) Price History From 2020 To 2022

At the time of writing, Celo is trading at $4.4. This means it has lost more than 58% of its value since August 30, 2021, when it reached an all-time high of $10.66.

Celo began trading from a humble beginning. Looking at the historical price charts on CoinMarketCap, we can see that the coin struggled in its early days. 

Although the earliest known price is around $2.5, CELO hit its all-time low of $0.7955 on May 22, 2020, just a few days after it started trading. It managed to recover slightly and went close to $2 in early July.

From there, the coin consolidated a bit then spiked to cross $2 in mid-August before suddenly jumping to more than $4 per coin by the end of that month. 

A steep plummet to just above $2 in mid-September followed. There was then a brief recovery to $3.6 towards the end of September before the coin embarked on a gradual downtrend that took it to as low as $1.3 per coin in late 2020. 

CELO had an interesting start in 2021. Although the price recovered and went as high as $5.3 in mid-February, there was a lot of fluctuations. 

For instance, between February 18th and May 17th, the coin mostly bounced between $3.3 and $6.1. 

However, during the last week of May, it suddenly dropped to $2.7 then further to $1.9 on June 21, 2021. This was followed by another spike to $4.4 per coin before CELO dropped again to $2.2 in mid-July. 

It then adopted a slow uptrend to $3.1 on August 25 and then suddenly jumped to achieve its current all-time high price of $10.66 on August 30, 2021. 

By September 7, CELO had dipped to $4.1 per coin but managed to quickly recover and reached $7.6 towards the end of September. 

Since then, CELO has been mostly fluctuating. At the start of November 2021, it adopted a gradual downturn and went as low as $3.5 in mid-December. This was followed by a marginal recovery to $5.3 at the start of January 2022. 

At the time of writing, CELO was trading at $4.4 with a market cap of $1.7 billion. 

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So, Will Celo (CELO) Reach $100?

Based on historical data, it seems Celo will at least reach the $10 ATH again. But can Celo go beyond this to hit $100 or more? Many experts are already bullish about this project's potential.

Celo is a project that has the potential to hit several targets, if not surpass them.

One of these targets is reaching $100 in the next five years or less.

Price experts from Gov Capital are confident that CELO has the potential to hit $100 per coin by August 2026. According to these experts, the coin might be worth as high as $113 by the end of 2026 and may even reach $200 in 2027.

On the other hand, Coin Price Forecast’s price analysts don’t think this target will be achieved until somewhere in 2032. This is less optimistic than predictions from, which indicate that CELO might cross $100 in 2029. 

According to the price algorithm at Wallet Investor, CELO might be a long way to even coming close to $100. The site predicts that the mobile coin might still be trading at less than $20 in five years. 

Digital Coin Price is even more bearish and predicts that CELO might trade at less than $10 per coin by the end of 2027.

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Will Celo (CELO) Eventually Reach $1000?

Yes, it is very possible for CELO to hit the $1000 price target eventually. In fact, if the project gets adopted quickly enough, it might surpass this milestone by the turn of a decade.

But reaching this target may not happen overnight. Rather, it will take a lot of work and time for CELO to get here.

First of all, there will need to be a significant demand for CELO. This demand will need to come from both retail and institutional investors.

Secondly, the coin will need to establish itself as a major payment solution that can be used by many people around the world. This is more or less an uphill battle since Celo is competing with some of the biggest names in cryptocurrency payments, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, XRP, etc.

If CELO were to reach $1000 per coin, it means that its market cap will jump to $ trillion since there are a total of 1 billion CELO tokens. That seems like a tall order even for a project as optimistic as Celo.

Looking at the current market standing, the coin certainly has a long way to the $1000 price point.

In fact, non of the price analysts we have checked out is confident that CELO will reach this milestone in the next two decades. So, while this is something we can put a pin it, it will certainly take a long time. 

What Will Celo (CELO) Be Worth In 2027?

It is impossible to tell whether Celo will hit $100 or more in five years. However, the potential is there, and we know that the coin has managed to attract a lot of interest so far, which means many investors and traders believe it can hit $100 and beyond.

According to price predictions from Coin Price Forecast, CELO might trade at close to $70 per coin by the end of 2027 after kicking off the year at less than $50 per coin. 

On the other hand, Gov Capital believes that the coin can go as high as $200 in 2027 if the market is conducive enough. This is very bullish, especially when compared to the bearish predictions from Wallet Investor. 

The latter believes that CELO will still be trading at less than $40 by the end of 2027. This is close to’s prediction of $44.92 when 2027 comes to an end.

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Conclusion: Will Celo Reach $100 in the next 5 Years?

The recent bear market was an important driver of the current price action because it exposed many projects that had no real value proposition. This revelation made investors cautious about investing in coins that have little or no utility.

This means that projects with legit use cases are now being favoured over those without any real-world applications. This is exactly what Celo offers to the market, which makes it a strong contender for growth even if the bearish conditions persist.

So, if CELO manages to establish itself as a major payment solution, its value could skyrocket and probably surpass $100 in the next five years.

This will be an important milestone because it will allow the coin to secure its position as a leading mobile-first cryptocurrency.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

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