Is Cosmos (ATOM) Worth Buying In 2023?

Last Updated January 5th 2023
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Wondering if Cosmos (ATOM) is worth buying in 2023?

Well, Cosmos posted exemplary price action throughout 2021, and crypto analysts expect its value to continue rising throughout 2023 and beyond. It also has the backing of one of the most innovative blockchain technologies, which makes most analysts believe the altcoin is massively undervalued.

Put simply, Cosmos has all the hallmarks of a good investment, and it, therefore, comes highly recommended as a must buy in 2023.

Though it launched in Feb 2019, Cosmos altcoin prices only started rallying during the early 2021 crypto market price run. It stormed into the year, trading at $6.4 but appreciated by $700% - more than both Bitcoin and Ethereum, to set the current all-time high of $44.70. It also shot from a little known token to one of the 30 most valuable cryptocurrencies.

Moving forward, everyone is convinced that ATOM prices will continue rising. Some forecasters are especially confident that Cosmos’ value could appreciate by more than 5000% in the next 10 years to reach $1500.

But is this reason enough to buy Cosmos? Should you consider buying ATOM, and what are the risks associated with such an investment?

We will be answering all this in this guide and telling you how high up the Cosmos token prices can reach in the next few years.

First, though, we need to understand what is Cosmos.

What Is Cosmos (ATOM)?

The official Cosmos network website refers to it as “the internet of blockchains.” It goes further and describes it as an ever-expanding “ecosystem of interconnected apps and services built for a decentralized future.” Like most other 2nd generation blockchain technologies, Cosmos was built with the aim of solving the scalability, speed, cost challenges affecting such 1st generation blockchains as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

It, however, is best known for its revolutionary InterBlockchain Communication (IBC) protocol that provides a medium through which all other blockchains can communicate and share data with each other. For the longest time, blockchains have maintained their independence, and only a few allow for inter-blockchain data sharing or communication.

Most crypto experts have described this siloed approach to revolutionizing the internet as the biggest challenge facing the crypto industry and one of the factors standing in the way of the eventual adoption of this blockchain technology. Therefore, by solving the interoperability problem, Cosmos effectively creates an ecosystem of interconnected blockchains, and this endears it to the crypto developers, blockchain scholars, and crypto investors.

All this is made possible by the Cosmos Hub blockchain and is powered by ATOM - the native token for the cosmos ecosystem.

But looking at its exemplary price action throughout 2021, you can’t help but wonder what made Cosmos suddenly popular.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Why Is Cosmos (ATOM) So Popular Right Now?

Well, Cosmos is massively popular today because it promises to revolutionize the crypto-verse and solve the biggest challenge facing the crypto industry, i.e. interoperability. This has made for interesting headlines in the media, which in turn helps create investor interest that has the net effect of boosting ATOM token prices.

You can even say that Cosmos started rallying at the beginning of the first 2021 crypto market rally. The bold price rally then helped draw attention to its blockchain technology that has since inspired a lot of hope among developers and optimism about the potential of its future price action among crypto investors.

Other factors that we believe make Cosmos so popular today include:


Since its establishment, Cosmos has entered into partnerships/collaborations with multiple blockchain networks, which is in line with its plan to create a blockchain universe.

Multiple blockchain technologies, including Binance Smart Chain, Hyper Ledger Burrow, Comdex, Akash Network, Sentinel, and OKChain from OKEX, are all currently using Cosmos’ IBC. These collaborations make it popular among the other blockchain users, but so does the media attention that every partnership attracts.

Appeal to developers

In addition to chasing interoperability, Cosmos has also come up with one of the most user-friendly developer platforms, it is more scalable than most blockchains and cheaper. All these make it popular among developers whose DApps and DeFi programs draw users to the blockchain.

Rapidly growing community

Cosmos also has one of the fastest growing online communities, especially on such social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit. As is the case with any other cryptocurrency, this community has been key in hyping the ATOM coin and inciting price drives that draw in more investors and traders.

Should You Buy Cosmos (ATOM)

Yes, you should consider investing in Cosmos today because it is a viable long-term investment. Furthermore, the general feeling within the crypto industry is that due to its promising blockchain technology, ATOM token prices will continue rising in the foreseeable future. This makes Cosmos a good buy for long term investors, while its hugely volatile price action makes it a good bet for active traders.

At Economy Watch, crypto experts argue that if you invest in Cosmos today, your investment will most likely grow by as much as 625% by December 2025 and more than 1250% by the turn of the decade.

Analysts at CoinQuora are even more optimistic about ATOM’s future and provide crypto investors with yet another reason why they should consider investing in the altcoin. Using both technical and fundamental analysis, these experts are confident that if you bough Cosmost ATOM today, you will most likely triple your investment by the end of 2023 and grow by as much as 8X before 2025.

There simply is an unspoken agreement within the crypto circles that you are better off investing in Cosmos than with most of the conventional assets.

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So, Is Cosmos (ATOM) Worth Buying In 2023?

Yes, Cosmos is worth buying in 2023 because its token prices are expected to continue rising throughout the year. For starters, both the altcoin and the larger crypto market are expected to regain the uptrend, Cosmos is expected to grow its community further and enter into more impactful partnerships that catapult its prices to unimaginable new heights.

The technical analysis website - Gov. Capital - for instance, expects the Cosmos altcoin to set a new all-time high price before February and sustain an uptrend that pushes its value above $76.70 by December 2023.

A similar analysis by CoinPriceForecast shares this optimism as it expects ATOM to more than double its current price and trade between $68.67 and $72.62 throughout 2023.

CryptocurrencyPricePredciton is even more optimistic about Cosmos’ future price action. The website’s analysis indicates that ATOM will most likely break above its current all-time high before the end of February 2023, when it reaches $52.68. These prices will then continue with an uptrend and possibly break above $100 in October before ending the year selling for $126.60.

Still not convinced on whether to invest in Cosmos, let us look at some of the reasons why any crypto enthusiast should consider buying ATOM.

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Why You Should Buy Cosmos (ATOM)

There is an innumerable number of factors why you may consider investing in Cosmos. You could, for instance, be looking to leverage the altcoin’s interoperability feature that allows you to share data between different blockchains. Others include:

Potential price growth:

ATOM has maintained an uptrending price action and an overall positive ROI. In 2021, it proved its resilience when it bounced off the mid-May price crash and went ahead to set a new all-time high in September. By 2030, it is expected to help its current investors grow their portfolio by as much 5000% - and all these make it a must buy.

Cosmos Can be used as a store of value

Unlike Fiat currency, ATOM is not inflationary. Its value is also expected to grow at a faster rate than most conventional investments, and these make it a good store of value for any investor.

Liquid investment

Cosmos is already listed with virtually all the popular crypto trading platforms, including Binance, Coinbase, and Kraken. It also has solid daily trading volumes on each of these exchanges, which makes it liquid.

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Risks Associated With Cosmos (ATOM) Investments

As is the case with any other crypto or conventional investment, Cosmos investments are not risk-free. Here we describe two key risks that everyone needs to understand when making a Cosmos investment.

It is highly volatile: Like all other cryptocurrencies, Cosmos token prices are massively volatile and unpredictable. It is not uncommon for the altcoin to gain or lose value in double-digit percentages within a day or just a few hours. Only invest if you can stomach such volatility.

Stiff competition: Cosmos doesn’t enjoy the monopoly of the pursuit of making the crypto-verse interoperable. Rather, it faces stiff competition from the likes of Chainlink blockchain that have different approaches to realizing the same goal. This has a huge impact on its potential adoption, which has a direct impact on its token’s price action.

Conclusion: Should You Buy Cosmos (ATOM)?

The decision to buy or not buy Cosmos tokens should be influenced by more than crypto experts and technical analysts forecasts of its future price action. It should be informed by such factors as your risk tolerance, crypto trading experience, and investment goals.

Nevertheless, current crypto investors - and the larger crypto market by extension - are hugely bullish on the altcoin’s future price action. They are also confident that as blockchain technology goes mainstream in the next few years, the demand for interoperability in the industry will ignite the demand for Cosmos IBC protocol.

As more blockchains join the cosmos, the demand for ATOM tokens will increase, and so will their prices. All these make Cosmos a good buy for any crypto investors, and now - while it is lowly priced - one of the best times to buy.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

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