Is Ethereum Expected to Reach $10,000 or More In The Next 5 years?

What’s the future of Ethereum in the next 5 years?

Last Updated October 15th 2021
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Real Vision Group CEO Raoul Paul predicts that Ethereum can reach $10,000 in the next 5 years. He believes that Ethereum will follow the same steps as Bitcoin and will have a considerable increase in its average price. This amount is certainly achievable with the growing number of investors in Ethereum’s DeFi sector.

Whether Ethereum will reach $10,000 in the next five years is questionable and depends on several factors. According to a crypto survey, 87.32% of ETH investors believe that Ethereum may reach the value of $10,000 in the next five years.

Ethereum (ETH) linear market value throughout the years. Source:

Ethereum is one of the leading cryptocurrencies in the world, second after Bitcoin. ETH price has been on the constant rise ever since its drastic drop in 2018.

In February of 2021, Ethereum reached its then highest ever price of $2,036. The price dropped back to $1,300 by the end of February, but it increased again to around $1,700 in March 2021, and reached a new high point of $3,400 on the 4th of May 2021.

Ethereum Price Predictions for the Next 5 Years

Ethereum is a very promising cryptocurrency when it comes to its future price. Experts predict several price ranges for the next five years, with all of them predicting an increase in the value.

For the next five years, Digitalcoin predicts that Ethereum ETH price might be around $5,338 in 2021, $6,669 in 2022, $7,804 in 2023, $9,612 in 2024, and $11,540 in 2025. The Economy Forecast Agency, on the other hand, predicts less stability, estimating a maximum price close to $12,080 in 2022, but only as far as $7,922 in 2025.

Tradingbeasts foresees a relatively smaller increase of the Ethereum price in the following years, with the average price approximating to $4,161 in 2021, $4,540 in 2022, $ 4,780 in 2023, and $4,849 in 2025.

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Should I Hold (HODL) Ethereum?

Right now it is seen as wiser to hold Ethereum (or any other cryptocurrency investments) for the long run. Holding Ethereum only for the short term could result in a lost opportunity, as the price could increase after you sell it. 

To illustrate, The Economy Forecast Agency predicts a higher Ethereum price in 2022 than in 2023, even though both prices are greater than the current price of ETH. 

Buying ETH in 2022 and selling in 2023 would result in losses, but buying them now and holding until 2023 would still result in profit, even though selling them in 2022 would be more profitable. Therefore, long-term investments are usually more rewarding.

In the long run, Ethereum’s price is predicted to be relatively higher than its current price. With Ethereum 2.0 expected to be fully launched in 2021, investors may find the upgraded Ethereum network a promising investment and its price may increase rapidly.

Holding Ethereum is never a bad idea, as the price may increase as the Ethereum community grows, and as Ethereum is upgraded.

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Which Is Better to Invest: Bitcoin or Ethereum?

When considering whether to invest in Bitcoin or Ethereum, there are some factors that need to be regarded before deciding which is better:

Innovation vs. Price

  • Ethereum is widely used by innovators who are looking to run and develop services in the Ethereum platform.
  • Bitcoin is much more valuable, and its projected price anticipates a bigger percentage increased in comparison to Ethereum

Transaction Speed vs. Popularity

  • Ethereum transaction speed is faster than Bitcoin, making this a huge advantage for investors who perceive time as a valuable asset in the cryptomarket
  • Bitcoin is much more popular worldwide. Additionally, interest in investing in Bitcoin is increasing every day, providing a promising future for the price of BTC.

No mining limit vs. Scarcity

  • Ethereum does not have a mining limit, giving the currency an inflating-like feature. Some find this feature useful because it allows everyone to have access to tokens, while others do not because they consider it as one of the main obstacles as to why ETH price cannot drastically increase.
  • Bitcoin, contrastingly, is scarce with a limit of 21 million BTC (18 million have already been mined). This is one of the reasons why Bitcoin’s price continuously rises.

Mining cost vs.Stability

  • Ethereum mining costs are lower than Bitcoin mining costs. Additionally, mining Bitcoin can actually bring losses rather than profit.
  • Bitcoin is more stable than Ethereum. In the future Bitcoin is less likely to have major price increases or decreases. 

How Long Should I Hold Ethereum?

Historical patterns of big cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum have shown that their price can keep increasing even if there are bear runs at specific periods. In the long run, the price can eventually re-establish itself at its highest level, or even exceed its record. 

Therefore, holding Ethereum for several years, might be a good idea, as ETH is expected to grow significantly in value. Yet, it is up to the investor to decide the best time for them to sell ETH.

How Can I Buy Ethereum Instantly?

To ensure safety when buying Ethereum, investors should use legitimate crypto trading platforms. The leading trading platform in the world today is eToro.

If you are interested in buying Ethereum through eToro, you must open an account by providing and verifying your details and then making a deposit.

Then you can easily buy Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. eToro also offers a $100k demo account, so you can test your skills and practise trading.

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Is Ethereum a Good Cryptocurrency To Buy?

Ethereum is one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy because it is predicted to have a promising future in terms of its price. As mentioned above, Real Vision Group CEO Raoul Paul believes that Ethereum might reach $10,000 in the long run. Other predictions also are optimistic, predicting that ETH price could significantly increase in the next five to 10 years. 

So, buying Ethereum now and holding it for several years might be a good idea, as the returns could be great.

eToro – The Best Platform to Buy Ethereum 

eToro have proven themselves trustworthy within the crypto industry over many years – we recommend you try them out.

Virtual currencies are highly volatile. Your capital is at risk.

Key Points

  • Ethereum has been steadily increasing in price ever since its release.
  • Real Vision Group CEO Raoul Paul predicts that ETH price can reach $10,000 in the long run.
  • Ethereum is expected to have a constant rise in price in the next 5 years.
  • Ethereum is the better investment if the investor prioritizes innovation, transaction speed, no mining limit, and less mining cost.
  • Bitcoin is the better investment if the investor prioritizes price, popularity, scarcity, and more stability.
  • It is generally a good idea to hold Ethereum in the long-term as its price is expected to significantly increase.
  • Ethereum is one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy due to its promising future.
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