Is It Too Late To Buy Tron?

Last Updated January 12th 2022
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If you want to buy Tron and you think that it is too late for you to add it to your portfolio, well, it is not. Tron is among the most popular cryptocurrencies in the market charts, and its price rally over the years has shown that it is among the best crypto investments. 

Below are some reasons why it is not too late to buy Tron coins and diversify your portfolio. 

The Broader Market Is Recovering

One of the reasons it is still an ideal time for those who want to buy Tron is that the broader market is still showing bullish signals. These signals have led to a major rebound across the broader market, with BTC trying to retest $50K in recent weeks, while Ethereum has rallied to $3500. Altcoins tend to follow the prices of Bitcoin, hence with this rebound; we expect to see the prices of Tron also increase

In the last bullish rally across the broader market, Tron managed to retest new monthly highs of around $0.1035 in September 2021. This is a critical level for the coin because returning and breaking past here would trigger a massive bull run that will see a tremendous gain in value. 

On the other hand, some market analysts think a bullish rally is expected to commence in the coming months. This means that those who invest in the cryptocurrency market now have a chance of making massive gains from their investments if these predictions come to pass. 

When the crypto market was at its peak in early May 2021, Tron managed to go to high levels of $0.15. If such a peak happens again, we could see a similar bullish rally happening in the future, thus causing major price gains. 

Increased Blockchain Adoption 

The Tron blockchain is one of the most popular in the market, and it has gained major adoption that has had a positive effect on Tron’s prices. The blockchain offers a scalable approach in terms of transaction processing speeds, which has positively contributed to Tron’s price gains. 

One of the main areas where the Tron blockchain has gained support is non-fungible tokens (NFT). Several projects have launched NFT marketplaces on the Tron blockchain, and this adoption has reflected the growing prices of the blockchain’s native token. 

Tpunks recently endorsed the blockchain to launch an NFT marketplace that will see various NFT collectables being sold on the blockchain. This is expected to raise the popularity of the Tron blockchain because NFT is a sector whose popularity is fast rising. Hence, if Tron can position itself as a leader in this sector, we could see Trion’s prices increasing in future. 

Tron has also ventured into blockchain gaming. The Tron Foundation recently launched a $300 million fund aimed at investing in GameFi projects. Blockchain gaming projects are also another sector gaining popularity in recent years; hence, this is positive news for the Tron blockchain. If Tron tokens are used in these gaming projects, we could see an increase in Tron’s prices in the future. 

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Tron’s Blockchain Has A Broad Offering 

Unlike other blockchains that have focused on decentralized finance, the Tron blockchain has gone the extra mile, and it focuses on other sectors that are a crucial part of everyday life. One of the main areas where the Trion blockchain has focused on is the entertainment sector. It has partnered with players in different entertainment sectors, including social networks, video streaming, gaming, and casino. These offerings make the Tron blockchain can gain much from adoption, with Tron tokens expected to yield great returns for investors. 

Tron has also brought to life the notion of decentralized content. The Tron blockchain can support decentralized content that users can access for much less and offer a platform where content creators can earn more from their work. This is expected to increase Tron’s user base and also increase the value of the token. 

The boom of dApps has been high this month, and this demand is also expected to increase in the future. People are expected to start looking towards Tron as one of the most popular blockchains, and it could make them do away with the normal content sites such as Netflix and YouTube. The prices of Tron will increase because of such an adoption, making the token a worthy investment

Tron Has A Strong Team 

The Tron blockchain has a strong and dedicated behind it. This team has been conducting developments on the network to ensure that the blockchain can evolve as the broader blockchain sector evolves. The team behind the blockchain network also has much experience in the sector, and their skills and talent enable them to make the network more efficient for users. 

The efforts of the Tron team has enabled the network to become of the few blockchains in the crypto sector that have achieved scalability. The network can process up to 2000 transactions per second, making it faster than old blockchains like Bitcoin. It also makes it the ideal choice for developers looking for a network that offers speed and efficiency.

The founder of Tron, Justin Sun, has also been one of the contributing factors towards Tron’s success. Sun, who is also the CEO of BitTorrent, has been vocal about the blockchain, a move that has seen Tron gained increased popularity that has more people investing in the token. His experience in the blockchain sector has also enabled Sun to launch a futuristic blockchain that can overcome future challenges. 

These factors make Tron a great investment. The current rally, the huge potential of its blockchain, and the dedicated team behind the coin ensure there is growing Tron blockchain adoption. However, just like all cryptocurrencies, Tron is bound to rises and falls caused by volatility, leading to price dips just like the rest of the market. Hence, in as much as there is potential for gains, losses can also be experienced. 

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

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