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What is covered in this free Forex Trading Course?

Our Free Free Forex Course is broken down into the following areas:

A. Why learn Forex Trading?
B. How does Forex Trading work?
C. What is required of you?
D. How much money can you make?
E. Trading Terminology, The Words You Should Know

Our mission

At Trading Education we belive that anyone can learn how to trade the financial markets. Our mission is simple: To Provide you with an exceptional education, which will continue to enrich your life for the years to come. With this in mind we have developed cutting edge Educational courses for you to Learn the skills you require.

Why Is The Course Free?

Great Question, This course is sponsored by some of the worlds leading Brokers, they cover 100% of the costs. Brokers make money when people are trading, people only trade when they know what they are doing and trade more when they are making money. It’s our job to give you the skills required to stand the best chance of success, its as simple as that.

F. Planning And Risk Management
G. Trading Psychology
H. How To Trade Both A Positive and Negative Market
I. Fundamental Analysis
J. Trading Strategies


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