NEO Trading Predictions For 2022 Onwards

Last Updated November 12th 2021
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Neo is not as new as the name suggests as it has been around since 2014. Investors have had their interest peaked since the reprimand from Antshares to Neo in 2017. At this point, this blockchain crypto coin began to make more of a name for itself in the wider cryptocurrency market. Many have been watching to see if Neo’s progression will take it into the high ranks and make it a good contender for new investment in 2022.

Like many of the cryptocurrency models on the market, Neo uses open-source blockchain technology to create a decentralized platform. Neo aims to become a large player in the growing move into decentralized finance (Defi).

Neo is a flexible platform, able to manage a wider range of digital assets, using their native coin NEO to fuel transactions. They use the now popular smart contract functionality and are pushing for more efficiency in the Defi sector.

They look to be a global transfer system and cryptocurrency and are focused on being user-friendly for businesses in a way not currently achieved in the cryptocurrency market. They also pride themselves on being easy to regulate, and able to comply with different national banking rules.

The initial coin offering generated by Neo’s genesis block created a 100M in NEO coins. This gave a solid start to the cryptocurrency and allowed the coin offering to generate $4.65M in revenue to jump-start the platform. This occurred in 2016 and now that the 2021 crypto boom has reinvigorated many cryptocurrencies in the market, investors are keen to see if Neo will prove the next hot investment choice for 2022.

Before investing in cryptocurrency is important to consider the key factors surrounding each individual crypto coin to choose the correct type of investment for your portfolio. There are a variety of things to consider before making Neo your 2022 investment choice.


How Does NEO Work?

Neo uses blockchain technology. The blockchain allows the transactions to take place and they are then saved on the blockchain which forms a public ledger for all the transactions made with NEO. Because this is public and open-source these transactions are easily verified and accessible.

Neo is also part of the growing move towards proof of stake (PoS) technology, away from the proof of work (PoW) system used by coins such as Bitcoin. This is because the market is favouring transaction speed which is offered by the PoW protocol. This PoW protocol allows Neo to complete its transactions at a rate of 10,000 per second.

Neo also uses a Byzantine system which prevents any corruption of the transactions being placed as long as the majority of users involved are trustworthy. This uses a consensus of reliable users to verify transactions to prevent any problems with security.

To ensure that the supply of available, trustworthy users is always there the GAS fees collected from the transactions are used to incentivize the process.

Despite having fees as part of the system, these are extremely inexpensive and are designed to avoid hyperinflation.

This model of cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly popular as we leave the crypto boom of 2021 and move into 2022. Many investors are backing the shift to proof of stake fast transactions as the next likely market takeover.

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

NEO 3.0 Upgrade

Following the 2017 rebrand from Antshare to Neo the platform underwent more changes. The following year Neo decided to undergo a full protocol upgrade in order to increase the platform’s processing power and improve the user interface.

This is an important factor for investors as this increased adoption potential for the NEO coin and scalability. These then have knock-on effects on the coin’s ability to reacher higher and higher coin values over time.

The original Neo legacy protocol was replaced by the new N3 version and a new genesis block was created. This was a turning point for NEO and has vastly improved its investment potential going forward.

NeoFS And NeoID

Other features of the Neo ecosystem worth considering include NeoFS and NeoID. Both of these areas of the Neo group are important to the scalable potential of Neo as a platform and the NEO crypto coin itself.

Decentralized applications (DApps) are a huge part of the Defi industry and have a massive effect on the adoption rates of the cryptocurrency. Neo has developed a stable storage platform to keep these DApps and make them readily available for users, making NEO a more enticing prospect for platform users and investors.

This storage system is the NeoFS and it is designed to be secure, and resistant to breaches and failures in saving information at the node level. Security is further improved by the NeoID identification system that ensures that the nodes and users involved in transactions are easily verifiable.

These features are helping to give NEO the scalable potential necessary to become a global cryptocurrency player as we move into 2022.

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Trading NEO To USD

NEO price chart

NEO had a slow start as Antshare, but after the rebrand to Neo things picked up massively. The growth potential of NEO initially began sparking investor interest in 2018 when the coin price skyrocketed from just below $40 to their all-time high of $188. Unfortunately, NEO then entered a prolonged two-year resistance period and followed a sideways trading pattern until 2021.

NEO price chart

After the 2021 cryptocurrency boom injected NEO with the momentum needed to break the sideways trading pattern the coin began to climb again. By mid-2021 the year high of $140 had been achieved. Early investors in NEO receive staggering returns at this time. The June and July market slump in 2021 brought down the coin price considerably, however, NEO has begun to recover.

NEO price chart

The recovery over the last quarter of 2021 has been promising. The trading cycles should return NEO to its previous all-time high during 2022. This makes NEO a good investment option for those looking to make substantial returns during 2022 and 2023. 

Will NEO Rebound From The Market Dip?

The market dip which slowed the previously very bullish 2021 trading caused decreasing coin prices across the crypto market. The third quarter of 2021 was a difficult trading environment, however, the market is rebounding as we move into 2022.

The recovery so far by NEO is positive and the losses are being recouped. This gives a low price point for new investors to enter the market, with a promising outlook for growth throughout 2022.

It is likely that NEO will recover its previous all-time high of $188, however, this may be a slow process throughout 2022. If the bullish trading picks up further and the market becomes more robust then surges may take to coin price back up sooner than expected, in the early stages of 2022.

Predictions For NEO In 2022 And The Future

NEO is expected by market experts to be at around $300 by the start of 2023. This is due to the consistent growth expected to take place throughout 2022. Some of the more conservative estimates have drawn up a slow growth model, which would take NEO to $80 in 2022 and then up to $150 during 2023. This would offer good returns but only over a longer time period.

The slower growth model places NEO at $200 at the end of 2025. However, swing traders stand to make greater profits in the short term, even with the slow growth model. The NEO trading pattern is very volatile and has continued to cycle through surges and dips. The surges are characteristically very high, which gives the potential for very high percentage returns on the current price of $44.

Those investing during this recovery period stand to make the best overall gain from both the low and high projections for NEO.

As the adoption of NEO grows this should speed up the current upward growth trajectory, leading to quicker profitability. The release of the NeoWallet at the end of 2021 has been a pivotal step for Neo and should result in a boost to the coin price during 2022.

Neo has also incorporated several more DApps to its platform over the past month and is continuing its expansion:

‘We are thrilled to introduce you to @DefinaFinance , a blockchain game that innovates at the intersection of #DeFi and #NFTs, also the fifth project to join the N3 #EarlyAdoption Program!’

@Neo_Blockchain, Twitter account of Neo Smart Economy

‘We are excited to see the development progress made by @NekohitProject !

This is a a decentralized crowdfunding platform for content creators built on #NeoN3 with its preliminary codebase established during the #Neofrontierlaunchpad!’

@Neo_Blockchain, Twitter account of Neo Smart Economy

These expansions and the Neo Foundation’s focus on increased adoption of the NEO cryptocurrency should lead to a surge in coin price. As these changes are rolled out the higher estimates are likely to become more achievable in 2022-2025.

NEO Trading Forecast for 2022

NEO is not as high as expected due to the market downturn in the third quarter of 2021. However, the current price of $46 at the time of writing is a cheap entry point given the coin’s 2021 high of $140. A return to this price is likely during the 2022 trading cycles and could provide large profits to those entering the NEO market around this price point.

The current recovery from the recent market dip is also looking promising, with progress being made back out of the slump. The recovery has been slow so far but should pick up pace in early 2022.

The higher market estimates are predicting NEO to have returned to at least $130 by the start of 2022, with a final quarter estimate of $534. However, the slower trajectories are still implying a decent growth model over 2022, but with a lower endpoint of between $140-300 after corrections.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.


Who is behind NEO?

Da Hongfei and Erik Zhang founded Neo under the name Antshare in 2014. It was only rebranded to Neo in 2017 and from this point, it began its major global expansion. The Neo foundation oversees the developmental journey of Neo and is run by Da Hongfei, Erik Zhang, and John de Vadoss. The Neo governance is a joint enterprise involving all NEO holders and users of the Neo platform.

What is NEO?

Neo is a platform supporting cryptocurrency transactions, movement and securing of digital assets, and the storage and use of DApps. Neo uses the native coin NEO which is a NEP-5 token. The NEO cryptocurrency can be bought and sold to fuel transactions on the Neo platform or as an investment opportunity.

How does NEO compare to the market?

NEO is holding a respectable market position, currently 53rd in terms of market capitalization. It has a market cap of $3B at the time of writing. There is huge scalable potential with NEO and the current plans should cause it to become a larger market contender during 2022.

Should I invest in NEO in 2022?

After the recent market downturn, NEO is at a relatively low price. The current coin value of $44 leaves a lot of room for profitable growth throughout 2022. Those investing now and in the early stage of 2022 stand to make good returns as the coin recovers and climbs back towards the previous highs of $140-$188. Those investing in the near future should have a profitable year with NEO.

Is NEO still going to go up?

NEO is very likely to rise in price throughout 2022 and onwards. The steep surges are usually subject to harsh corrections, however, there is still predicted to be steady overall growth throughout the year. The peaks are unlikely to be sustained but will take the price up substantially in short bursts with corrections bring the NEO value down to a softer incline. The price is likely to rise to at least double the current price during 2022, which is a respectable investment even at the lower valued estimates.

What will NEO prices rise to in 2022?

The volatile growth model that NEO is following is likely to see short-term surges to between $140-$200 during 2022. However, these are likely to be subject to harsh corrections after each peak. The steadier price rise is likely to hold the coin price at around $80-$120 during the majority of 2022. This still provides high percentage returns over the year for those investing at the current price of $44.