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Latest News

Bitcoin Gains Official Status in Argentina's Economy

Key Takeaways - Argentina officially recognizes Bitcoin as a valid currency for contracts, signaling a major shift in its financial...

Exploring Solana's Path to $100: Growth Drivers Unveiled

Key Takeaways - Solana (SOL) is rapidly ascending in the crypto market, aiming for a $100 valuation. Solana's DeFi sector, especially its DEX...

MATIC Poised for Notable Shift Amid Rising Whale Trades

Key Takeaways - MATIC's recent whale activity hints at potential major price changes. Analysts predict uncertain short-term price direction for...

Ex-Director Reports Ripple's Plan to Burn Escrowed XRP

Key Takeaways - Ripple may have the ability to burn its escrow-held XRP tokens, as revealed by former director Matt Hamilton. The concept of...

Judge Rules Against Delay in Bankman-Fried FTX Sentencing

Key Takeaways - District Judge Kaplan rejects Sam Bankman-Fried's request for a sentencing delay in the FTX case. Defense concerns over a second...

US SEC Faces Another Court Defeat in XRP, Grayscale Cases

Key Takeaways - The SEC's rule on increased share buyback reporting was overturned due to insufficient justification. Grayscale won a legal case...

Bitcoin ETF Buzz: BlackRock, Nasdaq, SEC's Latest Meeting

Key Takeaways - BlackRock, Nasdaq, and the SEC are in advanced talks about launching a Bitcoin ETF, indicating significant progress in...

Ireland's Central Bank Grants Ripple Official Listing

Key Takeaways - Ripple is now officially listed on the Central Bank of Ireland's Virtual Asset Service Providers Register, marking a significant...

Michael Saylor: Spot Bitcoin ETFs Revolutionize Trading

Key Takeaways - Spot Bitcoin ETFs are poised to impact financial markets significantly, akin to the historic introduction of the S&P 500...

Spot Bitcoin ETF: 3 Signs Pointing to Likely SEC Approval

Key Takeaways - BlackRock's updated spot Bitcoin ETF proposal, featuring cash redemptions, aligns closely with SEC preferences, potentially...