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Last Updated July 6th 2022
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Origin Protocol is an Ethereum-based project that is focusing on two of the most significant areas of the cryptocurrency market: DeFi and NFTs. The project has some pretty big names behind it and it certainly has an impressive mission statement, but is it really any different from any of the other DeFi and NFT platforms out there?

DeFi has been dominating the cryptocurrency space for several years now and there are numerous projects operating within the subsector, including liquidity mining platforms, decentralised exchanges and even cryptocurrency derivatives. Despite there being many projects, this is still a very lucrative space and there is always room for improvement.

NFTs are, of course, a newer phenomenon in the blockchain world and have been taking the world by storm since 2021, with the top marketplaces selling digital collectibles for millions of dollars in some cases. So again, Origin Protocol is entering a market that is primed for significant growth.

So what can investors expect from Origin Protocol? Is it a project that can make good on its aims to bring DeFi and NFTs “to the masses” or is it just another project that is making bold claims it will never deliver? In the following Origin Protocol price prediction for 2025 and 2030, we’ll be taking a closer look at the project and how it measures up as an investment opportunity. 


A Brief History Of Origin Protocol?

Origin was initially set up in 2017 by Josh Fraser and Matthew Liu–both of whom were already successful tech entrepreneurs with Fraser having founded Toribit, a cloud-based service that was acquired by Walmart Labs, and Liu being an early Youtube alumnus. 

The team has since expanded to include software engineers and tech professionals with impressive pedigrees, including those who have worked with the likes of PayPal, Google and DropBox.

The project was originally built as an e-commerce platform and attracted some significant investors early on, with $38 million-worth of OGN sold in July 2018. Investors included YouTube founder Steve Chen and Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

So What Exactly Is The Origin Protocol?

Origin is very clear about its mission statement, which is to “to bring non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and decentralized finance (DeFi) to the masses.” The website contains several impressive statements about how the project can revolutionise the world of crypto finance. It also makes it clear that the Origin Protocol is still very much a work in progress.

The Origin Litepaper also explains how the project has shifted its focus to some extent. Whilst it was initially built as an e-commerce platform to make cryptocurrency transactions more accessible for companies and organisations, it has since shifted its focus to the NFT market.

In its current state, the Origin Protocol is effectively a collection of three products: Origin Story, Origin Dollar, and Origin Coin. 

Origin Story

Origin Story is an NFT platform. It was set up to make it easier for the layperson to issue their tokens as well as providing a marketplace for the buying and selling of said tokens. Origin provides a platform that allows users to upload their images, video and audio through a simple interface to mint their NFTs. It also allows users to host their own sale, giving them complete control over the distribution of their digital assets.

In addition to allowing users to create and auction their own NFTs, Origin Story is also building a secondary market for the general buying and selling of NFT tokens. The platform has made it clear that it intends to build a complete NFT ecosystem.

The Origin Story NFTs are currently minted as ERC-721 tokens. However, the platform is working with layer-2 solutions to reduce the fees involved and allow users to create NFTs that can be cost effective even when priced at $10 - $20.

Origin Dollar  

Origin Dollar is the platform’s stable coin and is intended to give the everyday user access to the world of DeFi. According to the Origin Protocol Litepaper, Origin Dollar will allow holders to earn yield simply by holding OUSD in their crypto wallets, with no staking or locking up of the tokens required. OUSD is able to do this via yield strategies that go on behind the scenes. 

It is also possible for users to mint their own OUSD from existing stablecoins, such as DAI, USDT, USDC, via a simple process on the bespoke OUSD app. 

Origin wants OUSD to become a medium of exchange and fulfill cryptocurrency’s original remit of being a viable alternative to cash for retail transactions. By incentivising merchants with its passive income facility, Origin has stated that it eventually wants to rival PayPal as a digital payment platform.

Origin Coin

Origin Coin is the project’s native cryptocurrency and the subject of this Origin Protocol price prediction for 2025 and 2030. Firstly, OGN is the governance token of the project. This means that holders will be able to cast votes on changes to the protocol, such as yield earning strategies, fee structures and other changes related to the operation of the project.

Origin Coin holders also benefit from value accrual simply by holding the token, thanks to the revenue generated by the OUSD infrastructure outlined above. The Origin Protocol Litepaper has also suggested that there may eventually be a staking programme for OGN holders to earn more rewards. 

Looking At Origin Protocol’s Price History

Origin Protocol’s OGN token first hit the markets in January of 2020, when it traded at an average price of around $0.21. As is the case with many new cryptocurrencies, there was an initial flash of interest that led to a spike in OGN’s price, with the token doubling in value to $0.43 within a month. 

Things then flatlined across February 2020 but in March there was another uptick and OGN reached $0.45, before a sudden decline took the token down to $0.18 just a few days later. Origin Protocol then struggled to crawl above $0.20 for the next month or two, before a bull in August took it to a then-record $0.54 in August. This proved to be the high point of 2020 as OGN then went into decline for much of the rest of the year, dropping as low as $0.11 in November. 

Of course, 2021 was a massive year for cryptocurrency. Whilst Origin Protocol seemed to miss out on the first few market upswings of the year, remaining below $0.45 across January and February, the token really turned a corner in March. The first major uptick took it to $1.16, which meant it had grown by almost 500% in the year to date. However, that was nothing compared to what happened next, when OGN soared to its all-time high of $3.35 in the first week of April. 

Origin Protocol failed to hold its gains for long and by the end of May it had dropped to just over $0.60 per token. When the wider crypto market picked up again towards the end of summer 2021, OGN managed to climb to a respectable $1.37, but it was more or less downhill from here. Whereas many tokens hit record highs in the market surge in November. OGN only reached $1.27 before going into a protracted decline. 

When January 2022 arrived, so did a crypto market slump. OGN initially resisted the downturn, but by February it had tanked to $0.26. A brief turnaround in March saw Origin Protocol surge to $0.81, but once again things soon began to slide. At the time of writing, OGN was trading at $0.32.

OGN price chart

Origin Protocol OGN/USD price chart Source: coinmarketcap.com

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Origin Protocol Price Predictions For 2025

Origin Protocol certainly has some lofty ideas and there is definitely innovation in its approach to both DeFi and NFTs. However, there’s no denying that it is competing in what is an already crowded space. So what can we expect from OGN in terms of price growth? To answer this, we need to consult Origin Protocol price predictions for 2025 and beyond.

Let’s start with DigitalCoinPrice. The platform has suggested that OGN could reach $0.45 by the end of 2022, which would be growth of around 35%. Its data then suggests the token will continue to grow year on year, reaching a potential high of $0.54 in 2023 before climbing up to $0.74 by the time 2025 rolls around. 

Elsewhere, Coinskid is also reasonably bullish on OGN. Its technical analysis has the token reaching a potential high of $0.42 by the time 2022 draws to a close. The token is then expected to continue making gains throughout 2023 and 2024. By the start of 2025, Coinskid has predicted that Origin Protocol will be worth upwards of $1.49.

Another Origin Protocol price prediction for 2025 comes from TradingBeasts – normally the more reserved of the top crypto analysts out there. However, it is also optimistic about OGN’s future. Its data has the token seeing a fairly volatile few years but by 2024 it could be up by as much as 50% and by the time January 2025 arrives, OGN could be trading at a high of $0.57.

Looking Further Ahead: Origin Protocol Price Predictions For 2030

So it would appear that Origin Protocol is widely expected to grow over the next two-to-three years. However, most investors will be looking at longer term strategies, so what can we expect from OGN beyond 2025? Once again, we must defer to market analysts and their data-driven price forecasts.

DigitalCoinPrice sees OGN continuing to perform long-term. According to its Origin Protocol price prediction for 2030, the token will reach a new all-time high by the time the decade draws to a close. However, there will be a degree of volatility across 2027 and 2028, so investors will need to hold fast if they want to see significant returns.

Meanwhile, Priceprediction.net has also ventured its Origin price prediction for 2030 – and it is optimistic to say the least. According to its technical analysis, OGN could soar to new highs as early as 2029, potentially reaching as high as $3.75 before the year ends. As we head into 2025, Priceprediction.net has suggested that Origin Protocol could be worth as much as $6.37 per token.

Now we have to add something of a disclaimer here. Long-term crypto price predictions are not known for their reliability. They are simply based on analysis of existing data and no one can say what kind of external forces, such as new projects, or government regulation, may affect the market in future. As such, these long-term forecasts should be taken with a pinch of salt. 

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Conclusion: Should You Invest In Origin Protocol?

So now we’ve come to the end of our Origin Protocol price prediction for 2025 and 2030, hopefully you will have an idea of how this project stands as an investment opportunity. One thing that complicates matters is a lot of the Origin Protocol project is still in development. However, this could make now an opportune time to get involved. 

There are certainly plenty of rival platforms out there and it would appear that OGN is relying on Ethereum scaling solutions to deliver on its ambitious aims. Some may say the project would be better suited to a faster blockchain, but who knows what will happen when the Ethereum 2.0 upgrades are finally complete.

The price forecasts we have looked at for OGN are all positive – which is certainly a good sign given the current state of the market. Of course, these are not guaranteed results but the fact that most leading market analysts are behind the project is a significant vote of confidence if nothing else.

All things considered, Origin Protocol is a low priced token that certainly could be worth considering for your portfolio. However, we would surmise that it presents quite a high degree of risk as, despite the impressive credentials of its development team, the project is yet to gather enough traction to make it one of the market’s major players. 

Where To Invest In Cryptocurrency

If you want to invest in cryptocurrency but don’t know where to begin then you’ll need to put a few things in place to get started. Firstly, you’ll need a cryptocurrency wallet to store your tokens. You can read everything you need to know about them in our handy guide, which can be found here.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Origin Protocol Price Predictions 2025, 2030 - FAQ

What is Origin Protocol?

Origin Protocol is an ambitious project that seeks to make DeFi and NFTs accessible to the masses. The project is actually made up of several distinct products which combine to make a pretty complete infrastructure. The project also has several innovations in the pipeline and is expected to be at the forefront of blockchain innovation in the coming years. 

What is the OGN token for?

Origin Protocol has two cryptocurrencies. Firsty, it has its own stable coin, Origin Dollar, which allows holders to earn residual income just by having it in their wallets. The other token is OGN which is the governance token of the Origin Protocol and also offers additional benefits to coin holders. 

How much will Origin Protocol be worth in 2025?

Most crypto analysts have given Origin Protocol a favourable outlook over the next few years, though few predict it will get close to its ATH again anytime soon. Most of the price predictions for OGN that we have seen suggest the token could reach at least $0.50 by 2025.  

Where can I buy Origin Protocol?

Origin Protocol has been making waves recently and exchanges and brokers have been quick to add it to their books. You have a fair bit of choice when it comes to choosing a platform, but for our money you’ll be hard pushed to find better than eToro, an award-winning platform that’s suitable for both novice and experienced investors. 

Where can I make NFTs?

NFTs have been one of the biggest trends to hit the crypto market, period. Now every forward-thinking artist and celebrity is looking to get in on the action. There are numerous ways to mint NFTs but one of the most innovative platforms to create them with is Origin Protocol, which has designed a simple interface to allow those with limited crypto knowledge to easily create and sell their own NFTs. 

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

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