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Last Updated July 23rd 2021
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For anyone who is interested in driving amazing personal development in work and life, 'Principles: Life and Work' by Ray Dalio is a must buy. As noted in the Bookalicious review of the book 'Principles' contains many secrets to help anyone achieve wealth and success'.

A design for life

This book is an amazingly powerful tool to help you grow in life. In it, Ray Dalio shares his personal story and the principles that led him to see unbelievable levels of prosperity.

Talking about the book, the author himself said, "I am passing along these principles because I am now at the stage in my life in which I want to help others to be successful, rather than to be more successful myself".  This sentence sums up why this book is so revolutionary but also why Ray Dalio is where he is today. For a self-made multi-billionaire and manager of the largest hedge fund in the world to pass on his personal knowledge is quite something.

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Lessons in life

One of the key points of 'Principles: Life and Work', as noted on Bookalicious, is that the universal truths contained will allow you to behave in the right way. This will then see your behaviour rewarded by getting all that you desire out of life. It is like a recipe for the best meal you have ever cooked - the principles that Ray Dalio passes on here give you a step-by-step way to make your life better.

All of the world's mega-successful people do not get to where they are by accident or good luck. All will live and work by a set of principles that enable this success. This is as true in their personal lives as it is in business. What is vital to know is that these principles will be different for each person.

You cannot simply look at someone else and blindly copy what they do. You must find principles that work for you as an individual as that will make them easier to implement. The issue most people have is that they have no clue as to what their principles should be! They are also unaware as to what a massive impact their own principles have on their daily lives. Being able to drill down into specific detail is key here also as this makes the principles more actionable and faster to see results with.

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Principles: Life and Work book by Ray Dalio

Let 'Principles: Life and Work' by Ray Dalio help

The main goal of this book is to help everyone find and adopt their own unique set of principles to succeed. It might surprise you to know that this is THE main ingredient for your success in life and work. You don't need to know it all but you do need to know your own set of principles and how you will adopt them into your life.

What is in 'Principles: Life and Work'?

As shown in the review on Bookalicious, Ray Dalio has split this book into 3 sections:

Part I Where I am coming from

Part I sees the author explain his perspective and how his own life story has shaped his outlook. It sees him tell the listener about his life, all the way from when he was born up to the present day. This enables the listener to connect with Ray Dalio on a personal level and see that they can trust his advice.

Part II Life principles

Part II sees the concept of Life Principles introduced. While it cannot be denied that work is essential to a happy life, if you only focus on this area then you will not live a fully contented life. Not getting the balance between life and work right is one of the main reasons for people drifting apart. Make sure you learn your Life Principles and you will be totally happy.

Part III Work principles

Part III sees Work Principles explained. Ray Dalio uses his extensive knowledge in this area to show you how to be a charismatic leader and successful entrepreneur. These are essential skills still in the modern business world and ones that are worth taking on board.

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About Ray Dalio

Ray Dalio

From humble beginnings, the author has grown into one of the leading business figures in the world today. This gives him an authoritative and proven platform from which to offer advice. After setting up his successful business Bridgewater Associates in 1975, Dalio has gone on to see immense success.

His company is still going strong 40 years later and has made more money for its investors than any other hedge fund in history! On a personal level, Dalio himself has been named on Time magazine's 100 Most Prominent Individuals on the Planet in recent years.

The key to Bridgwater Associates' rise is the principles that Dalio set for himself and all staff originally. These principles have allowed the company to flourish and show just why they are so key. This book allows everyone the chance to acquire tested guidance from the man they call "the Steve Jobs of investing". Although full of novel concepts and innovative ideas, the book also has a simple, easy to understand approach too.

If you want to unlock the keys to success in life and business, then 'Principles: Life and Work' by Ray Dalio is the book for you. You can get more insights on the Trading Education blog.

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