Pros And Cons Of Forex Signal Services

Last Updated July 23rd 2021
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The forex market is one of the most complex in the financial world and can be daunting for anyone planning to enter it. Even traders with a little experience need advice and guidance to ensure they both make returns and avoid losses. 

What Are Forex Signal Services?

This is where a support system in the form of informed tips and recommendations come in handy. Forex signals exactly bridge this gap and act as a guide and advisor to both beginners and intermediate forex traders.

With its continuous evolution using technology, forex signals have become popular over the years and gained acceptance among those in the forex trading world.

How Do They Work?

Forex signals are recommendations or suggestions that can be generated either through a manual source like a trading analyst or an automatic software like a robot that is programmed to do the job.

These signals are usually created to suggest the right time to enter or exit a position on a currency pair. These can also have a more complex layer where an upper level for profit booking or a lower level for a stop loss can be built in. 

The services themselves cover a gamut of sources and approaches. The manually generated signals come from a team of expert analysts and the automated is based on data and algorithms. Either way, forex signals are now sent through email or SMS or even messaging apps like WhatsApp and Signal and social media channels. 

There is an increased dependence on software to both generate and share these signals and to allow them to be integrated with your trading process. The use of AI and forex robots has opened up the possibilities for new and aspiring traders to enter this field.

The Pros of Forex Signal Services

1. Forex signal simplifies the complex process

Forex is a complex subject and forex trading an arena that demands both expertise and experience to be successful. The learning curve can be steep and the aspiring beginner in the world of forex trading will need to devote time and attention to become a pro. 

This is where a tool like a forex signal comes across as a compelling option. Without having to study and spend years to become a professional, getting expert tips and recommendations at one’s fingertips can be extremely useful. 

The better service providers offer a plethora of data and insights as well that can include trading history with pips and details of trades conducted. Some include even advanced levels of information including risk-reward ratios and back-tested evaluations of signals generated.

3. Forex signal saves time

In the fast world of forex trading where profits and losses happen in seconds, it is all about time and speed that makes a difference. It is important to make fast decisions to seize the right opportunities. With the help of forex signals, it is possible to execute faster without having to over analyse if you are a beginner. Also, automated signals help reduce the lag between deciding and placing an order. 

4. Forex signal mitigates risks

With the right forex signals, you have a huge advantage as a beginner in the trading ring. The forex market is quite nebulous and the process of monitoring trends and taking decisions always exposes a trader to risks. 

With good forex signals, the element of risk is mitigated and allows for a safety net for anyone who is not used to the fast changing trading style. 

5. Excellent way to learn based on the recommendations

Interestingly, using a forex signal need not only be about automating all decisions blindly for a prolonged period of time. This is also a potent learning tool where a smart forex trader who is starting off can use it two ways. 

One, use the signals to execute the trades quickly and profitably. Two, it also offers a learning opportunity by analysing the market conditions with the rationale of a suggested signal. This can be akin to learning under an experienced trader and can help a new trader cement his fundamentals and, in time, reduce dependence on signals and take him own informed decisions. 

Besides, paid services can also offer educational resources, training and one on one mentoring. These can be invaluable if the provider is competent and established. 

6. A wide spectrum of providers

With forex signals combining the best of both worlds – expert recommendations through data analysis and state of the art software – there are many service providers to choose from. It is possible to find one that suits your trading temperament and goals by comparing them or even trying them out through free trials. 

7. Many free services that can be made use of

Often, the best forex signals have a value attached to it, as they are the product of the intelligence and experience of established forex traders and experts. But then, there are plenty of free services also on offer that, if selected wisely, can be a great source of wisdom and direction at no cost. 

Besides, there are still others that offer a limited number of signals in a day beyond which you might have to pay. These are perfectly suited to those who want to look past the free offers and test out or just avail of the services of the bigger, more established providers. 

The Cons of Forex Signal Services

1. Need not always be a silver bullet

While forex signals can be a useful tool overall, the fact remains that they are not silver bullets that can work all the time. These are recommendations generated using data and sophisticated algorithms and are backed by expertise, no doubt. But they can never replace the experience and human instinct of traders who know the market inside out. 

2. Technical and software glitches

These are, as we know, alerts that are generated using technology and software. Much as these might be perfect most of the time, any glitches or bugs in the codes can result in incorrect and inaccurate predictions. For traders who are new to the system and rely on these blindly, this is a sure fire recipe for possible disaster.

Signals are usually released through electronic channels like SMS and online messaging. So, once these are sent, the chance of correcting them or even interpreting them will mean some time would have elapsed. Trades that are done during this period could go wrong and result in possible losses. 

3. Watch out for scams

The biggest con of forex signal services is the prevalence of scams. While no industry or business can claim to be free of scams, these can be particularly damaging in such services where so much trust is reposed by beginning traders. 

Forex trading has, of late, attracted numerous interested freshers who have been enamoured of its ability to fetch handsome gains in a short period. But that also attracts dubious operators who see this as a ripe opportunity to make a killing at their cost. 

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Forex signal services can be a boon for the new trader while he gets comfortable in the forex market. The trick is to see what works for your trading style and use these as a tool to both trade successfully and learn from it continuously.  

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