15 Reasons Why You Should Invest In The Internet Computer Now

Investing in Internet Computer is all about learning, having fun, and making money over the long term.

Last Updated January 27th 2022
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Whether you're new to Internet Computer Investing, thinking of getting back in, or just want a refresher on why invest in Internet Computer — this article is for you. 

The Internet Computer is a crypto project that is decentralizing the web. It allows for the efficient running of Dapps, while at the same time eliminating the problems that come with centralized cloud services. It’s a project with the power to disrupt the $200 billion cloud services market. That said, here are 15 reasons why you should invest in this project now.

Below we cover 15 major reasons why you should invest in Internet Computer and why Internet Computer (ICP) investing can be so powerful. First, let's start with the hard fact-based reasons to invest in Internet Computer and then we'll transition into some less discussed, but still important, reasons to invest. 

15 Reasons You Should Invest In The Internet Computer Today

There are all kinds of reasons why you might want to invest in Internet Computer — probably some you’ve never considered. Here are 15 that we found.

1. The Internet Computer is targeting one of the largest markets in tech

Cryptocurrencies are all about disruption, and all disruptive technologies do well in the market. Bitcoin is where it is today because it is a disruption to centralized financial systems. It is for this same reason that The Internet Computer is poised for growth. At its core, The Internet Computer is a disruptor to the cloud computing market. This is one of the largest and fastest-growing markets in tech. 

Data shows that the cloud computing market was worth $264.80 billion in 2019. The market is projected to have a compound annual growth rate of 16.4% up to 2027. It is currently dominated by Amazon Web Services, and is one of the critical factors behind Amazon’s tremendous success. Other players that are quite heavy on this market are Google and Microsoft.

Simply put, The Internet Computer is going after one of the significant sources of success for big tech. The best part is that it is likely to succeed at it. That’s because the project gives users total control over their operations. This factor could play a role in its growth and is an excellent reason to invest now.

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

2. The Internet Computer has a large dedicated team behind it

One of the key pillars of strength to any crypto project is the team. When the team is large enough and dedicated to the project, success is always guaranteed.

On this front, The Internet Computer is sitting on solid ground. The project has a team of more than 188 tech experts. In the team, they have everyone from cryptographers, operational experts to distributed computing engineering experts. The best part is that the team can work together harmoniously. 

The project is pretty complex, but they have managed to work on it from 2016, until 2021 when was finally completed. With such a strong team, it is pretty guaranteed that the project will keep adapting to become the best in the decentralized computing space. 

This is especially important because the cloud computing market is enormous, and the only way to stay ahead is by being better than the competition. The likes of Amazon have pretty much endless resources, and it is only through a competent team can a crypto startup compete. From a look at its team, this is good crypto to invest in and expect growth.

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3. The Internet Computer is incentivizing adoption

The cloud marketplace is dominated by some of the wealthiest companies in the world. For context, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google are among the five tech companies that make up 25% of the S&P 500. With their deep financial muscle, these companies can draw in clients and offer the best services possible. Simply put, it can be a little difficult to penetrate this market.

The Internet Computer understands this and has some highly innovative techniques to attract clients. It has a fund that will be used to fund high prospect applications looking to build on the platform. Named the Beacon Fund, it targets teams that have the tech capacity, have the network effect, have a good user experience, and believe in an open internet.

This is a big deal because it will play to draw in innovators to The Internet Computer. As the network grows, so will the market share and value of this project. This is an excellent reason to invest in this project in anticipation of long-term value growth.

4. The Internet Computer creates a passive income stream for data centers

The Internet Computer is essentially taking the idea of data centers and decentralizing it. To incentivize investors to build data centers and link them to The Internet Computer, they are paid in the project’s native token. While the token price may be volatile initially, the project expects it to smoothen out in the long run as its usage grows.

There is a lot of incentive for investors to build data centers and help grow The Internet Computer. One of the most important ones is cost.

Unlike a company like Amazon building data centers, The Internet Computer relies on small individual investors who form a part of an intricate web. These investors do not have to invest a lot. They have the incentive to throw in some money into it to earn a passive income while they go about their other businesses.

Besides, they stand to benefit as the token’s value appreciates over time.  In a few years, the end result is that the Internet Computer could have a large network of data centers spread across the globe. This will create an incentive for clients, even large corporations to make the switch. This guarantees long-term value appreciation and is an excellent reason to invest in this project.

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5. The Internet Computer is well thought out and implemented 

One interesting facet of the crypto market is that pretty much anyone can come with a project and shill it. Hundreds of projects are coming out daily, all of them promising buyers quick riches.

Unfortunately,  a lot of them have nothing worthwhile to offer. They are money pits that disappear into oblivion once the initial hype is over. The Internet Computer is different. Not only is the idea well thought out, but it has also been carefully executed over many years. The project was launched in 2016 and is only now getting completed.

This means it has taken six years to come up with it. While this may sound like a long time and make it boring, one needs to understand the complexity of the tech involved.

Decentralizing data services means decentralizing sensitive data. Cloud services are not just about personal data but also financial data for highly sensitive corporations. As such, for such a service to be adopted at scale, security has to be top-notch. 

This explains why the project has taken years to complete despite having a huge team behind it. That’s a good enough reason to invest in this project with the long-term perspective in mind. You are assured after such meticulous implementation, adoption will quite naturally follow.

6. The Internet Computer is Highly Scalable

One of the biggest problems facing many blockchain projects is scalability. The inability to scale first enough means that people still opt for centralized systems. The Internet Computer is different.

By design, it is built to scale and can do so even faster than centralized systems. That’s because it’s about incentivizing anyone with some spare computing power to share it with a global web of many others. With the right incentives, the ability to scale becomes pretty much limitless.

Here is the best part, the project has got it right on these incentives. That’s because its DFinity token is used for governance, and paying data center providers.

Essentially, anyone who has some spare computing power, and wants to earn a passive income has an incentive to join. To top it all up, they have a say in the direction the project takes in the future. This is a good reason to invest in the project now and grow with it over time.

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

7. The Internet Computer uses a powerful programming language

The programming language that a project uses matters. If it has a terrible learning curve and is limited in functionality, then it plays against the project. This is one of the aspects where The Internet Computer comes off as a big winner. The project uses a very powerful programming language called Motoko.

The language is relatively new and has lots of features that may not be found in many other programming languages.

On top of that, it by design supports The Internet Computer. Anyone who masters it has limitless opportunities to develop next-generation applications and run them on a decentralized web. Some of the powerful features that it gives to developers include precision arithmetic and subtyping.

For those who may not be comfortable with Motoko, the project is also looking into integrating Rust. This is another equally powerful programming language for functional programming.

By incorporating powerful programming language, coupled with a fund for developers, the prospects are good. This aspect makes it a relatively safe project for anyone with a long-term view of decentralization.

8. The Internet Computer is solving a real-world problem

Have you ever looked at a project whitepaper and wondered what problem it is solving? Well, that’s because there is a huge chunk of projects that don’t solve any problem. Just like in the dot.com bubble when lots of phony companies just had the dot.com ending to them, crypto is the same. Due to the excitement around decentralization, many projects with no roadmap or breakthrough solutions have flooded the market.

Luckily, the market is evolving, and the good ones are rising to the top. The Internet Computer is one of those that solve real problems and big ones. One of the problems the project is solving is that of captive customers.

Most cloud computing market is dominated by large tech corporations that thrive on offering proprietary software services. This forces companies to rely on one cloud services provider and hire I.T staff whose skills are suited for that provider.

The Internet Computer gets rid of this problem. It does it by allowing both companies and individuals to build and run software in an open-source environment. This cuts costs and also makes it easier to build software. This use case is big enough to spur massive adoption of this project and an excellent reason to invest in it today.

9. The Internet Computer is highly secure

When a developer uses centralized cloud services, and databases, they are stuck in a legacy software system. This system relies on specific corporations to provide such tools. The only problem is that such tools have multiple pathways. This means no matter how much time and money is used trying to secure them, it is an exercise in futility. 

When using The Internet Computer, developers do not face this problem. Since it does not rely on legacy systems, it means that the system cannot be hacked. The Internet Computer can achieve this because it uses a decentralized network of data centers. This means there is nothing to attack as compared to a legacy stack.

From an investor standpoint, this is an excellent reason to buy into this project. That’s because security is increasingly a huge problem on the internet. Hackers are becoming more sophisticated, and any opportunity to develop outside the legacy system is guaranteed growth.

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10. The Internet Computer has lots of positive press

The kind of press that a crypto project receives is critical to its growth.  This is more so the case with new projects. On this front, The Internet Computer. It has been highlighted on some of the biggest media platforms in the world. Its most recent one was in the Financial Times. FT highlighted that after many years of development, a competitor to Amazon Web Services had finally entered the stage. Other outstanding mentions of this project are in Fortune and Bloomberg.

Fortune highlighted the project as one that is replacing the internet as we know it. Fortune even goes ahead to highlight some of the weaknesses of big tech companies such as Google. On its part, Bloomberg noted that DFinity is reinventing the internet.

This is a big deal because the publications are read and respected by millions of people. Someone new to crypto would find such articles more convincing than those written on regular crypto websites. This is a huge head start for this project in an already crowded market. It is a factor that could draw in more investors as awareness about the project rises. It’s a good enough reason to get into this project now and grow with it.

11. The Internet Computer is coming into the market at the right time

Timing is everything when it comes to launching a crypto project. There are lots of good projects that went into the market in 2018 and got their prices crashed. They did not crash because they were bad projects, but because they came in deep in a bear market. 

The Internet Computer came at the perfect time. The market was bullish. In just under 12-months, it had expanded from under $200 billion to over $1.6 trillion. The market was so bullish that most projects that are coming into the market are gaining instant momentum. Many new tokens coming into the market do not have half the fundamentals of The Internet Computer.

This means that the project is well-positioned for gains. It has come into the market at a time when investors are looking for the next big thing.  While it is not trading in Pennies like Dogecoin and a few others, it is still quite affordable to someone looking for huge gains.

Bitcoin is already out of reach for many, and Ethereum is heading that way too. Therefore, a new project that is priced at under $500 is actually cheap in this market. This could see it rally soon as investors rally in hopes of the next wave of big gains. That’s a good reason to buy into this crypto at current prices and ride the wave.

12. The Internet Computer is listed on major exchanges

The exchanges where a cryptocurrency is listed are critical for its growth. The bigger the exchanges where it is listed, the more accessible it is to investors. In the context of The Internet Computer, the project is listed on some of the biggest exchanges on the planet. It is available on Binance, Coinbase Pro, Huobi Global, WBF Exchange, and OKEx. These exchanges are a guarantee that this crypto will have volumes, a factor that will play into its long-term demand.

That’s not to say that every project listed on these exchanges is a winner. There is a lot of junk there as well. What makes this project stand out is that is listed on these exchanges, and it has the fundamentals to back it up. It’s an excellent reason to bet on this project going into the future.

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

13. The Internet Computer is volatile

Volatility is an essential factor to consider when making any investment. The more volatile an asset is, the higher, the more profitable it is to trade. That’s because you can benefit from its ups and downs. For context, anyone with some basic training knowledge made lots of money in Bitcoin between 2016 and 2021. It went from $1000 to $20k, then to $3k, then to all-time highs of $68k.

The Internet Computer is exhibiting equally volatile tendencies. Since it hit the market, the project reached a high of $422 and has since fluctuated in price.

There is also the fact that the project is correlated to the rest of the market. As such, if the market gains, it is likely to gain as well, and vice versa. As such, any investor who wants to play in crypto would take an interest in this. Its volatility, coupled with market volatility, is an excellent reason to invest in it in short to medium term.

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14. The Internet Computer is liquid

Liquidity is key to the growth of any asset. It reduces costs of trading and also makes increases investor confidence in an asset. That’s because they are sure that anyone's trade would not affect the price in a significant way.

For the context of this project, it has started the first day of trading with a high level of liquidity. It is also likely to keep getting better. That’s because there is an incentive for a lot of people to hold the token. Besides the speculative aspect of it, the token has a use case in paying owners of data centers. 

As data center owners liquidate their tokens, the liquidity levels are likely to stay high. In the long run, this will also create price stability for this crypto which could also play a role in drawing institutional investors. That’s because institutional money tends to avoid extremely high-risk assets. As such, by offering stability and growth, chances of growth are elevated. On this basis, it is pretty reasonable to say that The Internet Computer is an excellent cryptocurrency to buy today.

15. The crypto market will soon be in a bull cycle

One of the easiest times to make money in any asset class is during a bull cycle. You can throw money at any asset and you would be guaranteed gains.

The crypto market is bound to return to such cycle. The market crossed the $2 trillion mark last year and it's close to reaching it again, while recovering from its latest drop. When bulls take control of the market again, there's nothing stopping strong cryptocurrencies like Internet Computer from making big profits for their investors.


Going by all factors analyzed above, it is clear that The Internet Computer is a good buy. It is taking one of the largest markets in tech, and it has the tools to do it. This is one project with good prospects for growth, regardless of the market conditions.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.