Storj Coin (STORJ): Is It A Buy, Hold Or Sell Right Now? 

Planning to buy Storj Coins? Here’s all you need to know.

Last Updated March 21st 2022
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Is Storj Coin Worth Buying Now?

One of several crypto-powered cloud storage platforms, Storj allows any computer running its software to rent out unused hard drive space to users looking to store files. 

In this way, Storj works as an alternative to cloud storage platforms like those offered by Amazon or Google. However, instead of a company owning and maintaining the software, Storj relies on software and a network of computers to manage its data storage. 

Key to the network design is the STORJ cryptocurrency, which allows users to pay other users on the network to store their files. Likewise, users looking to sell excess storage capacity and bandwidth can earn additional money from these resources by accepting STORJ.  

A Market-Beating Cryptocurrency - But For How Much Longer? 

Storj DCS provides a number of key advantages for developers to build secure and private applications. The protocol provides a viable alternative to the large mega cloud hosting services currently dominating the sector. Firms such as Amazon use their strong market positioning to control prices and features. Storj eliminates these barriers and provides users with more efficient access to cloud storage services.

The company audits its network through a random file verification every hour, which ensures that its files are consistently being hosted by storage nodes. 

Proponents of Storj may be enticed by the ability to buy, sell and control their data, taking back a service now provided only by corporate giants like Amazon, Microsoft, or Google. Privacy-minded network users can also store their files without concern that their information is being looked at and without being targeted for ads based on those files. 

This use case continues to attract potential users to Storj and its cryptocurrency.

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

The Road Ahead For Storj 

A few aspects of Storj’s work are making headlines and keeping watchful eyes watching:

Storj DCS Community and Benefits 

The Storj Decentralized Cloud Storage system is the core feature of the network. This protocol handles a number of vital functionalities. The protocol leverages a default encryption strategy that splits up data into 80 or more pieces and distributes it across thousands of diverse nodes and ISPs in nearly 100 countries.

There are many reasons for a person to consider using Storj for their storage needs. The platform offers a seamless and secure way to participate in its services. Users enjoy transparency far beyond that of centralized services. Notably, Storj is open source, so developers can build upon the core structure to create new and more intuitive add-ons to the network.

As with any decentralized project, the community plays a vital role in determining the direction Storj develops. The network includes a vibrant user community. These users simplify the research and launch aspects of Dapps because they provide developers access to community discussions and support. In turn, this strategy enables developers to economically and easily learn and leverage decentralized cloud storage technology.

Storj’s Cutting-Edge Security 

Security concerns were always at the forefront of Storj developer’s interests. The team wanted to guarantee that the Storj-enabled developers were able to build the best data protection and privacy into their applications. Dapp creators enjoy more flexibility when using Storj. The system provides services such as delegated authorization. This feature provides flexible and ultra-secure capabilities for access management.

Storj also combines a variety of security protocols to ensure the blockchain remains secure and resistant to hacking. The network employs a zero-trust architecture, multi-region high availability, default encryption, and edge-based access controls as part of this strategy.

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Is Storj Coin A Buy?

Storj coin is currently a buy. There are several reasons to believe that Storj will become more valuable in the coming years. The platform is better, cheaper, and more efficient than traditional cloud storage solutions. Many investors are expecting bullish returns from this crypto asset, which explains its growing popularity. 

It is likely to become a lot more popular in the future, which will significantly impact the price/value of its token STORJ.

A Company Under Close Watch — Now And Always 

Storj has long been a pioneering force in the market. The protocol was among the first to offer decentralized cloud services to the masses in an affordable and easily accessible manner. For these reasons, Storj is set to remain the premier decentralized cloud service provider in the market for the foreseeable future. Keep your eye out for developments in the Storj community and invest accordingly. 

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

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