The 5 Best Ways To Buy Loopring (LRC) In 2022

What Are the Best Ways to Buy Loopring (LRC) in 2022?

Last Updated March 25th 2022
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Loopring continues to use its open protocol to help several developers add to the number of decentralized crypto exchanges in the market today. 

In this article, Trading Education shares our top 5 best ways to buy Loopring (LRC) in 2022. By the end of the article, you will be knowledgeable about the essential factors you have to consider before settling on the best ways to buy Loopring in 2022.

Loopring is an open protocol that was designed to challenge centralized exchanges by providing the structure for developers to build decentralized exchanges. It has a goal of combining centralized order matching with decentralized on-blockchain order settlement into a hybridized product that will absorb the quality sides of centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Developers that choose Loopring for the development of their protocols and applications enjoy security, high throughput, and low cost. In the crypto finance space, the success of protocols more often than not transcend positively to their respective native assets. 

The same has remained true for LRC, which is the novel token of the entire Loopring ecosystem. 

Before you invest in Loopring with any amount of money, it would be in your interest to find credible answers to questions such as where can I buy Loopring (LRC) and how to buy it? 

Once you answer these questions, you will realize that a lot goes into finding the best exchanges to buy Loopring. 

By following this article in its entirety, you will know that your geographical location and preferences count when finding the different ways to buy Loopring (LRC) in 2022 and beyond.


Best 5 Exchanges To Buy Loopring (LRC) 

For novice traders and investors or beginners, it is a daunting task going through Google and others in search of the best exchanges to buy Loopring. This is the primary reason why Trading Education has taken it upon ourselves to conduct an extensive review of LRC. Our research has found out that there are approximately 57 exchanges that support Loopring. 

In addition to this, the total trading volume on all the 57 exchanges was more than $900 million, as of writing. 

After doing an individual study of the exchanges, we realized that although exchanges play the same role, some have unique characteristics that make them distinct from others. 

Some of the features and factors we would like you to prioritize include regulation, reputation, customer service, limits, payment methods, fees, security, insurance, geographical restrictions, speed, and liquidity.

The best 5 exchanges to buy Loopring were selected based on the aforementioned features. And the winners are eToro, Binance, OKX, Coinbase Pro, and other Honorable Mentions

These are platforms we trust to protect your funds and they have been recommended to millions of our clients.

1. eToro 

Founded in 2007, eToro is a multi-asset exchange that serves more than 23 million people globally. 

Supporting more than 100 countries, eToro branched into the trading of cryptocurrencies in 2014 after seeing the enormous liquidity being poured into digital assets. 

As one of the oldest exchanges in the crypto finance space today, eToro continues to record billions of dollars in daily trading volume. In 15 years of service to customers who trust them to protect their hard-earned money, eToro has not run into any hacking, scamming, or money laundering incidents. 

This is the primary reason why millions trust the exchange as one of the best ways to buy Loopring in 2022. 

Some of the questions about the relationship between eToro and Loopring include; is Loopring on eToro, does eToro support Loopring, can I buy Loopring on eToro, how do I buy Loopring on eToro, and when did eToro add support for Loopring

Buying Loopring on eToro is very simple. 

Open an account on eToro by inputting legal details of your name, email address, phone number, and residential address. Go through a verification process that covers Know Your Customer. Deposit funds to help you buy Loopring. Navigate to the Loopring Page, order any amount of LRCs, and they will be processed and added to your account. 

eToro supports the trading of Loopring (LRC) and announced this on March 1, 2022. 

Before you invest in Loopring through eToro, let us assess the pros and cons of eToro.


✅ Supports 55 cryptocurrencies (as of Wednesday, March 23, 2022). 

✅ Offers low trading fees. 

✅ Can be accessed via iOS and Android-powered smart devices (mobile phones, tablets, and pads) as well as through the World Wide Web on personal computers (desktops and laptops).  

✅ Supports many payment methods. 

✅ Offers a demo account with $10,000 in virtual funds. 

✅ Smooth verification process. 

✅ A highly liquid exchange that limits slippages. 

✅ Highly secure exchange. 

✅ Highly regulated exchange. 

✅ Offers copy trading services for inexperienced traders. 

✅ Offers customer support systems. 


Does not support many crypto markets. 

2. Binance 

Tagged by many exchange analysts and experts as the best cryptocurrency exchange by daily volume and user base, Binance has become the go-to platform for the trading of several crypto markets.

Launched in 2017 by one of the most vibrant voices in the space today, Chanpeng Zhao, Binance serves more than 28 million residents in over 180 countries. 

As of March 2022, the cryptocurrency exchange has obtained a license from the Central Bank of Bahrain to operate as a crypto service provider. 

Aside from this, the exchange has been granted a license to operate as a virtual asset provider in Dubai

This has seen Binance trend across search engines globally. 

Binance supports Loopring and announced this on Oct. 29. 2017. 

For what it's worth, Binance is the largest market for the trading of Loopring. 

As of writing, the trading volume of Loopring on Binance was more than $360 million.

Before you invest in Loopring, it would be in your interest to understand the pros and cons of Binance. 


✅ Supports 320 cryptocurrencies (as of Wednesday, March 23, 2022). 

✅ Supports 1,248 markets (as of Wednesday, March 23, 2022). 

✅ Regulated (prioritize Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering rules). 

✅ Security is very high. 

✅ Supports many payment methods including direct crypto deposits. 

✅ Staking rewards are available for liquidity providers.  

✅ Records a minimum of $10 billion daily. 

✅ Processes approximately 1.4 million orders per second. 

✅ Supportive community. 

✅ Highly accessible exchange (World Wide Web, Google Play, and Apple Store). 

✅ Provides crypto-related information in periodical reports. 


Complex verification and user interface. 

Continues to be mired in regulatory problems. 

US customers continue to face some limitations as to what they can do. 

3. OKX 

When OKX was launched in 2017, it had the primary goal of providing a reliable, safe, and stable environment for trading. 

Aside from this, OKX believed in the possibilities of blockchain technology as the only tool that can help increase the efficiency of transactions across society, and eliminate barriers to transactions. 

Overall, OKX foresees blockchain technology overhauling the global economy. 

This is the primary reason why more than 20 million users have flocked the exchange. Their trading activities have contributed to OKXs position as one of the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges by daily trading volume. 

In striving to provide a safe environment that protects the holdings of users, one of our researchers who has followed OKX extensively came across the following questions. 

OKX supports the trading of LRC on its platform and announced this on Dec. 4, 2017. OKX is the second-largest market for the trading of Loopring. As of writing, the trading volume of Loopring on OKX was more than $160 million. 

Let us analyze the pros and cons of OKX 


✅ Regulated (users must complete at least the first level of KYC to be able to withdraw tokens). 

✅ Secure (uses bank-level SSL encryption and cold storage). 

✅ Supports 276 cryptocurrencies (as of Wednesday, March 23, 2022). 

✅ Supports 444 markets (as of Wednesday, March 23, 2022). 

✅ Highly Liquid Exchange (records at least $1 billion in daily volume). 

✅ Customer Service is rated highly. 

✅ Many payment methods are supported. 

✅ Can be accessed in three ways (World Wide Web, Android, and iOS-powered smart devices). 

✅ Offers staking services to liquidity providers. 

✅ Several payment methods are supported. 


NO DEMO Account 

Residents of the United States cannot access the exchange. 

4. Coinbase PRO 

Formerly known as GDAX, Coinbase PRO hit the markets in 2015. Coinbase PRO is the largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume in the United States. 

When it was launched, the platform had the aim of offering advanced traders the ability to trade a variety of digital assets on a secure, insurance-backed platform. 

With a user base of more than 73 million registered and verified users, Coinbase PRO serves more than 100 countries. 

The exchange has retained its position as a top 30 platform with the most liquidity for a very long time. 

With the possibilities of the Loopring protocol which has reflected positively on its native asset, LRC, millions of traders want to know the relationship between Coinbase PRO and the token. 

Coinbase PRO supports the trading of Loopring (LRC) and announced this on Sep. 14, 2020. Coinbase PRO is the third-largest market for the trading of Loopring. As of writing, the trading volume for Loopring (LRC) on Coinbase PRO was more than $90 million. 

Before you invest in Loopring via Coinbase PRO, let us analyze its pros and cons. 


✅ Supports 129 cryptocurrencies (as of Wednesday, March 23, 2022). 

✅ Supports 390 markets (as of Wednesday, March 23, 2022). 

✅ Highly secure exchange. 

✅ Highly insurance-backed platform. 

✅ Many payment methods are supported. 

✅ Offers low trading fees. 

✅ Easy to Use. 

✅ Highly accessible. 

✅ Highly regulated. 

✅ Advanced trading features are available. 

✅ Customer Support is active. 


Supports a relatively small number of tokens. 

Supports a relatively small number of crypto markets. 

Customer Support needs improvement. 

5. Honourable Mentions 

The exchanges listed above are not the only best places to buy Loopring in 2022. 

Aside from them, some of the best places to buy Loopring include DigiFinex,, Upbit, BitMart, Kucoin, Bithumb, Huobi Global, Kraken, Bitvavo, WazirX,,, AAX, FTX, Gemini, Indodax, Bybit, Bitfinex, Uniswap V3, Bittrex, Korbit, Poloniex, OKCoin, Nami, Bitrue, BKEX, AEX, CoinTiger, HitBTC, MEXC Global, Coinsbit, LBank, and ProBit.

Introduction To The Crypto World Of Loopring

Looping is an Ethereum-based open protocol. 

Ethereum has the biggest ecosystem in the entire crypto stratosphere. 

Being housed on Ethereum means that the Loopring protocol and its native asset comes into contact with many areas of the new financial revolution. 

Some of the areas the project connects with daily include cryptocurrencies, decentralized finance (DeFi), centralized exchanges (CEXs), crypto wallets, decentralized exchanges (DEXs), decentralized oracle networks, stablecoins, decentralized protocols and applications (DAPPS), decentralized cloud storage networks, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

These are some of the terms you will be seeing as you learn more about the best ways to buy Loopring. 

A summary of some of these terminologies is being featured below.

  • Loopring provides services in the decentralized exchange space. Aside from this, its cryptocurrency can be purchased on centralized exchanges such as eToro, Binance, as well as decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap. Exchanges are independent platforms created for the swapping of fiat currencies such as USD, EUR, and GBP for cryptocurrencies (LRC/USD) and crypto for other cryptos (BTC/LRC). 
  • LRCs can be stored in crypto wallets. Wallets that support the storing of LRC such as Ledger Nano S/X, Trezor Model One, CoolWallet, MetaMask, Exodus, Atomic Wallet, TrustWallet, Coinomi, and ImToken help in the storing and transferring of LRC safely and securely. 
  • Loopring is housed in the blockchain technology of Ethereum. Blockchain technology helps with the creation, distribution, storing, and trading of LRC. If Loopring was a car, imagine blockchain as the road that enables LRC to move from one place (user) to the other (another user). 
  • LRC, like other cryptocurrencies, has the element of divisibility that adds value to all forms of currencies. Modeled after Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin, digital assets can be divided into 8 decimal points (thus 1.00000000). This means you do not have to buy a whole LRC if you do not have the means. For example, for $1.19, you can buy approximately 0.84033613 LRC for $1.

You will be coming across more terms in your quest to find the best ways to buy LRC.

Do not forget to answer the questions about how to buy Loopring and where can I buy Loopring?

Answers will help you avoid unnecessary geographical restrictions, payment methods, and limitation problems. 

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Payment Methods Used To Buy Loopring (LRC) 

When it comes to buying Loopring (LRC), there is nothing like a single payment method. 

There is a range of payment methods that can be used to buy LRC. Some of them are; 

  • Debit/Credit Card: Per analysts and experts, this payment method is one of the easiest and fastest ways to buy LRC in 2022. You should know that there are several limits as to the amount you can buy with this payment method. 
  • Cash: As of March 2022, this is the sole payment method that can see you buy Loopring without giving out personal information. 
  • PayPal: Supported by some of the aforementioned exchanges, depositing via PayPal has been touted by several experts as one of the best ways to buy Loopring (LRC). 
  • Bank Transfer: Quite slow due to the extensive background checks involved, bank transfers are one of the best payment methods out there. You can deposit more using this payment method. This means you can buy more Loopring coins.


The Cheapest Place To Buy Loopring (LRC) 

From our list, eToro is the cheapest place to buy Loopring. This is because eToro allows free deposits. This means that if you have $100 to spare and LRC is trading for $2, you can deposit funds, and buy 50 Loopring coins.

The Safest Way To Buy Loopring (LRC) 

From our list, the safest ways to buy Loopring are eToro, Binance, OKX, and Coinbase PRO. This is because they are all regulated, prioritize Know Your Customer, and are helping counter-terrorism financing.

The Easiest Way To Buy Loopring (LRC) 

eToro is the easiest way to buy Loopring because it lists many payment methods that can suit your preferences. If you become a fully verified customer of eToro, you can make deposits within seconds, and buy any amount of Loopring tokens that meet your investment goals. 

The Fastest Way To Buy Looping (LRC) 

The fastest way to buy Loopring is largely dependent on your level of verification, geographical location, and preferred payment methods. 

In addition to this, you must own a smart device such as a smartphone. This way, you can download the application of your preferred exchange onto your device. If you are a fully verified customer of eToro and the exchange supports your country as well as your payment method, eToro is the fastest way to buy Loopring in 2022.

How Do I Buy Loopring (LRC) Near Me? 

Loopring cannot be bought on ATMs. The only way to buy Loopring near you is to download the application of your preferred exchange. Once you are done, you can link your payment method, and buy LRC within seconds. 

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Best Ways to Buy Loopring (LRC) With Debit/Credit Cards 

The best way to buy Loopring with debit or credit cards is to find an exchange that supports this payment method. 

eToro, Binance, and Coinbase PRO support debit/credit cards. Therefore we can say that they are the best ways to buy Loopring with debit/credit cards.

Best Ways To Buy Loopring (LRC) With PayPal 

The best way to buy Loopring with PayPal is to find exchanges that list PayPal as a payment method. 

eToro and Coinbase PRO support PayPal. As a result, they are the best ways to buy Loopring in 2022.

Best Ways To Buy Loopring (LRC) With Your Bank Account 

The best way to buy Loopring with your bank account is to find a platform that supports bank transfers. eToro and Coinbase Pro are the best ways to buy LRC with your bank account.

Best Ways To Buy Loopring (LRC) Anonymously 

The best way to buy Loopring anonymously is to join an investment pool. Since the company or an individual’s name will be used to make the purchase, you can remain anonymous.


Trading Education has given you awesome information about the best ways to buy Loopring. Loopring (LRC) has brought awesome returns to several traders and may be the missing digital asset on your investment portfolio. 

eToro – The Best Platform To Buy Loopring

Virtual currencies are highly volatile. Your capital is at risk.

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