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Advanced Real-Time Chart

Our Trading Education tools include an advanced real-time charts that can be personalised by modifying the default symbol and watchlist or by adding tools for technical analysis and a lot more. You are also able to add an economic calendar, hotlists, news and turn it into a complete analytics platform.

Market Overview

Our Market Overview tool is offering a glimpse at the latest market activity from across sectors and thus provides insightful perspectives to the traders. The Market Overview tool is a synopsis of the current market state, designed to help traders understand its current features.

Technical Analysis

The Technical Analysis tool displays real-time ratings, based on technical indicators. You can analyse a financial instrument easily just by using the tool without the need to apply multiple indicators. You will be exposed to a helpful technical summary that will help you with analysing financial instruments.

Symbol Overview

The Symbol Overview tool displays the latest quotes and fundamental fields for a single stock. With this tool, traders are able to add multiple tabs and thus cover several stocks. Moreover, they can activate a “chart only” mode for a cleaner look.

Market Data

Market Data includes a detailed overview of global markets performance, including change value (both in absolute and percentage numbers),. Open, High, Low and Close values for the selected financial instruments

Stock Market

The Stock Market tool showcases the top five losing and active stocks for the day. The Stock Market is constantly being updated as it is based on the current market activity. Therefore traders will be exposed to the most relevant stocks.

Economic Calendar

The Economic Calendar tool showcases important upcoming economic events, as well as announcements and news. Traders can set up their personalised economic calendar by filtering it by event importance and affected currencies.

Forex Cross Rates

The Forex Cross Rates Tool allows you to see real-time quotes of selected currencies, compared to other major currencies. Traders can now select relevant currencies and easily generate a rates table.

Forex Heat Map

The Forex Heat Map Tool provides a quick overview of all the action happening in the currency markets. It allows traders to easily spot the strong and weak currencies, as well as compare them in real-time. This tool is helpful for finding good opportunities and building up confidence. A personal rates table is also possible to be made just by selecting the desired currencies.


Screener is a powerful tool that allows traders to filter stocks based on fundamental data and various other technical indicators. Moreover, this tool also presents traders with the opportunity to create custom filters and columns, as well as change display modes by selecting a symbol list or a toolbar mode.

Cryptocurrency Market

The Cryptocurrency Market Tool is our latest tool, specifically designed for crypto traders and enthusiasts. On this tool, most of the current available crypto assets are displayed, as well as arranged based on market capitalisation. Moreover, with this tool traders can also check out other key metrics, such as the closing price, total and the current number of available coins, trade volume and price change percentage.