Tron Price Prediction 2025 And 2030

Last Updated June 23rd 2024
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If you’ve been keeping an eye cryptocurrency world lately, you’re probably already aware that there has been a major market upturn, with several of the top coins soaring in value since the start of 2021.

However, whilst the likes of Bitcoin, Binance Coin and Ethereum have hit all-time highs, any savvy investor knows that there is only so much room to grow before the bubble bursts. As such, an increasing number are turning their attention to altcoins that have yet to reach their potential. One such altcoin is Tron.


Tron is one of the more unique cryptocurrencies out there, which makes it an intriguing option for investors. It was originally set up to provide a platform for the sharing of digital content. The idea was to use blockchain and peer-to-peer (P2P) network technology to connect content creators and their target consumers by curing out the middleman, which in turn would democratise the creative industries, improve returns for digital artists and keep the costs down for consumers. 

Of course, this all fits within the paradigm of the decentralised utopia offered by blockchain technology, but is it a good idea to invest in Tron? The crypto sphere is a very competitive space, so anything bringing something new to the market can, in theory, help to further diversify any serious cryptocurrency portfolio.

In the following Tron price predictions, we’ll weigh up the altcoin’s long-term potential and see how its unique traits could help it to grow over the next five to ten years. 

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A Closer Look at Tron

Tron was set up in September 2017 by a Singapore based non-profit organization called the Tron Foundation, headed by tech guru Justin Sun. Its native Tronix token originally ran on the Ethereum network, before moving across to its own proprietary blockchain in 2018. 

Tron has many similarities to Ethereum, in the sense that it is a platform facilitating the creation of Dapps and smart contracts on its native blockchain. In the past, many have accused Tron of plagiarising existing technology, but it appears that its founders are focusing on an entirely different market. 

As noted above, Tron was set up with content creators in mind. The idea was to connect them directly with consumers, bypassing platforms such as Netflix, Youtube and Apple - all of which take a cut of artists’ profits as well as exercising control over output.  Effectively cutting out the middle man, Tron lets viewers directly reward content creators via its own network and using the Tronix (TRX) tokens.

The company behind Tron made some major waves in 2018, when it acquired one of the world’s largest file-sharing platforms: BitTorrent. The deal, which was reportedly worth around $126m, gave Tron a huge network to facilitate its objective, with founder Sun proudly announcing that the firm had acquired the "largest decentralized Internet ecosystem in the world." 

There was a degree of secrecy as to exactly what Sun’s plans for BitTorrent were and at the time of writing, he still hasn’t revealed the masterplan. One thing is for sure however, BitTorrent is a huge decentralised network - used by an estimated 170 million people worldwide and at one stage claiming to handle some 40% of the world’s internet traffic in a single day. 

Naturally, this gives Tron a huge amount of potential as a platform for sharing creative content and TRX would be the medium of exchange for said content, making it a very interesting investment prospect. 

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

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The Celebrity Effect: Can Tron Tempt a New Market?

Celebrity endorsement is nothing new in the world of cryptocurrencies but they have particular relevance to Tron, due to its mission statement to become a universal platform for the sharing of creative content. 

Celebrity Twitter feeds were particularly positive about TRX in February 2021. First up was Lindsay Lohan, who has recently started launching her own Non-Fungible Tokens. She posted a tweet to Justin Sun, congratulating him on a “good job” and noting TRX as being “Super fast and 0 fee”. Lohan later agreed to list her upcoming NFTs on clearinghouse, which runs on the Tron blockchain.  

Next, host of Beauty and the Beast podcast, Kendra Lust, tweeted to her 1.2 million Twitter followers, “people should use only TRX cause it’s fast, cheap and hot, even PornHub likes it thanks @justinsuntron.” Singer NE-YO and rapper Lil Yachty also expressed their support for TRX around the same time. 

Whilst Sun denied having paid for the endorsements, he quickly took to Twitter himself to “welcome” the celebrities to the Tron family, before asking whether TRX “mass adoption [was] on the horizon?” These endorsements were hardly enough for crypto analysts to start re-issuing their Tron forecasts, but they do point towards Tron potentially looking to make serious inroads into the current NFT trend.

In fact, Sun has been very vocal in his support for the tokens. “For NFT in the arts industry, I think the trend is that all kinds of arts are going to be moved online,” Sun has previously said in an interview. “Instead of seeing all the art pieces in an art gallery, I think in the future, everybody will start to take digital arts [in] their collection.” 

At this stage, it’s too early to make an accurate prediction on how big the NFT phenomenon will get, but Tron is well-placed to rival Ethereum as a platform for exchange. Anyone looking to invest in Tron might also like to note that NFT marketplace Rarible has recently seen its native token, RARI, surge by around 25% as interest in the single issue tokens continues to grow. 

TRON Price Predictions: 2025 - 2030

According to our TRON (TRX) price predictions for the next five to ten years, the TRX crypto is estimated to have a strong mome. Ethereum can prove to be a solid investment in the long-term (five to ten years).

Long-term TRON Price Prediction 2025 to 2030:

Year Mid-Year Year-End
2025 $0.4724 $0.4415
2026 $0.5457 $0.6697
2027 $0.6836 $0.6974
2028 $0.7111 $0.7247
2029 $0.8382 $0.8516
2030 $0.8649 $0.8676


2025: Maximum expected price of TRX by 2025 is $0.241.

2030: Maximum expected price of ETH in USD by 2030 is $0.77.

What’s next: Tron Price Predictions for 2025

Tron’s somewhat mysterious strategy regarding BitTorrent and a potential focus on the NFT market make TRX price predictions a little tricky. Many of those looking to buy Tron will be particularly intrigued as to whether it is best seen as a long term or short term acquisition. 

So what are the reputable Tron price predictions for 2025?

According to our Tron forecast and technical analysis, by the end of 2022, TRON prediction should show great potential uptrend and could cross $0.11. In the long term, TRON price will continue with fairly consistent growth throughout 2023 and 2024, before closing 2025 at a potential high of $0.463 by 2025.

Tron price prediction has been made by DigitalCoinPrice. They have TRX closing 2022 at $0.09 and creeping up slowly through 2023 and 2024 until hitting around $0.14 by 2025. 

TRON TRX price predictions by Experts:

  • CoinArbitrageBot predicts that TRX will be worth $0.14 in exactly one year and $0.34 in three years.
  • WalletInvestor predicted that TRX will hit $0.12 in on year and $0.34 five years from now.
  • CoinSwitch gives a TRON prediction of a $0.14 TRX price in 2023, $0.75 in 2025, and above $1 mark in 2030

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

How Much Will Tron (TRX) Be Worth In Five Years?

As per TRON price prediction, the future price of TRON (TRX) will be up to $0.50 per token in 5 years! According to forecasts, Tron project is an excellent cryptocurrency with great potential. 

Looking Further Ahead: Tron Price Predictions for 2030

According to TRON price prediction 2030 and long-term technical analysis, the price of TRON will be worth as much as $1 per coin by the very end of 2030. 

The cryptocurrency world moves fast and, as we’ve discussed, the sudden popularity of NFTs could have a significant impact on the market moving forward. On the other hand, they may be nothing more than a flash in the pan that has a little long-term impact on prices. As such, Tron forecast for 2030 can only be taken as a reflection of current market sentiment. 

Coinswitch has given a basic Tron price prediction for 2030. The platform believes the future of TRX depends on its future adoption rates. However, given its accessibility for the every day consumer and the high profile of its CEO, analysts believe Tron could easily reach $1 by 2030.

This prediction was somewhat echoed by Crypto-Rating. Their technical analysis has TRX taking advantage of a global bull market throughout 2027 and 2028, which will take the price of TRON to around $0.90 in 2030.

Experts believe that by 2030, Tron will have a very strong chance of beating the $1 barrier, but whether it can stay there or not is another matter. 

A cryptocurrency research firm by the name of Crypto Research Report is calling for TRON (TRX) to reach $0.80 by 2025, and $1.2 by 2030.  

Ready To Start Investing In TRX?

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Conclusion: Should you invest in Tron?

Choosing whether now is a good time to buy Tron or not is a difficult decision. Whilst it certainly has a high profile and plenty of technical innovation that could see it becoming a major player in the coming years, it is yet to be considered a major rival to other smart networks like Cardano or Binance and is rarely included amongst potential “Ethereum killers”.

However, that doesn’t mean you should write off the altcoin. Many Tron price predictions are pointing towards sustained growth.

As we’ve pointed out, the crypto market moves quickly and it remains unclear how CEO Justin Sun plans to use the assets under the Tron Foundation’s umbrella. The growing popularity of DeFi and NFTs could mean there’s more room on the market for ‘other’ smart networks like Tron’s and it certainly seems as though Sun is playing the long game with regards to development strategy. 

If you do decide to invest in Tron however, this will be one to watch closely. Justin Sun has been known to court controversy, which may be great for his celebrity, but it won’t do TRX’s price point any favours. As such, whilst Tron could well prove a solid long-term investment, the more risk-averse traders might want to stand by, ready to sell off their holding if Tron receives any negative press. 

Ultimately, TRX trades at a much lower price than many of the bigger coins out there. Investors can acquire a reasonable holding without much of an outlay. Whilst this may not promise huge returns in the foreseeable future, it could be a smart move if there are any sudden, positive developments from the Tron Foundation. 

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Where to Invest in Tron

If you are looking to buy Tron but are new to the cryptocurrency market, you may be unsure of where exactly you can acquire tokens. Fortunately, you’ll have plenty of options as there are literally hundreds of exchanges and brokers online. However, not all brokers are equal and some have better reputations than others. 

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.


What is Tron price predictions for 2025?

Tron has a degree of mystery around it at the moment. There have been several celebrity endorsements recently and CEO Justin Sun has hinted at some big developments in the pipeline. However, this is all unknown quantity and makes it difficult to make long-term price forecasts with any degree of accuracy. Realistic expectations are that Tron will trade at around the $0.15 mark by 2025.    

What will Tron cost in 2025?

According to our technical analysis, at the end of 2022, TRON price prediction should show great potential and could cross $0.109 as long term increase. Hence in the long term, TRON price may have a large fan following bringing the TRX's price to $0.763 by 2025.    

Is Tron an Ethereum killer?

There seems to be a trend to pit every smart blockchain capable of hosting Dapps, Defi and NFTs against Ethereum. Tron is certainly a network to watch, but it should be remembered that a large part of its protocol was based on Ethereum’s. At the time of writing, Tron isn’t close to taking the number two spot from Vitalik Buterin’s brainchild.     

Where can I buy Tron?

The best place to buy Tron - or any other cryptocurrency for that matter - is via a reputable broker. We usually recommend eToro, as it offers quick and easy access to the markets whilst also providing a wealth of information, guides and market analyses.     

Is Tron a good long term investment?

There are several reasons to believe that Tron is here to stay. It has plenty of financial backing, a high profile and some serious technical credentials. However, the crypto markets move quickly and the Tron Foundation is no stranger to controversy. As with any investment, you should only buy Tron as part of a wider investment strategy and never invest funds you can’t afford to lose.  

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