Tron Trading Predictions For 2021 Onwards

Last Updated November 2nd 2021
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Tron is one of the names that continues to crop up in the search for promising cryptocurrencies to invest in during 2021. The cryptocurrency made an early impact as it entered the market. Tron burst onto the cryptocurrency scene in 2017 when its founder Justin Sun managed to achieve $70M with Tron’s initial coin offering. This occurred not long before China’s clampdown on cryptocurrency with Tron making its way into the market just before this took effect. 

Many have linked Tron to Ethereum as there are some similarities when it comes to the protocols and methods of processing used by both cryptocurrencies. Tron did initially use an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum system before establishing itself as a peer-to-peer network in its own right by 2018. It was from this point onwards that Tron became a more serious contender on the crypto-scene. 

By the end of 2018 Tron had absorbed BitTorrent in its handover from BitTorrent Founder Bram Cohen. As BitTorrent is considered to be one of the largest systems for linking peer-to-peer exchanges, this was an important move for Tron’s scalability. By 2019 BitTorrent tokens could also be bought and sold on the Tron network, adding more avenues for potential growth. 

Tron also launched its Sun project to regulate the decentralized applications (Dapps) used on the Tron system. This ongoing project aims to keep the collective energy usage down and pioneer environmental ethics in the Defi community. 

Tron is an exciting investment opportunity and one definitely worth considering when looking at new cryptocurrencies to add to your portfolio. Tron puts transaction speed at the forefront of its operations in a bid to make itself the next big global contender. This is why many have already decided to back Tron as a good investment for 2021. 

Tron’s Trading Platform

Tron has its own trading platform known as PoloniDex. This decentralized platform for trading currency was previously working under the title of TRXMarket. Tron supports the trading of other tokens on its platform, alongside the native tokens TRX.

PoloniDex is also an important part of Tron’s system of Dapps. It forms one section of the company’s Tron Ecosystem for decentralized finance. The wider scope of this platform, as a launching point for Dapps and for trading other tokens, is what Tron claims will boost its vast scalability potential going forward. 

Tron’s Super-Fast Speeds 

Since entering the world of decentralized finance (Defi), Tron has looked to contend with the high-speed cryptocurrency players. Many cryptocurrencies are competing to have the fastest processing speeds to provide very high-level functionality on their trading systems. 

As consumers are drawn to the most efficient modes of monetary transfer, this is a huge draw for investors as well. It also impacts overall growth and scalability as it gives a higher chance of industry adoption. 

Tron uses a protocol designed by the Tron Foundation which is based on a similar premise to the Ethereum protocol. Tron has gone for a system that relies on having a balanced distribution of its digital resources spread throughout its community. This gives those who have bought TRX all a similar stake in the company and it is easy to become more involved through their platform and gain more responsibility in the network. 

The decisions involved in Tron’s transactions occur through the built-in pricing mechanisms which monitor energy consumption and internet speeds. This gives Tron a slightly robotic functionality as it is more automated than many of the other large scale crypto coins. This is one of the reasons that Tron manages to cut down on processing delays, as much of the system has been fully automated. 

These are the mechanics of Tron’s decentralized transaction protocol, which has nodes distributed internationally. Tron boasts a transaction speed of 2,000 per second, which makes it one of the fastest of the high ranking crypto-currencies. 

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Tron’s No-Fee System

As well as speed, Tron has another point of interest that is worth noting for investors and blockchain users. This is its fee system which is so low that it can nearly be considered free. 

Tiny fees are still charged as part of the overall security of the system. However, these are maintained at such a low level that they are almost non-existent in terms of user experience. This is all part of Tron’s bid to become a money exchange system for a new age and a powerful player in the crypto market. 

Some feel that Tron’s speeds are not currently consistently kept at their claim of 2,000 per second. However, Tron is assuring users that consistent functionality is a top priority during their performance updates.

Trading TRX to USD

tron price chart

Tron has experienced a degree of sideways trading in its earlier years but has overall been characteristically volatile. This is slightly different to the more extreme levels of stagnance seen in the early years of many of the larger crypto coins as Tron has shown more consistent movement within the market.

Like most of the crypto coins topping the rankings currently, Tron saw its trading begin to trend upwards during 2020. As the post-covid crypto surge began Tron gained steady traction, building its price, before peaking dramatically in 2021. 

tron price chart

In April 2021 Tron hit an all-time high of $0.23, which was a huge increase from the price of $0.027 at the start of 2021. Another peak followed the moderate correction which occurred on 24 April 2021, which still left Tron’s share price promisingly above $0.10. However, the second large peak saw a much harsher correction, taking the price down to $0.06 by the last week of May 2021. 

tron price chart

The second correction led to a bearish turn for Tron. This comes as a blow after the bullish start to the year, particularly having been so close to the $0.25 mark. The trading pattern held steady for a few weeks into early June, but there has been another dip.

Will Tron Rebound from the Last Correction?

At the moment, Tron has managed to rebound from the strong correction seen in late May which took the crypto coin from $0.15 to $0.06 and is currently trading at $0.1046.

Tron is currently ranked 29th by market capitalization which is lower than some of its comparable competitors. However, Tron has been underestimated before and has managed to outperform these predictions. Tron is prone to extremely volatile trading patterns which should help it bounce back from the current downward trading trajectory. The coin should rebound from its current position, but it is unclear how quickly things will turn around given the widespread bear market taking place. 

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Predictions for Tron in 2021 and the Future

Tron is likely to drop further before it rebounds from its current declining position. The coin is unlikely to dip lower than $0.01, so the bearish trading should be slowing over the next month or two. However, given that Tron has a large amount of institutional support from Samsung and Opera as well as Swisscom Blockchain, it is a good candidate for a healthy rebound. Tron is still performing well as a trading platform, which should add positive momentum once the bearish trading eases. The Tron Foundation has recently announced that they surpassed 41M accounts on their network.

‘🎉🎉🎉Congratulations on #TRON total accounts exceeded 41 million!   

✅According to #TRONSCAN, TRON total accounts have reached 41,208,537. 

✅#TRON ecosystem has developed rapidly and continues to make efforts to decentralize the web.  

🥰Appreciation to all #TRONICS’

@TRONSCAN_ORG on Twitter

Tronscan has verified the figures, showing that public adoption of Tron is strong and still growing. This also supports Tron as a good investment for 2021 to capitalize on the extremely low coin prices during this current dip in the market. The Tron Foundation’s previous weekly report was also positive:

‘#TRON Weekly Report 👇

1⃣TRON blockchain height exceeded 31.14 million

2⃣TRON's current total number of accounts reached 40,172,502

3⃣The total number of transactions on TRON reached 2.015 billion’

@Tronfoundation on Twitter

Tron is still looking like a positive choice for those looking to capitalize on the lows created by the current bearish period. Experts feel that Tron will hit its goal of $1, however, this is unlikely to be during 2021. 

CEO of the Tron Foundation Justin Sun has outlined that Tron is in a consolidation period throughout June 2021. Sun has stated that July 2021 will be a breakout period that will see a return to bullish trading for Tron. However many experts are predicting further declines and sideways trading for Tron, with some predicting that a turnaround will come as late as 2023-2024.

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Tron Trading Forecast for 2021

The predictions for Tron over the course of the rest of 2021 are conflicted. Justin Sun, Tron’s CEO, is confident that the recent market adoption and increased usage of Tron are enough to spark a change in trading by the end of July 2021. This would see a return to bullish trading and a steady upwards trajectory, allowing for slow profits during the remainder of 2021. 

However, many experts are unsure if Tron will be able to shake its downward trajectory by the end of 2021. Many feel that Tron will drop further and trade sideways around the $0.05 mark for a considerable period before recovering from its current position. 

Tron is characterized by its volatile trading patterns and is prone to choppy trading cycles, which support the projection made by Sun that it will not be stuck in this downward trend for long. However, those looking to capitalize on the low coin prices may have to wait longer than Sun has claimed to see returns from these investments in 2021. It is uncertain whether this year holds enough time to see profits, or if a more long term investment strategy will be needed.

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Who is behind Tron?

The Tron Foundation’s founder Justin Sun launched Tron in 2017 having been inspired by the Ethereum blockchain that Tron was initially designed to use. Sun was featured in Forbes Asia’s 30 Under 30, for becoming an international success as a tech entrepreneur at such a young age. He is also the CEO of Rainberry which is the new face of BitTorrent which he acquired in 2018.

What is Tron?

Tron is a peer-to-peer decentralized network designed using blockchain technology. It is part of the growing Decentralized finance industry and uses the native coin TRX. These Tron coins, or tokens, can be bought, sold and used to fuel transactions on the Tron network. This creates a payment system and currency exchange that can be used globally. The tokens can also be bought as an asset by investors interested in the Defi market. Tron has five core partners; Samsung, Opera, BitTorrent, Poloniex and Swisscom Blockchain. 

How does Tron compare to the market?

Tron is currently ranking 29th by market capitalization and it has a market cap of $4B at the time of writing. This shows excellent potential for scalable growth once the market recovers. Tron has been likened to Ethereum in terms of its protocols for peer-to-peer blockchain transfers. It is also a rival of EOS.IO in terms of speed, both being considered market leaders in terms of transaction speed and streamlined processing. 

Should I invest in Tron in 2021?

Tron has several factors backing investment in 2021. One of the most obvious being its extremely low coin prices currently, which leave exceptional room for future growth at a very low market entry point. 

Tron is also supported by a network of tech companies and blockchain specialists which support its position in the Defi market and give a greater chance of a fast rebound when the market recovers from the current bearish period. 

When Tron surges next, those who bought during this low period stand to see high percentage returns for a low initial investment. However, the timeline for this surge is currently extremely uncertain, with some claiming the rebound will not be until 2023. 

Is Tron still going to go up?

Tron is very likely to go up from its current position as it is experiencing a bear market which has brought the price down considerably over the past two months of 2021. CEO of Tron, Justin Sun, claims that July will see a rebound for Tron. However, market experts are less certain and feel that it may be a much slower recovery for the Tron coin price. 

What will TRX prices rise to in 2021?

TRX prices are likely to drop further over the remainder of June 2021. After this point, it is likely that they will rise to return to $0.05 and fluctuate around this point for an extended period. Justin Sun, the CEO of the Tron Foundation, is confident that there will be an increase in price over the course of 2021. 

However, many market experts feel that Tron is unlikely to go higher than $0.14 during 2021.

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