What Are The Benefits Of TRON Trading?

Last Updated July 23rd 2021
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Tron trading enables traders to speculate on whether the price of TRX will rise or fall in value, without the need of taking ownership of TRON.

Tron (TRX) is a blockchain network introduced as the basis of a shared world of entertainment. Founded by the polarizing personality of Justin Sun, Tron plans to boost demand for decentralized digital media by offering a platform to easily share and publish media content.

By default, blockchain includes the infrastructure to eliminate the middleman from transactions anonymously and verifiably. In Tron’s situation, the concept was to eliminate third-party mediators inside the interactive entertainment world between content creators and content users.


Why Trade TRON?

Trading in the TRX coin today has many advantages. As one of the top cryptocurrencies today, some of the many reasons below are attributed to its reputation as a strong digital coin with lots to look forward to in the near future.

Trading with TRON allows experienced traders to place their bets on the crypto market, regardless of whether they own any TRX or not. A big part of a trading plan is a pre-analysis of conditional factors that may influence your choice. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Want to know how you can benefit by trading TRX? It can do so in many different ways. To be sure that your interest will meet the best info possible, we will carefully explain to you the benefits of trading TRON.

The benefits of TRON trading include:

  1. Leverage through CFDs
  2. Going long, or going short
  3. Legal tax advantages
  4. Minimalistic trading and lower risk of inflation
  5. TRON market availability
  6. TRON volatility
  7. Enhanced liquidity


1. Leverage through CFDs

One of the benefits of selling CFDs on TRON is proximity to higher leverage. Keep in mind that this applies to betting on price volatility in TRON and not investing and purchasing actual TRON coins via standard exchange platforms. CFDs just track TRON’s price, and traders who sell CFDs don’t actually own any TRON.

You don’t really own TRX when you buy Tron CFDs, so you will also make profits if the price of TRON rises, and loses when the price of TRON declines. CFDs are traded on a margin (leverage), meaning that a trader only spends a proportion of the actual purchasing volume and effectively borrows the balance from the exchange. This has the effect of amplifying all profits and losses, where for instance, a minor price rise will result in a big gain when you buy a CFD on the margin. 

It’s important that you should remember to ensure that, as an investor, you have an adequate risk management strategy in place that should have the appropriate cautionary measures in place. If not cautious, leverages can magnify your gains, while they may also double your losses. It can, however, have a major influence on an investor’s end result, which is why leverage can be considered a prominent benefit of trading TRX.

2. Going long, or going short

Trading your TRX coins means that you will have to choose a particular time for when you’ll be actually trading the coins. Such as the price of stock, TRON also comprises value. That means you can monetize your TRX coins after the market price has risen and you can profit off of TRON. 

When you purchase TRX currency and expect the price to rise, this is what’s known as going long. On the other hand, when you negotiate with TRON’s price, though, and you take advantage of rates that are at the same time declining and rising in price, this is what’s known as going low.

There are multiple exchanges where you will be given the option to go long or short with TRX. A rising or declining trend can be predicted at the same time. In most platforms, where you can do margin trading, you will always have the option to go either long or short.

3. Legal tax advantages

Huge tax benefits on virtual currency trades would be generated by the opportunity to spread betting and CFD trading on TRON. In this case, if you plan on trading TRON, you’re subject to CGT, or capital gains tax. The U.S. made a decision a few years back on property means that your income is now considered a levy on capital gains (15%) rather than a normal income tax (25%).

With spread betting, though, you exclude the liability of owing tax from the calculation as you don’t really own any TRON coins, but rather making bets on price predictions and market trends for the coin.

In another scenario, when it comes to minimizing your tax liabilities when trading TRON, a contract for difference, or CFD, is also accountable to CGT, but at a much lower rate. With this, you can hedge your risks against your earnings from CGT liability, which makes CFDs useful for hedging. It’s important to keep in mind that if you want to gain experience with TRON on CFDs, it's important to gain some experience with overall TRON trading beforehand.

4. Minimalistic trading and lower risk of inflation

When you want to go and buy a traditional stock or share of a company listed on a stock exchange, there are extensive procedures that require you to provide certificates or warrants that signify your ability to trade and purchase stocks. In most cases, you will go through a broker to exchange a stock or bond. Yet, it's become increasingly easier to purchase TRON.

You literally buy or sell TRX from online platform exchanges that only require you to set up an account and once you finish trading, you simply place your TRX in your online wallet. It’s never been easier to trade TRX. On top of this, TRX transfers are also immediate.

Unlike other conventional currencies that are regulated by centralized authorities such as banks and/or governments, TRON as a cryptocurrency is not prone to inflation. The technology behind TRX’s blockchain is infinite, and there is no need to worry about its long-term lack of value.

5. TRON market access

The other benefit of trading TRX is that you will always have access and the ability to trade your coins, whenever you want, wherever you want. The market for TRX trading is open and available all the time. 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is attributed, unlike normal stock markets, to no centralized market administration taking over regulation of market hours. TRX trades can take place directly between the buyer and the seller on a global scale, without the need of a broker or intermediary delaying the process of the exchange.

6. TRON volatility

TRON is 9.5 times more unpredictable than Dow Jones Industrial Average (DOW) and has a volatility of 6.65. Around 56% are even less volatile than TRON of both equities and portfolios. The variance of TRON’s historical regular returns over the previous month is greater than 56% across both global equities and portfolios relative to the total stock markets.

7. Enhanced liquidity

Coin liquidity has to do with its ability to be traded quickly and effectively for another currency, however with no effect on the market price of that coin. Liquidity is an important value of measure when looking at different crypto coins because it brings enhanced availability, shorter turnaround times, and increased accuracy for scientific testing.

Back in September 2020, TRON had launched its liquidity mining project, SUN. Within 17 hours, the cumulative amount locked SUN exceeded 1.5 billion TRX, or $180 million. Despite the wider market downturn, the tremendous demand culminated in a TRX price rise of 0.87 percent, which is beyond noteworthy.

Generally speaking, because trades are spread across numerous markets, the TRON market is referred to as illiquid, which means that comparatively small deals will have an overwhelming impact on market prices, resulting in volatile TRX demands.

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Should I Buy Or Trade TRON?

Before you make a solid investment decision, it is necessary to consider the differences between buying and trading TRON. Using CFDs would make it easier to determine the viability while investing in TRX with lower risk thresholds involved. Any considerations, such as liquidity, exposed leverage, and available market access, should all be at the forefront of your decision prior to getting your head in the game.

If you want to know more about TRON take a look at this TRON guide

You might be interested in buying TRON if…

  • You want to take full ownership of the TRON amount you buy
  • You’re happy to pay the entire value of the asset upfront
  • You don’t mind paying capital gains tax on any profits
  • You don’t mind waiting for an exchange account before you can buy or sell
  • You don’t mind introductory limits or maximum deposits
  • It is fine for you to pay additional fees for deposits or withdrawals

You might be interested in trading TRON if…

  • You want to speculate on the price of TRON without owning it
  • You want to leverage your position so that you only place a portion of the cost upfront
  • You want to take advantage of the tax benefits of spread betting or CFD trading with TRON
  • You want to start trading straight away
  • You don’t like maximum deposit limits
  • You don’t like paying deposits or withdrawal fees

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Key Points:

  • The benefits of TRON trading include enhanced liquidity, minimized tax costs, exposure under leverage, TRON volatility, minimalistic trading and lower risk of inflation, TRON market availability, and the option to go long or short.

  • Tron (TRX) is a blockchain network introduced as the basis of a shared world of entertainment.

  • Trading is all about trying to determine whether the price of TRX will increase or decline in value.

  • TRON is 9.5 times more unpredictable than DOW (Dow Jones Industrial Average)

  • The TRON market is commonly open for trading at your disposal 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Unlike other conventional currencies that are regulated by centralized authorities such as banks and/or governments, TRON as a cryptocurrency is not prone to inflation.

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