What Cryptocurrency Should You Be Buying in 2018?

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Last Updated April 30th 2019

Notwithstanding, after weighing its pros and cons and you have decided to invest in cryptocurrency you should do so with a good understanding of how it works. These are suggestions on the cryptocurrency to buy.

Bitcoin: Albeit its high price, bitcoin remains the most favoured cryptocurrency to invest in largely because it is the oldest in the market hence, most trustworthy. Other than that, bitcoin seems to have a strong hold on the prices and market of altcoins.

Ethereum (ETH): Ethereum’s application of smart contracts makes it a very useful development to the market of business, and a favoured cryptocurrency in terms of predicted longevity.

Ripple (XRP): ripple aims to be a viable means to bank transactions, and its currency is the XRP. If and when banks fully apply Ripple to dealing with their transactions it will be a good idea to have holdings in this currency.

Others that are seemingly prospective are Monero, Cardano (ADA), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin cash (BCH) etc. in no particular order.

Buying stock investments generally requires a period of monitoring the market and learning the trends, for cryptocurrency the market is largely volatile and there are different trading options possible when dealing with cryptocurrency. However, the majority of investors favour purchasing a coin when it is at its low price and then mining and growing it until it becomes more profitable investments.

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