What Will Solana (SOL) Be Worth in 2025?

Last Updated August 2nd 2021
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One of the most commonly asked questions among Solana investors and enthusiasts is, what will Solana be worth in 2025?

The answer. Well, according to numerous crypto experts and price prediction websites, Solana token price will rise and sustain an uptrend that takes to them to between $100 and $1000 by the end of 2025.

But given the volatility of SOL prices and the unpredictability of the crypto market, you may expect this value to be slightly higher or lower. Overall, these experts believe that Solana will be more valuable in 2025 than it is today.

Even though it is currently stuck in a dip and has been trading between $38 and $22 in the last 30 days, analysts are confident that Solana will rise again. They are confident that it will break above its May 2021 highs and rush towards and beyond $100 soon.

In this article, we will be exploring how soon the supposed Ethereum killer could hit this target price and how high up it can get before the end of 2025. We also consult experts in understanding if Solana is worth holding on to until 2025.

For starters, let us look at expert opinions of Solana’s price before 2025.

Solana Price Predictions 2025

Analysts and price prediction websites have made numerous forecasts on how much Solana tokens will be worth by 2025. Most of these are hugely bullish, with some experts expressing confidence in the altcoins ability to reach $1000 in the next four and half years.

Some of the factors that these experts believe will play a crucial role in fuelling Solana’s momentous growth during this period include its unmatched stability and developer-friendly platform. They also believe that Ethereum’s rigidity in the face of a maturing crypto industry will also help drive this price growth as more individuals and corporates build dApps and other blockchain-based technologies on scalable, fast, and affordable networks.

But how high up can Solana token prices reach by 2025?

Well, crypto experts at RippleCoinNews refer to Solana as an “extremely attractive investment.” They argue that its highly innovative network and resilience future-proofs it from possible Ethereum upgrades while upcoming updates to the network, especially cross-chain compatibility, is expected to give it an edge over the competition. In the short term, these experts feel like the ongoing DeFi explosion, and Solana’s attractiveness to high-growth apps will app thrust its SOL token price above $300 by 2025.

GOV Capital is a price prediction website that infuses technical analysis and machine learning in coming up with future price forecasts for different cryptocurrencies. Its updated analysis report is highly bullish on Solana’s future as it expects the Solana token to recover speedily and tear above its current high before the end of the year and proceed to reach $100 by March 2022. It then indicates that SOL token may end the year 2025, selling for around $1040.

CoinPriceForecast, yet another technical analysis website, indicates that Solana SOL will rise again and probably end the year 2025 valued above $225.

Like RippleCoinNews, crypto analysts at CryptoNewsZ are banking on the exploding DeFi economy, the platform’s unmatched scalability, and upgrades to the Solana network to help drive up SOL token prices in the next few years. But they are a little less bullish on its rate of growth and can only see the Solana altcoin reaching $120 in 2025.

Looking at these and many other Solana price predictions, you will realize they all are confident that the Solana altcoin prices will continue rising in the future. They all indicate that SOL token prices will escape the current dip and sustain an uptrend in the next four years.

But can it reach $100 before the end of the year?

Will Solana (SOL) Hit $100 in 2021?

Well, it is not impossible for Solana token price to end the year trading above the $100 mark, but most crypto experts and current SOL investors feel that it will be highly unlikely for SOL to break above this target rice by December this year.

At the moment, the coin is currently trading around $32, implying that it only needs to triple this value in the next four months. Looking back and seeing that the altcoin grew its value by more than 50X in the first five months of the year, the crypto community is then convinced that it is possible for SOL to triple its current price.

The crypto market-wide crash has, however, kept cryptocurrencies trading at relatively low prices. They conclude that it will be highly unlikely for SOL to reach $100 if the current market conditions persist. This could, however, change if the crypto markets respond with a positive crypto news/event trigger - like the upcoming Taproot Bitcoin Blockchain upgrade - with a wild rally similar to the one witnessed earlier in the year.

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Should I Hold Solana Until 2025?

You should consider holding on to your current Solana SOL token holdings until 2025 and possibly beyond. The crypto community is convinced that Solana token prices will rise again and reach unimaginable heights in the foreseeable future. And this makes it a valuable investment.

Looking at its price history, you will notice that Solana has almost always remained above its listing price. And that in the less than 15 months that it has been around, the altcoin has reported an overall return on investment of over 14,500%. While past price performance is not always the best yardstick for foretelling an asset’s future performance, Solana has proven that it is a highly promising blockchain with massive potential for growth.

It, therefore, presents its current investors with the potential of massive profitability when it eventually rises to the forecasted price levels. Let us assume that Solana eventually rises to $225 in December 2025 as predicted by CoinPriceForecast - a massive 700% price jump. Let us again assume that you just invested $1000 in Solana tokens today. By the end of 2025, this investment will have appreciated and reached $7000.

Now may then be the best time to research and consult extensively about Solana blockchain and tokens and consider buying the dip.

Conclusion: What will Solana be Worth in 2025?

The general feeling in the crypto industry is that the Solana altcoin will be much more valuable in 2025 than it currently is today. A look at different analyst opinions and technical analysis reports from reputable price prediction websites indicates that the Solana altcoin could be trading between $100 and $1000 by the end of 2025.

How high or low Solana token prices hit will, however, be dependent on such factors as the extent of the DeFi explosion, upgrades to the Solana network, and the rate at which the crypto market recovers from the current crisis and swings into a market-wide price rally. 

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