Why Axie Infinity Will Skyrocket 

Invest in Axie Infinity, the future of blockchain gaming.

Last Updated February 2nd 2022
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The crypto sector has rapidly changed over the years, and now many coins have flooded the market, making it hard for an investor to choose. Axie Infinity is among the popular tokens in the market, and its high trading volumes show that it is a fast-growing crypto protocol popular among crypto investors.

Axie Infinity is a Blockchain-based game that has seen its native crypto token AXS rally by over 2,100% in 2021. It is a play-to-earn cryptocurrency ecosystem and gaming network that lets users earn AXS by playing different games within the Axie Infinity Universe and user-generated content initiatives. Players can earn rewards by collecting, trading, battling, and raising digital assets called Axies.

Additionally, the network serves a vital role in providing a fun and educational way to introduce the world to blockchain technology. The cutting-edge technology and high rewards are some of the reasons why Axie Infinity could skyrocket in 2022. 

Why Choose Axie Infinity? 

Notably, Axie Infinity is extremely popular at the moment. The network has registered over 250,000 daily active players and created buzz in the crypto community.

Axie Infinity airdropped 800,000 Axis Infinity Shard (AXS) tokens to its early adopters. It opened up staking capabilities, allowing users to lock in their tokens and earn new ones in return, sending the value of its token soaring. Notably, the company behind Axis Infinity advertised a 161% annual percentage rate of return and made headlines.

AXS holders can receive rewards for playing, voting, and staking the token and will get paid dividends from Axie Infinity’s community treasury, valued at more than $2.3 billion.

The technical structure of Axie Infinity enables the platform to alleviate many concerns faced by gamers and NFT collectors alike. The network allows users to unlock value from the game sphere. In traditional gaming, users invest time and money into digital assets, but they do not own these items. Axie Infinity has shifted the paradigm and put ownership back into the hands of gamers.

Is Axie Infinity Going To Skyrocket in 2022? 

There are lots of user benefits for participation in the Axie Infinity ecosystem. For one, blockchain-based trading and battling game are very entertaining. Players can spend hours exploring, battling, and collecting valuable NFTs (non-fungible tokens). These tokens range in value based on their scarcity and usability in the game.

Another significant advantage of the Axie Infinity universe is its open-source nature. The developers behind the concept encourage other community members to create tools to better the overall user experience. In this way, the platform takes a forward-looking stance.

For these and more reasons, Axie Infinity could grow further and skyrocket in 2022, making now a great time to invest in AXS.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Factors That Help Axie Infinity Surge to New Heights

1. Potential for Earning Income

Interestingly, Axie Infinity has become a primary way to earn income for people in developing countries such as the Philippines, Vietnam, and others. The protocol is an innovator in utilizing a new crypto-based business model called play-to-earn, where players can earn financial benefits from the open ecosystem within the game. Users playing Axie Infinity can earn around $10 – 20 (recently closer to $30 – 50) a day in digital assets by playing the game. They make this money by selling smooth love potions (SLP) or selling Axies. 

Users can earn SLP through winning battles or completing challenges, which are currently the main activities in the game. SLP is an ERC-20 that can be sold on various decentralized exchanges. As the price of SLP rises, users can make money by selling them on the open market.

The second way to earn money in Axie Infinity is using the SLP to breed more Axies. Through breeding two Axies, a baby Axie is born. Axies can be bred up to seven times, and the offspring can be sold on the open market. There is a constant demand for new Axies as owning three axies is required to play the game. These Axies are NFTs, and thus can be sold through the various NFT marketplaces created on Ethereum.

The ROI potential of Axie Infinity has caused the network to operate as a jobs platform for some regions of the world. In addition, users are earning sustainable rewards through gameplay.

2. Gaming Architecture 

One of the most significant benefits that users gain is profits. Notably, 95% of its revenue goes back to the players, with Axie Infinity taking a 4.25% fee for buying and selling Axie NFTs. Users also pay a small fee when they breed their Axies.

Axie Infinity combines some popular aspects from games like Cryptokitties and more. Users breed their Axies to develop particular skills and admirable traits. They can then take their specially Axies and complete quests to earn energy.

Axies are the digital creatures that roam the universe. They can breed and pass down their unique traits. As mentioned before, each Axie can only breed up to seven times before they go sterile. This strategy ensures that there are never too many similar versions of these digital assets in existence.

Users can battle each other to earn rewards as well. You can breed, raise, and then compete in PVP battles to win leaderboard prizes. These prizes can include collectible NFTs and tokens. The more battle users win, the more valuable their Axie becomes in the ecosystem. Top the leaderboard, and their champion Axie will hold value above the competition.

Users can access Axie Infinity by creating a MetaMask wallet and connecting it with a Ronin wallet. Ronin is Axie Infinity’s Ethereum-compatible sidechain.

3. AXS Tokens

AXS is the primary utility and governance token of the network. This ERC-20 governance token can be earned through a variety of tasks. You can earn AXS when you play games or participate in content creation campaigns. AXS is traded on multiple exchanges, including SushiSwap and Uniswap.

You do not have to be a gaming master to secure rewards in the Axie Infinity network. Anyone can claim rewards by staking their AXS tokens. Staking provides a consistent payout and is far less labor-intensive than trading for new users. As such, most new users prefer staking over trading their crypto. 

Axie Infinity incorporates a decentralized governance mechanism. This feature enables AXS token holders to vote on upgrades and more. In addition, this system also controls the release of funding from the Community Treasury. In this way, Axie Infinity is partially owned and operated by its users.

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Final Thoughts 

Sky Mavis, the development team behind Axie Infinity, worked for more than three years to create the most popular application in crypto. Axie Infinity is a perfect example of how NFT gaming can benefit all parties. Developers see more interactions and profits. At the same time, users gain higher ROI potential with less risk. For these reasons, it’s safe to assume Axie Infinity will remain a pioneering force in the market and skyrocket in the future.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

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