14 Reasons To Invest In Ravencoin 

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Cryptoasset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Last Updated November 7th 2022
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There are so many cryptocurrencies in the digital currencies world. There are now about 17,200 digital coins, and more are still being developed. Investing in these coins is a fairly new venture that only a few people can claim to be professionals. 

Since the advent of Bitcoin that stimulated people’s interest in cryptocurrencies, most people have just been experimenting, hoping to hit the jackpot like early Bitcoin investors. With so many coins to choose from, it would certainly be daunting to decide which coin has a future as promising as Bitcoin and which one is just a fraud. 

This article goes to great lengths to make it easy for you by carrying out extensive and intensive research to help you understand most of these coins, preferably those that seem to have a viable future. 

The best thing when investing is doing your due diligence before investing in any coin. You can then buy a few tokens of your top selections and create a portfolio. 

So the big question now is; why should you invest in Ravencoin RVN today? In this article, you will learn all about Ravencoin and why you should consider putting some money in it. 

Keep in mind that investing in any cryptocurrency is extremely risky. So you should take maximum caution. Regardless, here are a few reasons to invest in Ravencoin

14 Reasons To Invest In Ravencoin 

There are all kinds of reasons why you might want to invest in Ravencoin — probably some you’ve never considered. Here are 14 that we found. And If you are a long-term investor, Ravencoin could be a very good investment for you.

1. Ravencoin Has A Strong Community Behind It

Investing in any cryptocurrency or digital coin, for that matter, is more of speculation than it is investing. Most of these coins have no real tangible value that you can hope to recover if things do not work out in your favour. 

Unlike the conventional stocks that are backed up by an existing company with physical assets and a running business, digital coins are supported by a community. 

Perhaps this, if no other, could be one of the most important reasons to invest in Ravencoin RVN. This community shares many similarities with the early Bitcoin community, and it is evident what that community did to Bitcoin. If you take a close look at their social media pages and the Ravencoin campus, you get a glimpse of what this is all about. 

Among the members of this community include well-established developers, entrepreneurs, and crypto enthusiasts, among others.

Ravencoin is one such cryptocurrency that has such a robust online community. This coin will continue increasing in value as long as this community continues supporting it. There could be other underlying factors that make RVN an excellent digital currency, but this is a strong factor to consider. 

If those holding the coin continue believing and trading in it, then its value is bound to continue going up, making it a good option for investing. 

2. Ravencoin Has Low Fees And Growing Mining Supporters

Ravencoin has been around for quite some time but is not as popular as Ethereum. Most crypto investors have been investing in Ether and Bitcoin since the two have been growing exponentially. 

However, as the demand for ether continued to grow, so did its gas fees. As a result, these gas fees became a restrictive factor for would-be investors, who started looking for alternatives

Ravencoin is one of the alternatives that crypto enthusiasts have decided to turn to. One of the main reasons for its growing popularity is its low gas fees as compared to Ethereum. 

There is already a rapidly growing community actively mining RVN and transacting in the same due to the low gas fees. More and more crypto enthusiasts are turning to coins such as RVN for their financial transactions.

Ethereum is trying to solve this problem by creating Ethereum 2.0 to try and make it more scalable, sustainable, and secure. Still, the process is creating some kind of tension and turmoil in the Ethereum community. 

Due to this, many Ethereum miners are now seeking alternatives, with Ravencoin being on top of their alternatives. The more miners that switch to RVN, the more its value grows. 

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

3. RVN Has A Great Vision

It is no wonder that RVN fans are referring to this coin as Bitcoin 3.0. Despite the huge difference in market capitalization between these two coins, it seems like RVN is following the same path that Bitcoin has been following. 

Like Bitcoin, RVN has ideals such as liberty, freedom, healthy free markets, and empowering people instead of strengthening corporations and governments. 

These ideals that the RVN community has been working on have seen a digital revolution in the blockchain community. 

These ideals have formed a cohesive vision that contributes to positive growth in asset tokenization, digital securities, and blockchain technology. Ravencoin has taken this exact route with a vision of tokenizing or transferring assets. 

Having the ability to tokenize assets is a big deal considering that the general market is one composed of assets. The power to tokenize these assets gives RVN great power in this market and, as a result of this, great value. 

4. Ravencoin Has Great People Behind Its Vision

Having a great vision is not enough if the people behind the vision are not committed to maintaining that vision. Great minds such as Bruce Fenton, Patrick Byrne, and Tron Black are behind this great vision. 

Fenton came up with the idea and shared it with Byrne, who was then the CEO of Overstock. He offered Fenton development resources from Medici Ventures, which at the time were Overstock’s subsidiaries. Black was then working with Medici and took the lead initiative to develop RVN.

These great minds, led by the ideals of freedom and liberty, spearheaded this project to what it is today. They have ensured that Ravencoin maintains its open-source features and continues in the same path it started, adding necessary developments along the way. 

Fenton, Byrne, and blacks are seasoned developers and knowledgeable individuals that understood what Bitcoin and blockchain were contributing to the world of digital securities and how this development was set to change the world. 

With such brilliant minds behind the project, this project has a chance of going far and thus a viable investment option.  

5. Ravencoin Has A Vast Untapped Market

The huge asset and derivative market is another reason why you should invest in RVN. Ravencoin is all about tokenizing these assets and derivatives. These two markets are valued billions of dollars and are yet to be tapped into the digital world.

Considering the challenges the markets face in management, tokenizing them will bring about a change that will see significant improvements. 

Even without including the asset market that provides for physical properties, the derivatives market is so vast that you cannot even fathom its potential wealth. This market comprises things like options, futures, stocks, and credit default swaps, among others.

Tokenizing these two markets is just at its primary stages. Very few projects in the cryptocurrency world are focussing on this path. The idea of having this wealth on a blockchain is still foreign to many.

Since Ravencoin has identified this opportunity and is doing something about it, it only makes sense to have a piece of this cake early on before it becomes too late.

6. Ravencoin Has A Low Entry Price

With such promising features and potential growth, you would expect Ravencoin to be among the top cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization. You would expect RVN token to retail at a high price like $3. However, this is not the case. One Ravencoin is currently retailing at $0.03.

There is no clear way of determining the market cap of any digital coin in the cryptocurrency market. There are no rules as to how many tokens a particular project can have in circulation since none of these projects has any tangible assets that could be valued. Should you invest in Ravencoin RVN, you should keep in mind that you are speculating more than you would be investing. 

Despite this, Ravencoin still presents to you an opportunity that is difficult to ignore. If you consider the potential this coin has and consider that it might be taking Bitcoin’s path, you can only imagine what your investment will be worth it to enter the market at its current price. 

Buying just 1000 tokens will cost you less than $30. If the coin meets its expectations, you would reap big after a while. While this is not a guarantee, it is a very good opportunity similar to what Bitcoin presented about 10 years ago. 

7. Ravencoin Has Significant Relationships That Will Steer Adoption

Ravencoin is in a good position to create ties with other serious entities in this industry. With such a strong community and visionary individuals behind this project, you should expect more serious players to join the Ravencoin community. 

Some of these players that have already joined this movement include Watchdog Capital, Realio, and tZero, among others. These relationships are bound to not only strengthen the Ravencoin project but also increase its value significantly. 

Adoption is a key factor for any project’s success. If serious players fail to adopt a new project, then it becomes worthless. In cryptocurrency, in particular, adoption plays a serious role in giving any crypto project its significance.

 Ravencoin developers expect these deals to continue and drive further adoption. You can get a piece of this cake while it is still in its infancy. 

8. Ravencoin Is Compliant With Regulatory Authorities

Ravencoin developers and visionaries have laid a framework that experiments in modern technology and works within the confines of financial regulations and countries’ laws. 

The world's financial systems have for a long time been against cryptocurrencies and have done all they can to prevent mainstream use of this technology. RVN was created differently and is becoming part of the mainstream financial system. 

A lot of other crypto projects dived into security markets without considering the set regulations. Unfortunately for these projects, the SEC forces them to conform to the set regulations or ship out. 

RVN is already within these regulations and will most likely have the upper hand when the SEC starts to take action. Most of the other projects lack the necessary or the required infrastructure and lack the needed licenses. 

Ravencoin also does not have licenses, but the developers wrote their code putting compliance into consideration. They knew in advance the problems that security token users would face and designed their platform to curb these challenges.

 This is one of the reasons that will see this project get a lot of support and grow in value as a result. 

9. RVN Can Never Be Classified As A Security

Among other good reasons to invest in Ravencoin RVN is that it does not risk getting classified as digital asset security like what happened to once-promising project XRP. 

When the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) decided to file a suit against and branded it as an unregistered “digital asset security”, it lost about 60% of its value. Other projects of the same kind could also go along the same path if they fail to comply with SEC regulations. 

It is also highly likely that SEC could classify Ethereum as security especially if it transitions to Ethereum 2.0. If the SEC makes good its intention, then these coins are bound to lose their value, and their growth may be hampered. 

RVN is a bit different from these other projects. You have nothing to worry about especially with regards to the SEC classifying it as a security. There is a whole legal argument written by an established legal mind and crypto enthusiast Douglas Pepe in 2018. You can invest with the assurance that the project will maintain its intended purpose. 

This argument presents two main reasons why this coin is not and cannot be a security. One, it is completely decentralized, and two, it was pretty launched as compared to other projects. You can, therefore, consider it as part of your investment when building your portfolio

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

10. Ravencoin Has Positive Price Predictions

All cryptocurrencies are prone to market changes. They are all volatile to the extent that they change their values drastically when there is a sway in the market. RVN has, unlike most coins has shown some form of stability. This coin has sustained the recent hits that saw most coins plunge sharply. 

Even though dropping slightly in price, the coin regained its momentum and continued its bullish upward trend. Do not expect a steep climb in price, but you can expect a gradual growth as more and more financial institutions and asset companies continue adopting it as their tokenization tool. 

You will be better placed if you go for it as a long-term investment. Most predictions indicate that if it maintains its current trend, the coin will fetch a reasonable price in the next five to six years. 

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11. Ravencoin Is A Fully Functional Blockchain

One of the most important things that RVN developers ensured is a fully developed and functional blockchain. Even if there are going to be some improvements going forward as technology continues to improve, RVN holders can rest easy knowing the coin is going to remain stable for as long as possible.

There is no imminent risk of a possible massive change that could potentially affect the price. Whenever a big change happens on a particular blockchain, there is always a risk of losing coins or the existing coins losing value. 

RVN developers have ensured that there will be nothing to worry about by having a blockchain that will not need any major changes soon. This kind of stability is not common in most digital currencies, so having it in RVN is a plus. You could consider having it as part of your portfolio.

12. Ravencoin Is Available In Multiple Exchanges

Exchanges are platforms from which you can trade cryptocurrencies. The exchange on which a digital coin is listed determines how much that coin will be. 

Those listed on major and popular exchanges tend to rise in value faster than those that have no listings. This is because traders get access to those listed in such exchanges and drive their value through trading and speculation. 

RVN is not such an old cryptocurrency, but it has already established its name in the cryptocurrency market. It is currently listed in the major exchange platforms such as Binance, OKEx, and Bittrex. 

Others like Coinbase, Gemini, and Kraken are yet to list it but are gearing to do so with time. The more exchanges this digital currency is listed, the higher the value of this coin will be.  

Currently, RVN has already met the requirements for it to be listed on Coinbase. They have successfully sent an application for the same, and the developers have already created software that will enable them to integrate with Coinbase's network. 

13. Ravencoin Has A High Trading Volume

If you are looking to invest in any cryptocurrency, trading volume is one thing you must consider. Therefore, it should be one of the reasons to invest in Ravencoin RVN. 

The trading volume shows you the extent to which a particular asset is traded in a given period. A coin or an investment with a high trading volume presents better opportunities than one with a low volume. 

Trading volume is vital for two key reasons. For those that store their wealth in cryptocurrencies, you need a digital coin that you can quickly transform into liquid cash when you need to. 

This aspect is referred to as liquidity. The second key reason has to do with flash trading. If you are getting into this business for short-term trading, you need a crypto that you can quickly buy and sell and profit from the price difference.

Unpopular coins have very trade volumes and are thus not viable trade options. RVN has had a trading volume of about $20 million in the last 24 hours. This volume is large enough to carry out day’s trading and make some good profits. 

14. Ravencoin Has A High Market Capitalization

Market capitalization is a measure that keeps track of the approximate value of an asset or a cryptocurrency. You arrive at this value by multiplying the total number of coins in circulation with its present value.

 You can use this metric as one of the reasons to invest in RVN, but you will also need to consider other factors. Market cap shows the popularity of a coin over the long term. 

Cryptocurrencies with large market caps are termed safer options as compared to those with smaller market caps. Cryptocurrencies with a market cap ranging from $10 billion and above are considered significant. These coins are less likely to be volatile and could sustain hard market hits in both the short and long run. 

Cryptocurrencies with mid-cap are more volatile than those with high-cap, but then again are more profitable if you play your cards well. With a market cap of just above $356 million, Ravencoin falls in this category but has many other unique features that make it a viable option for both long and short-term investments.


Investing in any cryptocurrency is a risky undertaking. All cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin included, are volatile and prone to market changes. However, since this industry began about a decade ago, there have been exciting undertakings as more and more people try to understand what it entails and unravel its potential. 

There is still a lot of things that most people are unaware of concerning cryptocurrency. A majority consider the industry to conduct fraud businesses, while others see it as a get-rich-quick scheme. 

However, you view it, ensure that you do your diligence before investing your hard-earned cash into the industry. Ensure that you understand where you are putting your money before doing so. As a rule of thumb, try to invest only that you are willing to lose. 

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.