3 No-Brainer British Stocks To Invest £1000 In Right Now

£1000 can go a long way if invested in these top UK stocks

Last Updated October 18th 2021
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Key points

  • For a long-term investor, any time is a good time to buy stocks. 
  • These three stocks have a lot of potential for double-digit growth.

All through the pandemic in 2020, the equity markets outperformed most other asset classes. Equities also have a pretty solid history going back decades. For instance, save for a few minor dips, the FTSE 100 has been on a consistent uptrend since launch.

However, when it comes to picking individual stock, things are not as easy. You need to understand stock fundamentals, market trends, and price action. That said, some stocks are obvious buys at current prices.

If you have settled all your bills, and have some money to invest, here are 3 no-brainer British stocks to invest £1000 in right now.

  • Quantum Blockchain
  • Deliveroo
  • Polymetal

Quantum Blockchain

If you have a long-term view of the market, then Quantum Blockchain (QBT) is a no-brainer UK stock to bet £1000 on today.

That’s because it’s focused on a disruptive industry, one that has the potential to change the world as we know it.

The company is invested in Bitcoin mining and is also exploring the application of quantum computing and A.I. in developing blockchain-based solutions.

Both have huge potential implications for the long-term value appreciation of this company. For instance, the price of Bitcoin has been going up in 4-year cycles thanks to the block halving.

With the next block halving set for 2024, the price of Bitcoin will likely trade at 100s of thousands of dollars per coin. Companies like Quantum that mine it are likely to experience a huge increase in their intrinsic value.

On top of that, the company’s investments in blockchain-based applications could play a huge role in the value of this company long-term.  That’s because blockchain is changing how people create and trade value.

The next generation of solutions that will come out of this tech could be as valuable as the now tech giants that started in the 90s. That’s good for companies that have skin in the game today.

Quantum Blockchain’s edge in this market has a lot to do with its heavy investments in research that combines blockchain, quantum computing, and A.I.  The company’s research recently bore fruit with a Bitcoin ASIC miner that is much better than anything else available in the market. It has already filed a patent for the same.

The new miner is designed to eliminate inefficiencies in the Bitcoin mining process, leading to faster results. This means, long term, the company will have a much higher margin from its Bitcoin mining activities. With the price of Bitcoin on an upward trajectory, this is a good pointer of where Quantum’s stock price could go long-term.

The company is also attracting investments that will help it achieve its core objectives in the long run. As per its September financial update, the company announced that it had raised £1.7 million from shareholders. It intends to use this money to craft a new crypto strategy, a factor that will see its value grow over time.

Essentially, it is a company that has a lot of room for growth going into the future, and investors that hold could reap big.

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With the online grocery deliveries market on an exponential growth trajectory in the UK and Europe, Deliveroo (ROO) is a no-brainer stock to invest £1000.

The company has, over time, emerged as one of the biggest players in this market. This brand awareness gives it an edge over the many startups that have come up in this market.

The company is also making strategic moves that will help increase its brand presence and grow revenues long-term. One such partnership is with John Lewis, one that is set to grow the number of clients that the company can reach in the UK significantly.

Deliveroo has also been quite aggressive in its push to beat the competition. A month ago, Amazon announced it would give its prime subscription members free delivery services through Deliveroo.

Given that Amazon is a major investor in Deliveroo, this is a move that is likely to draw in more users to Deliveroo. It’s a move that pretty much guarantees this company success in the ongoing grocery deliveries wars in the UK.

A competitive edge and a fast-growing market mean this company’s long-term prospects are pretty solid.

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Precious metal prices are on the rise, with gold leading the way. This trend is likely to continue due to inflation fears in all the major world economies.

For Polymetal (POLY), this is a huge opportunity since the company is involved in mining gold and other precious metals.

In essence, as the prices of precious metals rise, the potential for this company’s revenues to grow is pretty high.

Polymetal is also involved in copper and zinc mining, and with the world economy reopening, the demand for these metals is only set to rise.

Copper prices are specifically set for a boom due to mining challenges in places like Chile and rising demand in China.

Besides the good prospects from its product offering, the company’s books are pretty good.

The company’s current ratio of 2 means it can meet all its short-term liabilities and still have enough resources to continue its operations. Its cash flows are pretty good too, standing at over £1 billion.

Its strong books are a good reason to bet on the stock for several reasons. Firstly, the commodities market is one of the most volatile in the world. In case of a price collapse, a company without strong books can easily find itself at risk.

With a strong asset base, enough to cover its liabilities, this company can ride such times and still benefit from the good times in the commodities markets. Strong books also indicate that the company has what it takes to take advantage of emerging opportunities in the commodities markets.

With all these factors in its favor, this stock is pretty much like a no-brainer buy, especially for someone with just £1000 to invest. At an average of £13.49 per share, you can build a sizeable portfolio of this stock and reap big as its value grows.

 Invest Polymetal

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