5 Growth Cryptos That Could Make You Rich

These cryptos are lowly priced but have lots of interesting things going on

Last Updated August 11th 2021
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Key points

  • Cryptos with strong fundamentals and trading at pennies or historic lows tend to outperform the market

When investing in crypto, most people tend to focus on the big, established crypto projects. However, if history is anything to go by, the small little-known projects usually outperform the market.

For instance, in the last crypto bull run, the likes of Shiba Inu beat Bitcoin and Ethereum by a huge margin. That’s usually because the amount of capital required to accumulate them is small, and once they pick momentum, investors pile upon them as they chase gains.

With that in mind, OctoFi (OCTO), Society for Galactic Exploration (SGE), XinFin (XDC), Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR), and Digibyte (DGB) are growth cryptos that have the potential to make investors rich. Here’s why.

5 Growth Cryptos That Could Make You Rich

  1. OctoFi (OCTO)
  2. Society for Galactic Exploration (SGE)
  3. XinFin (XDC)
  4. Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR)
  5. Digibyte (DGB)


1. OctoFi (OCTO)

OctoFi is one interesting project that has every hallmark of a high potential cryptocurrency.

One aspect of OctoFi that gives it high potential crypto is its use case. The project has a decentralized application that makes it easier for crypto users to access DeFi and NFT markets.

OctoFi hasn’t invented anything new but is making crypto innovations more accessible to people who may not have a lot of knowledge of how things like DeFi and NFTs work.

Even for people who are experienced in these markets, OctoFi makes things easier for them.

To better understand OctoFi, one needs to look at concepts like ridesharing and home-sharing.

A company like Uber is hugely successful, not because it invented taxis or navigation systems, but because it put them together in an easy-to-use app.

Similarly, Airbnb did not invent guest houses. It simply came up with an app that connected those who have extra space with those in need of it.

Anything that makes life easier for users is bound to succeed, and OctoFi is doing pretty well on this front.

One can use their app to access some of the biggest DeFi and NFT markets in a few clicks.

Besides the use case, OctoFi has a pretty impressive tokenomics. Holders of the OctoFi token earn a cashback from all DeFi and NFT transactions through the dApp.

This means anyone holding the OctoFi can expect to see their token holdings grow over time.

The token also has a use case in governance, and anyone who owns it can determine the direction that the project takes.

However, the best thing about the OctoFi token is scarcity. OctoFi has a capped supply of 800k tokens and a circulating supply of over 797k tokens.

Ideally, this means OctoFi is multiple times scarcer than Bitcoin, and that’s good in bull markets.

For context, OctoFi went from around a dollar to over $100 in the last bull market. The market crash that followed saw it drop to around $5.

In the crypto rally that started in July, Octo has outperformed most big crypto projects by a huge margin. It is up by over 60% since early July.

Its price action points to crypto that can easily hit new highs if the market regains the momentum it had in March/April.

Given that it is trading at around $12, way off from its all-time highs, the potential to make investors rich is quite high.

2. Society for Galactic Exploration (SGE)

If you missed out on the Dogecoin and Shiba Inu rallies, then SGE could be an opportunity to get rich off a little-known altcoin again.

The opportunity in this token lies in the plans it has for the future. As part of its roadmap, this project will be launching one token for every human being on earth into Space on December 31st 2021.

Given that space-related stories always make it to the top of all global news networks, this will put SGE on investors’ radar and positively impact the token value.

In the past, cryptos have rallied by thousands of percentages for pretty insignificant hype. Now that this crypto’s hype will be based on putting crypto in the next frontier of human exploration, it could easily rally by 10s of thousands of percentages.

One thing that validates this project’s goals is its commitment to the roadmap. So far it has hit all set milestones within deadlines.

For context, its roadmap for June/July was to get listed on CoinMarketCap and also launch an app prototype.

It has met these goals and is currently working on its August part of the roadmap to construct an observatory office and expand its team.

The tokenomics for SGE are pretty impressive too. While this token is trillions in circulation, it has a token burn feature, which is good for value appreciation.

The project also has a token redistribution feature, where 1.8% of the tokens are redistributed to existing token holders.

Essentially this means that anyone who has SGE can expect to see their crypto holdings grow over time.

SGE tokens are pretty cheap too, and for just $100, one can accumulate over 2 billion of them. This essentially means that if the upcoming space launch triggers a rally of thousands of percentages, a relatively small investment in this crypto could be magnified into substantial wealth.

3. XinFin (XDC)

XinFin holds a lot of potential to make investors rich by virtue of its use case. It already made a lot of investors rich, but the opportunity is still there.

Three years ago, this project ranked below the 500th mark by crypto market capitalization. Today, it is in the top 100 and gaining.

This was triggered by a coin burn and the fact that it has a pretty innovative use case. The project’s use case is to help governments, and even corporations, raise financing through the blockchain. Think of it like crowdfunding, but instead of individuals, it is for governments and corporations.

It’s such an innovative use case that even the World Trade Organization and the International Chamber of Commerce have at one point talked about it.

The best part about this project is that it burned tokens and reduced them to a manageable level. It also has a staking feature, which means investors can passively earn through it.

Combining its strong use case, good tokenomics, and an overall rising market, there is no doubt that XinFin is growth crypto that can make investors rich in the foreseeable future.

4. Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR)

Hedera happens to be one of the most innovative projects in the crypto ecosystem. The project has solved the trilemma of security, scalability, and decentralization while also maintaining energy efficiency.

While this may sound like an old tired line that a lot of projects use today, consider the fact that it is one of the most adopted crypto projects in the market today.

The project is governed by some of the largest corporations in the world that include IBM, Google, and Boeing among others.

This puts it on course to mass adoption due to the credibility of its backer. Considering that it is still trading way off from its all-time highs, this crypto’s growth potential is high.

It’s pretty lowly priced too, which means it is easy to accumulate a lot of them with minimal capital. For anyone who wants to get rich off crypto, this is a crypto that makes sense to include in a crypto portfolio.

5. Digibyte (DGB)

Digibyte too has the potential to make investors rich in the short to medium term. One of Digibyte’s biggest advantages is its low regulatory risk.

In the last couple of months, regulators in major economies like the US have come out strongly in their crackdown on security-like tokens.

One of the most famous casualties of this crackdown is XRP. The ongoing court case between Ripple and the SEC saw XRP lose its number three position and its trading volumes decline.

The crackdown has been so intense that decentralized exchange Uniswap recently delisted over a hundred synthetic security tokens. 

With such risks, the best cryptos to bet on long-term are those that stay true to the crypto ideal of decentralization.

Digibyte is one of the best on this front. It never did an ICO, and its mining is one of the most decentralized in the crypto space.

Digibyte is also one of the most decentralized projects that can handle transactions fast, securely, and affordably. Ideally, one can say that Digibyte is the version of Bitcoin that remained true to the Satoshi vision of a decentralized peer-to-peer medium of exchange.

It is also noteworthy that Digibyte has several other high-value use cases besides payments. Due to its strong security that is anchored on decentralization, several innovative cybersecurity solutions have been built on top of Digibyte.

As more investors learn about the Digibyte blockchain’s power, its adoption will grow as well. It was one of the best performers in the last crypto rally for this very reason.

For an investor looking to build wealth in crypto, Digibyte is a worthy candidate to have in a portfolio.