5 Top UK Stocks To Buy In December

These 5 top stocks are the best to buy in December to diversify your investment portfolio. 

Last Updated November 30th 2022
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Despite the Covid-19 fears and inflationary concerns, investors’ interest in UK stocks has seen significant growth over the past few months. Therefore, it is crucial to choose stocks that have the potential to double your investment returns over the long run. After considering all the metrics, we have compiled for you the 5 top UK stocks to buy in December for securing a wealthy future. 

If you are planning to invest in UK stocks, it is always better to understand its strengths and weaknesses. This way, investors can easily build a strategy to cut down their losses.

Sometimes the desired stocks can become highly expensive to buy. But volatile markets open up an opportunity for investors to buy these potential stocks at a fairer price. Let us see why these five UK shares are the top stocks that will make you rich in the future.

Top UK Stocks To Buy In December

1. Bellway (BWY)

Bellway has more growth potential and would likely show a significant rise in value in the coming months. 

Bellway, the prominent UK householding sector, is currently profiting from some notable tailwinds. It is one of the 5 top UK stocks to buy in December, as the firm is capitalizing on this recent growth, boosting its share price. Since the stock has recently broken out of a downtrend, City experts believe that BWY has the potential to generate massive returns if you buy them now. 

Bellway might not be the largest company in its sector, but the stock has gained massive attention from a significant price rise of over 20% on the LSE over the last few months. It has reported a much stronger balance sheet and has taken advantage of this buying opportunity to gain 8,848 plots across 54 sites in the half-year, up from 7,005 plots a year earlier.

Moreover, according to HM Revenues and Customs, the number of home sales in Britain has surged to a record 213,120 in June 2021. This has provided fresh opportunities for the firm and is one significant reason to buy Bellway stock now. 

Further, the future outlook of the stock is a crucial aspect to consider before investing in it. If you are a long-term investor looking for growth in your portfolio, then potential growth stocks like BWY could be the best choice for you. Additionally, Bellway published its trading update in June, confirming that the demand for new builds will likely remain high for the remaining fiscal year. Therefore, with more than double the profit expected over the next few years, the future seems bright for Bellway stock, making it a must-buy right now. 

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2. Bakkavor Group (BAKK)

Bakkavor Group is displaying a growing international presence in the United States and China. 

Bakkavor is a leading international food manufacturing company that specializes in freshly prepared foods. The company also provides the marketing and distribution of fresh produce, management of properties, manufacture and sale of custom and private label savoury and baker products, and customer invoicing and financing of receivables. With such a wide range of services, the BAKK stock is likely to show significant growth in the coming years.

Bakkavor Group is one of the 5 top UK stocks to buy in December, whose profits would likely soar higher during this economic reopening. Since it is one of the leading food-to-go manufacturers in the US, the demand for edible goods will likely rise again. This demand would boost the price of BAKK stock to record highs in the coming months, and thus, the future looks bright for this UK stock. Eventually, the firm’s payout ratio would largely be considered high, and the BAKK stock could likely generate more income for long-term investors.

According to City analysts, the food-to-go segment is set for explosive growth. Lumina Intelligence, for its part, estimates the industry will be worth £ 22.6bn by 2024, up from £15.3bn today. Therefore, from a long-term point of view, the BAKK stock is a must-buy right now as it is also growing its presence in the gigantic US and Chinese marketplaces.

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3. SThree (STEM)

SThree is a stock with two strong investment potentials, high quality and strong momentum.

The prominent international organization provides permanent and contract specialist staffing services for information and communication technology, banking and finance, energy, engineering, and the life science sectors. The firm has made massive investments to bolster its global footprints, and this is a significant reason why STEM is one of the 5 top UK stocks to buy in December.

Buying SThree stock now would likely make you rich in the future as the company has exposure to the most influential drivers of investment returns in the market: high quality and strong momentum. According to stock analysis, company quality has a significant role in determining the high profitability of the stock. Since SThree is a stable, growing firm and displays accelerating sales and earnings, the stock is poised for future growth. One of the best quality metrics for SThree is its 5-year Return on Capital Employed.

Yet another reason to buy STEM for future returns is its pivot towards the fast-growing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, which is why the stock is known as ‘STEM.’ The firm witnessed a high level of demand on its Life Sciences and Technology niches all through its second fiscal quarter. It also added that there has been continuous strong performance from the US, German and Dutch businesses, boosting STEM stock’s price.

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4. AG Barr (BARR)

AG Barr has seen steady growth over the years, making it a stock with solid future potential.

The origin of AG Barr, the leading soft drinks group, dates back to 1875. Even though there are hundreds of soft drinks available today in the market, the popular choice of the people of Scotland is still AG Barr. Irn Bru is a top-selling fizzy drink in the north of the border, a popular product of the Cumbernauld-based AG Barr. 

The firm has been in business for more than 100 years, and today it has a whole range of drinks. The stability of growth the firm has shown over all these years makes BARR one of the 5 top UK stocks to buy in December. The firm also has exposure to the alcohol market with its Funkin brand of pre-mixed cocktails. 

Yet another encouraging factor that makes BARR stock a potential investment return is its high quality and relatively cheap valuation. According to quality metrics for AG Barr, it has passed 7 of the 9 financial tests in the Piotroski F-Score. The F-Score is a world-class accounting-based checklist that helps investors find stocks with an enhancing financial health trend. Therefore, a high F-Score indicates the firm’s potential for growth. 

Also, the reopening of the UK economy has been a blessing for the firm, which is why it is best to buy AG Barr stock right now. 

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5. Imperial Brands (IMB)

Imperial Brands stock has one of the highest dividend yields, making it a good buy now.

The tobacco giant Imperial Brands has seen a significant increase in its stock price earlier this year. However, it is also important to note that since the enterprise is into the tobacco business, it might not be a suitable investment choice for all investors. 

Imperial Brands is constantly involved in the so-called next-generation products. The firm hopes to enhance its marketing effectiveness in important markets globally. This would boost the volume of the stock and helps in maintaining its profiting levels. This way, IMP could continue to maintain its position in the top stocks to buy for future returns. 

Moreover, EPS growth or earnings per share is considered a successful metric by most long-term investors. If the firm's EPS continues to grow over a long time, the stock price will also eventually rise higher. Imperial Brands has shown an impressive EPS growth of 89% per year compound in the last three years. It has managed to maintain sustainability in its recent profit growth, which is why buying IMP now will help you generate good returns over the long run. Investors can take confidence from the fact that its revenue is continuously growing, making IMP stock a good buy. 

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The Bottomline

The stock market is buoyant with new opportunities for investors. There is a way to earn a higher passive income while making significant capital gains if you invest carefully. Therefore, if you are searching for the best stocks to make you richer, here are the 5 top UK stocks to buy in December for making a good fortune in the future. 

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