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Last Updated February 5th 2023
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One of the best ways to determine a coin that will be profitable is to consider its price predictions. That is why we are going to focus on Balancer (BAL) price prediction and forecast for 2022 – 2030. By understanding how the price of the coin will change in the coming years, potential investors should be able to decide whether to buy or ignore it. 

Cryptocurrency investors who want to make it big understand the importance of buying new coins. When you buy a new cryptocurrency when the price is still low, you have a higher chance of making big profits when the price of the coin goes up. But not every coin will improve in value, which is why it is important to research any new or old coin before buying. 

BAL Overview

Cryptocurrency Balancer
Ticker Symbol BAL
Rank 117
Price $7.12
Price Change 24h 0.96%
Price Change 7d 2.01%
Market cap $334,614,718.85
Circulating Supply 46,977,128.167
Trading Volume $8,357,123.60

To make sure that the information in this article is as helpful as possible, we will not rush through the Balancer price predictions. Rather, we will discuss some of the most important things you need to know about the coin and also take the forecasts one step at a time to make them easier to understand. In the end, we will provide answers to some important questions that should guide you properly. 


What Is Balancer (BAL)? 

Balancer (BAL) is an Ethereum token that powers the Balancer Protocol. The Balancer Protocol on its part is an automated market maker (AMM) that allows users to create or add liquidity to trading pools and earn from that. Any interested person can become a Balancer User. As the first sentence here hinted, the Balancer Protocol was built on the Ethereum blockchain, and BAL is the utility token. 

Balancer may not be the first or most popular automated market maker, but it offers users certain unique features that make it an interesting DeFi tool. It can serve users in different interesting ways – it is a liquidity provider, it is a price sensor, and it is a self-balancing weighted portfolio. Users can earn passive income through the BAL token when they contribute to the various customizable liquidity pools in Balancer. It operates three major types of pools, namely private pools, shared pools, and smart pools. 

The Balancer protocol was launched in March 2020. Before the launch, the principal founders, Fernando Martinelli and Mike McDonald started the Balancer Lab, which started as a research program at a software firm. Other people who got involved in the project at the initial stage include Kristen Stone and Timur Badretdinov. 

Before we move on from this section, it is important to reiterate that the Balancer token (BAL) is our primary focus in this article. It is the digital asset you will need to buy to invest in Balancer. Its price at different times will determine whether you will make a profit or a loss from your investment. Though the token is almost inseparable from the protocol it powers, you should look at it as another digital currency/investment vehicle. We will use BAL, Balancer, and the Balancer token interchangeably henceforth. 

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Why You May Want To Invest In Balancer (BAL) 

Besides the popular Bitcoin and Ethereum, there are several cryptocurrencies out there. Why should you decide to invest in Balancer? Considering that the price of the token has dipped in recent times, why should you still consider investing in the small-cap cryptocurrency

The Balancer Protocol is one of the reasons you should consider investing in BAL. It is a unique protocol that introduces a few new features to the DeFi space. Though it is similar to Uniswap and Curve in many ways, it is the first self-balancing weighted portfolio. Tokens are always equally weighted, regardless of price change, thanks to the self-adjusting nature of the pool. Balancer is also the first AMM to allow liquidity providers to have up to eight assets per market. 

The customizable nature of the pools makes Balancer attractive. Users can add more than one token, and it is not compulsory to have ETH. When many DeFi traders learn about the benefits of using Balancer, the adoption rate will improve, and that can make BAL explode in the future. It is worthy to add here that BAL is a governance token, meaning that it gives holders voting rights to determine the future of the Balancer protocol. 

Balancer (BAL) Price History 

As mentioned already, Balancer was launched in March 2020. Coingecko started tracking the price of the token in June, and that is where we will start our BAL price history. 

As of 23rd June 2020, BAL was trading at $15.20 per token. It dropped to about $10.08 on 1st July 2020. By 15th July 2020, the coin reached its all-time low price of $7.88. It improved marginally to close at $9.70 on 31st July 2020. In August, the price of the coin improved significantly. By 9th August, it was trading for $16.81 per token, and by 11th, it rose to $23.18. It dipped a little bit and traded at $17.89 on 20th August. However, BAL started another bullish run that saw its price rise to $33.18 on 31st August 2020. 

September 2020 started on a good note for Balancer, and by the 2nd day of the month, it traded for up to $34.46 per token. BAL dropped sharply within the first week, and by 8th September 2020, it traded for $21.61 per token. It dropped further in the 3rd week, trading at $13.06 on 24th September. 

On 1st October 2020, BAL traded for $15.65 per token. It went on a bearish run that lasted throughout the month, and by 30th October, it traded for $10.36. November started on a bad note for the coin as it opened the 1st Day at $9.92 per token. However, the price improved steadily, and by 21st November, it traded at $15.51. By 30th November, the Balancer token traded for $14.39. December 2020 was an average month for BAL. It traded for $13.61 on 2nd December, and by 31st December, it traded for $14.09 per token. 

BAL enjoyed a bullish market in 2021, and it started quite early. On 2nd January 2021, it traded for $13.93. By 16th January, it traded for $17.81 and by 31st January, it had already reached $28.33. February was even better. By 2nd February, the coin traded for $30.17 and by 14th February, it had risen to $48.47 per token. It dipped a little towards the end of the month. By 1st March 2021, BAL traded for $34.30 per token. By 12th March, it had gone up again to $47.12. It rose even faster in the third week, reaching $59.81 on 21st March. On 30th March, BAL traded for $55.39. 

In April 2021, BAL started well but didn’t maintain the momentum. On the 1st day of the month, it opened at $57.21 and by 15th April, it traded at $65.59. It dropped significantly in the last week of the month, trading for $47.86 on 26th April. On 30th April, it traded for $59.02. 

May 2021 was an interesting month for the Balancer token as it rose to an all-time high before dipping considerably. On 2nd May, the coin traded for $63.47 per token. It rose quickly to reach its all-time high price of $74.77 on 4th May 2021. The price of the coin dropped sharply after that point, and on 16th May, it traded for $56.42. It dropped significantly throughout the 3rd and 4th week and on 31st May, it traded for $27.67. 

On 1st June 2021, BAL traded at $30.77 per token. By 20th June, it had dropped to $18.95. It finished the month within that range. On 1st July, it traded for $22.22 and by 30th July, it traded for $20.14. The price of the coin improved slightly in August. On 2nd August, it traded for $21.39 and by 17th, it reached $27.35. On the last day of August (31st), it traded for $26.55. In September, the coin started well but dipped afterwards. On 4th September, the coin traded for $33.16 and by 18th, it had dropped to $25.89. BAL closed in September at $18.83. 

On 1st October 2021, BAL traded for $19.75 and on 16th, it traded for $22.90. It improved slightly to close the month at $26.11. On 1st November 2021, Balancer token traded for $24.67 and by 17th, it traded for $21.18. On 30th November, it traded for $20.99. December saw the price of the coin decline further. On 2nd December 2021, it traded for $20.65 and by 31st December, it traded for $16.72. 

2022 has seen the price of the Balancer token drop further. On 2nd January, it traded for $18.56 and by 31st January, it had dropped to $12.16. In February, it traded for $12.55 on the 2nd day, and by 27th February, it traded for $12.37. On 1st March 2022, BAL traded for $13.06.BAL price chart

Balancer BAL/USD price chart. Source: Coinmarketcap

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Balancer (BAL) Price Predictions And Forecasts 

According to the forecast, Balancer crypto is predicted to increase over the next coming years. The data prediction forecast that the Balancer coin price is expected to rise to $16.50 by the end of 2022, $18.45 in 2023, $19.45 in 2024, and $22.34 in 2025. Balancer price prediction for 2030 is predicted to reach $57.01 per coin.

Now that we have discussed how the price of the Balancer token has changed over the years, it is time to discuss how it can perform in the future. For the sections below, we will combine data from different authority sources to give Balancer (BAL) Price Predictions and forecasts for 2022 – 2030. 

Predictions are normally derived from technical analysis of historic price movement while considering market factors and any other factor that can influence the price of a digital asset. We've done the bulk of the work and will provide you with the most realistic price forecasts for BAL. 

Balancer (BAL) Price Prediction For 2022 

We’ve already seen the price of BAL drop further within the first two months of 2022. How long will this bearish market last? Is it going to continue till the end of 2022? Most experts believe that the bear market BAL is currently experiencing will last a little longer, but not till the end of 2022. It is expected that the coin price will decline minimally in the next couple of months and then start picking up. 

As per our Balancer price prediction 2022, the coin will be priced at around $14.18 by the end of June 2022 (mid-year). In the last six months of the year, the coin is expected to record tangible gain and reach $18.40 by year-end. 

Balancer (BAL) Monthly Price Predictions for 2022 

Are you considering investing in BAL in 2022? Then you need to get a clear idea of how the price of the coin will likely move in the remaining months we have in 2022. As we’ve severally mentioned, the coin is on a bearish run, and we don’t expect it to last throughout the year. 

In April 2022, we expect that the price of BAL will drop by at least 3.52%. According to our forecast, the average price for the month will be $10.74. In May, the price of BAL is expected to drop further by 5.20%, meaning that the average price for the month should be in the region of $10.74. 

According to the data we are working with, things will likely begin to turn around for Balancer in July 2022. The predicted price for the month is $12.18. In July, the average price of the coin is expected to be in the region of $13.81. In August 2022, we expect BAL to record a 33.7% increase in price and reach $15.16. 

In September 2022, Balancer (BAL) is expected to trade for about $15.49 per token. The price is also expected to increase to $16.96 in October. Our November 2022 BAL price forecast is $18.36, and in December, the coin is expected to improve slightly and reach $18.40. 

Balancer (BAL) Price Prediction For 2023 

Depending on the sources you choose to consider, you may find widely varying Balancer (BAL) price forecasts. For instance, while WalletInvestor is predicting that the Balancer coin will dip significantly and trade at a heart-wrecking price of $1.048 per token, is forecasting that BAL will have a minimum price of $21.36 and a maximum price of $26.24. 

As per our Balancer (BAL) price prediction for 2023, we believe that the coin will improve significantly during the last six months of the year and that it will rise further in 2023. While being cautious, we predict that the minimum price for the coin in 2023 will be $16.77 while the maximum price will be in the region of $18.79. 

Balancer (BAL) Price Prediction For 2024 

We don’t expect Balancer (BAL) to enjoy the sort of bullish run it enjoyed in 2021 for a long time. Though we expect that the price of the Ethereum-based token will increase in the coming months and in 2023, it is unlikely that the growth will be phenomenal in 2024.

In a nutshell, our 2024 Balancer price forecast is a minimum price of $17.63 and a maximum price of $19.08. Based on this forecast, the average price of the coin will be $21.43. The figures may be underwhelming, but they represent the most realistic figures we should all expect. 

Balancer (BAL) Price Prediction For 2025 

If the Balancer protocol can become as popular as we believe it can become, the price of its native currency should receive a reasonable boost by 2025. However, we do not anticipate that the Balancer coin will reach the previous heights it reached before. Rather, moderate growth should be okay. 

The 11 analysts offering 2025 price forecasts for Balancer coin have a median target of $22.39, with a high estimate of $24.93 and a low estimate of $19.07. The average estimate represents a 98% increase from the current price. Of course, it is possible that the Balancer coin will perform better or worse than we they predicted. But what we have here is the most realistic prediction for 2025. 

Balancer (BAL) Price Prediction For 2026 

Considering BAL's historical data (though it is really small), we believe that it may not sustain a steady growth for several years. Many analysts share this view, which is why it will not surprise many if the price of the coin drop in 2026. However, we do not believe that the price drop will be significant enough to cause concern. 

According to price prediction, Balancer token is likely to record a minimum price of $18.09 and a maximum price of $21.21 in 2026. Based on these forecasted prices, the average price of the Balancer coin will be $19.95 in 2026. 

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Balancer (BAL) Price Prediction For 2027 

Have you ever wondered what the price of the Balancer token will be in the next five years? 2027 is exactly five years away and depending on the source you consult, you will find different price predictions for the coin. For instance, WalletInvestor’s five-year forecast for the coin is $29.745 in 2027 while predicts that the Balancer token will have minimum and maximum prices of $101.03 and $113.79, respectively. 

Our Balancer (BAL) price prediction for 2027 is as conservative as what we have for the other years. Though the coin is expected to gain meaningful value within the next five years, our analysis shows that the minimum price should be in the region of $21.38 while the maximum price should be in the region of $28.80. 

Balancer (BAL) Price Prediction For 2028 

We have every reason to believe that BAL will have a good year in 2028. The Balancer protocol must have become a lot more popular by that time, and improvement in adoption will boost the usefulness of its native token. Of course, that will also have a positive impact on the price of BAL. 

If things should go as we anticipate, based on our data and analytical methods, the minimum price of Balancer in 2028 should be $32.54. It is also projected that the BAL coin can record a maximum price of $39.02 in 2028. The average price, therefore, should be $35.50. 

Balancer (BAL) Price Prediction For 2029 

By 2029, Balancer would have earned a reputation on the DeFi market. As long as the protocol remains as useful as it is now, more users will embrace it. We also believe that Balancer Lab will do more in the coming years to make the protocol more attractive. In any case, the price points of the token will improve. 

As per our Balancer (BAL) price forecast for 2029, the minimum price for the coin should be around $43.70 while the maximum price should be $47.86. The average price of BAL, according to our projections will be $45.69 in 2029. 

Balancer (BAL) Price Prediction For 2030 

By 2030, Balancer cryptocurrency must have been on the market for 10 years. Of course, that is enough time for the protocol to establish itself in the DeFi sector and solidify its position as a good automated market maker. Also, by 2030, many cryptocurrency investors must have encountered BAL several times. 

If the market should move in BAL's favour, 2030 will be a brilliant year. As per our Balancer price forecasts for 2030, the minimum and maximum prices of the coin are expected to be $49.12 and $59.55, respectively. The implication is that the average price of the BAL coin will be $56.97 in 2030. 

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Should You Invest In Balancer (BAL) 

From what we have covered so far, you can tell that Balancer is a unique Ethereum-based protocol that can be very useful for DeFi participants. It offers several helpful perks to users and rewards them for contributing to customizable liquidity pools. By all standards, it is an above-average automated market maker. But does that mean you should invest in BAL? 

The BAL token is both the utility and governance token of the Balancer protocol. As such, it is expected to gain value as the protocol improves and become more popular. However, it has been shown in the past that the coin can be extremely volatile. 

From our BAL price predictions and forecasts, you can tell that the coin is not going to grow at a fast pace. Rather, it will likely grow slowly over the next eight years. It is a suitable investment vehicle for patient investors who are ready to endure losses, should the bearish market continue for long. BAL's price history inspires little confidence. If you don't have the stomach for high-risk cryptocurrencies, this may not be the best coin for you. 

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.


Are you still contemplating whether to buy BAL or not and do you have a few questions on your mind? Here are answers to some of the commonest questions we get about Balancer BAL investing:  

Is Balancer (BAL) a profitable investment?

At the moment, we can't classify Balancer (BAL) coin as a profitable investment. It is on a bearish run, and prices may not improve as fast as we anticipate. Also, it has dropped significantly since it reached its ATH last year, meaning many have recorded losses instead of profits. 

Is BAL a good investment for the future?  

As it stands, BAL is not looking like a great investment for the future. It is a very volatile asset, and may not grow at a sustainable pace in the future.  

Will the price of BAL coin rise or drop?  

It is likely that the price of BAL will improve in the coming years. Meanwhile, it is still on a bearish run, and the price may drop further before rising.  

Can Balancer token make me rich in the future?  

Balancer (BAL) is not yet a millionaire-maker coin, though some of the earliest investors made money last year. At the current state, there is no guarantee that you will make a big profit by investing in Balancer (BAL).  

Will BAL crash?  

No, it is unlikely that BAL will crash. It is the native currency of an automated market maker that can become a lot more relevant in the future. The chances of the coin crashing are almost non-existent.  

Will BAL reach $100?  

Yes, BAL can reach $100. After all, it took the coin a little less than one year to reach an all-time high price of $74.77.  

Will Balance hit $1000?  

Yes, as per Balancer coin Forecast, prices can hit the $1000 mark in the long-term, but it will take time. Currently, it holds the potential for a significant bullish run in the next few years based on technical outlook. According to our prediction, this will not happen within the next ten years. It may take up to twenty years if things should move at the pace we anticipate.  

Is Balancer (BAL) a risky investment?  

Balancer crypto is a risky investment, just like every other cryptocurrency. Considering that it has shown signs of extreme volatility, we can classify it as a high-risk investment.  

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