Where To Buy Ethereum (ETH)

Last Updated June 4th 2022
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Ethereum is the second most valuable cryptocurrency. It is the largest smart contract ecosystem, home to the largest pool of blockchain developers, and hosts the widest range of crypto projects i.e. DeFi, NFTs, Web 3.0, and dApps. 

Owing to its stellar past price action, a growing number of analysts and investors are confident that Ethereum will eventually flip Bitcoin as the most valuable and most useful crypto technology. 

In this post, we tell you of the best places to buy Ethereum, give you a step-by-step guide on how to buy the altcoin in less than 10 minutes, and teach you everything else you need to know about buying Ethereum. 

How To Buy Ethereum (ETH) – Quick Guide

Buying Ethereum doesn't have to be complicated. You can start trading the most valuable altcoin in one of the hundreds of crypto trading platforms, including multi-regulated eToro exchange. You only need $10 to start buying ETH on eToro and the buy process takes less than 5 minutes.

  • Step 1: Open an eToro Account – Head over to the eToro website and hit the 'Join Now' button to start the registration process. Complete the registration form that pops up and verify your identity.
  • Step 2: Deposit Funds – Log in to your verified trader account and hit 'Deposit.' Choose one of the supported payment options and follow the prompts to make a deposit. Note that you can deposit a minimum of $10.  
  • Step3: Buy Ethereum (ETH) – Tap on the 'Discover' button, select 'Crypto' from the supported asset classes, and choose 'Ethereum' from the list of supported crypto assets. Hit the 'Buy' button and use the trading tab that pops up to customize the trade.

That’s it! By following these easy steps, you can invest in Ethereum in less than 5 minutes.


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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.


Where To Buy Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is one of the most sought-after crypto assets. It is massively popular in and outside the crypto community and investor interest in the altcoin has been on an uptrend. 

Ethereum is also listed with virtually all the most popular crypto exchanges, peer-to-peer trading platforms, and OTC crypto trading platforms. 

Hereinbelow, we tell you of the 3 top exchanges where you can buy Ethereum today. 

1. eToro - Overall Best Place to Buy Ethereum in 2022

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eToro makes it to our list of top exchanges to invest in Ethereum because of its beginner friendliness and ease of use. For starters, it runs an easy and straightforward onboarding process that allows anyone to register and start trading crypto in minutes. It also maintains one of the most beginner-friendly crypto trading platforms and lets you start buying Ethereum with as little as $10. 

eToro started as a forex trading platform in 2007. It, however, has since morphed into one of the most popular and adequately liquid crypto exchanges. It supports one of the widest range of payment methods. And this lets eToro platform users buy Ethereum with credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, Trustly, and such eWallets as Skrill, Neteller, and PayPal. 

The top exchange also maintains highly competitive and transparent trading and non-trading fees. For instance, it doesn't charge any deposit processing fees. Additionally, you only have to pay a fixed commission of 1% when you buy ETH tokens on eToro. The transparency claim is also given credence by the fact that the crypto exchange lets you view all the fees acting on your crypto trade before you hit the buy/sell button. 

The crypto exchange also maintains a highly intuitive trading platform, which appeals to both beginner and expert traders. It is easily navigable and features a smooth buy process. But it also features a set of highly advanced trading, research, and risk management tools. 

We also featured eToro atop the where to buy Ethereum list because it provides all its platform used with free crypto wallets. You can decide to leave the purchased ETH tokens in the insured and free exchange provided wallet. Alternatively, you can move them to the equally free but non-custodial eToro mobile wallet app. 

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

2. Crypto.com - Best Place to Buy Ethereum for High Instant Deposits

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Crypto.com is a relatively new crypto exchange created in 2019. It, however, ranks highly on the list of fastest-growing crypto trading platforms and blockchain ecosystems - seeing that it recently launched the Cronos blockchain. The exchange is also deeply liquid and supports a wide range of crypto assets and ETH trading pairs. But it appears on our list of where to buy ETH because of its relatively high and instantaneous deposits - up to $50,000 daily. 

Other factors that help Crypto.com feature on our list of top exchanges to buy Ethereum include its appeal to different types of investors. It, for instance, appeals to beginner traders with its easy client onboarding process and highly intuitive user interface. Not forgetting its affordable minimum deposit of $20 and competitive trading fees. 

Crypto.com then appeals to expert traders, especially scalpers with its ultra-fast order execution speeds. These are complemented by the intuitive trading platform that integrates a host of premium market research, trading, and risk management tools. 

We also feature it among the best places to buy Ethereum because of its competitive trading fees. When you buy Ethereum on Crypto.com, for instance, you will only pay a maker/taker fee of between 0.4% and 0.1% - based on your 30-day trading volume. And if you had staked a minimum of 5000 CRO (Cronos) coins on the platform, you enjoy a 10% discount on the fee. 

Crypto.com will also provide Ethereum platform users on the platform with a free digital wallet. You also get to enjoy staking and lending services on the platform. The staking platform earns you up to 14.50% on ETH while the lending platform lets you borrow 50% of your staked ETH tokens while maintaining flexible repayments of up to 12 months. 

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

3. Binance - Best Place to Buy Ethereum for Low Fees

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Binance is the largest and arguably the most popular crypto exchange in the world. Daily crypto trading volumes in excess of $40 Billion then confirm it as the most liquid crypto exchange. But it makes it to our list of where to buy Ethereum because of its incredibly low crypto trading fees. 

When buying Ethereum via Binance, for instance, you will only pay a maker/taker fee of between 0.1% and 0.04% - based on your 30-day trading volume. And if you choose to settle the trading fee with BNB coins - the native token for the Binance Smart Chain - you qualify for a 25% discount. This brings the trading fee down to between 0.75% and 0.03%. 

We also feature it among the best places to buy Ethereum because of its resource-rich trading platform. For starters, the exchange maintains a quick and straightforward client onboarding process. It also runs an easily navigable and beginner-friendly trading platform. 

The Binance trading platform also integrates a host of premium trading, research, and risk management tools. These, plus the fact that the exchange maintains some of the fastest order execution speeds endears Binance to expert crypto investors. The fact that it also supports a wide range of crypto assets and lists a wide range of ETH pairs endears it to active traders, especially scalpers. 

Additionally, Binance is dedicated to the security of user funds. Like all other crypto exchanges, it gives its clients free access to an ultra-secure exchange-based wallet. You could also choose to use their free and non-custodial crypto storage services provided through their Trust wallet app. 

We also feature Binance here because it maintains the largest private insurance fund dedicated to crypto investors. So far, the exchange has a cumulated $1 Billion dedicated to reimbursing its clients in case of a crypto hack. 

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

What Is Ethereum (ETH)?

Ethereum is a decentralized and open-sourced blockchain technology created by Vitalik Buterim - alongside 7 other co-founders. Its development started in 2013 but the Ethereum mainnet launched in July 2015. 

According to the Ethereum whitepaper, the blockchain is intended to serve as the primary home for decentralized applications - the ultimate home for smart contract-based technologies. 

Through the years the Ethereum mainnet has been subjected to multiple upgrades. The most recent was the London hard fork in August 2021, and in a few months, Ethereum is expected to upgrade to Ethereum 2.0 by transitioning from the current energy consuming proof of work consensus and embracing the energy-conscious proof-of-stake algorithm. 

Ethereum has pioneered several standard-setting crypto technologies. The two most popular today are the smart-contract concept and the support for the creation and deployment of other cryptocurrencies referred to as tokens. 

Today, the smart contract technology has been picked up by other blockchains and crypto programs. Over 25,000 tokens have also been launched on the Ethereum blockchain via its all-popular ERC–20 compatibility standard. 

Is Ethereum (ETH) A Good Investment?

Investor interest in Ethereum has been in an uptrend as evidenced by the growing number of ETH wallets and daily trade volumes. The crypto coin has also performed exemplarily well in the past, making it one of the fastest-growing virtual currencies. 

However, the crypto asset also faces several key challenges that would make anyone reconsider investing in the coin. Key among them are the prohibitive gas fees and the indecisive approach to ETH 2.0 upgrade. 

But to better understand if it is worth buying Ethereum in 2022, we need to weigh both its pros and cons.  

Reasons to Buy Ethereum (ETH) in 2022

  • It has sustained an uptrend: Since its launch, Ethereum prices have sustained an uptrend. They have never fallen below their introductory price, which makes it worth buying if you are looking to grow your portfolio consistently.
  • It records high in-network developments: Ethereum is the unofficial incubation hub for most crypto programs/projects. Some of the most revolutionary crypto protocols like Web 3.0, NFTs, and even the Metaverse were created and nurtured on the network. These are expected to continue fueling the altcoin's uptrend. 
  • Has massive potential for future value gain: All the developments taking place on the Ethereum network, including the ETH 2.0 upgrade are prepping the altcoin for unprecedented value gain. Some analysts and investors are even confident that ETH will grow its value at a faster rate in the next few years and eventually flip Bitcoin as the most valuable crypto ecosystem.  
  • Let's you earn doubly: You may also consider investing in Ethereum because there are multiple staking and saving platforms that let you double the income realized from your ETH holdings. Both from staking interest/reward and the altcoin’s value gain. 
  • It is resilient: You may also consider buying Ethereum because it is a massively resilient crypto coin. It has survived even the most volatile market crashes without dipping below its ICO price and its rebound was also swift. 

Risks of Buying Ethereum (ETH)

  • Massively volatile: Ethereum is a massively volatile crypto asset. Its price crashes often and it is practically impossible to accurately tell what it will be worth tomorrow or in the future. Only invest in ETH if you can tolerate such volatilities and price uncertainties. 
  • Stiff competition: Ethereum faces stiff competition from supposed Ethereum-killers. These include Solana, Avalanche, Cardan, and Tezos. They hope to draw development activity and investors off Ethereum and eat into its market cap by providing the crypto community with a more versatile, affordable, faster, and innovative smart contract platform. 
  • High gas fees: Ethereum's low transaction processing speeds against a growing number of use cases often leads to skyrocketing gas prices. During the recent launch of the Apecoin Metaverse transaction confirmation prices exceeded $200. This has seen developers and brands shun the platform in favour of more affordable and faster smart contract platforms like Solana or the Binance Smart Chain. 

Ethereum (ETH) Price

Ethereum tokens were first availed to the public via an ICO in the summer of 2014 with each virtual asset selling for $0.311. By the time the altcoin started selling on main exchanges in August 2015, data from CoinMarketCap indicates that the token was selling for $0.75 - having grown its value by more than 250%. The price jump evidences the warm welcome that both the coin and its revolutionary smart contract technology have received from the crypto market.

Between 2015 and early 2017, Ethereum prices ranged between $1 and $15. Its daily trade volumes ranged between $1 million and $100 million. Such an insignificant price action for such a promising altcoin has been attributed to the low adoption of crypto technology.

But as soon as the crypto market started rallying in the second half of 2017, Ethereum tokens took the cue. Having stormed into the year selling for $8, the altcoin quickly rallied to $50 for the first time in April 2017. It then tore above $100 in early May before hitting its first peak, around $380 in mid-June. It would then enter a short correction phase that sent it towards $200 by mid-August, before resuming the rally in October and running towards $1400 by mid-Janiary 2018.

This rally was followed by a volatile crash and prolonged crypto winter that saw the ETH token lose 95% of its peak prices and sell for $80 by December 2018.

It only started gaining value again in the last quarter of 2020 and in the 12 months to November 2021, ETH token prices appreciated by close to 1100%. They rose from around $450 to its current all-time high of $4890.

Today, however, the crypto coin has shed close to 60% of this peak price and is currently trading around $2000. Nevertheless, this still gives it an ROI of more than 667000%.

Ethereum (ETH) Price Prediction

Moving forward, practically everyone - from crypto analysts to regular investors - is confident that Ethereum token prices will rebound and resume the uptrend. They are banking on in-network developments and innovations on the Ethereum network, a growing investor interest, the coin’s resilience, and a recovering crypto market to help it escape the current dip.

The majority of crypto price forecasters have expressed optimism about Ethereum’s ability to resume its uptrend before the end of the year 2022.

For instance, a panel of 36 crypto industry experts and financial industry insiders were recently polled by Finder - a financial comparison website. They all agreed that Ethereum will most likely resume an uptrend before the end of the year. On average they expect the altcoin to break above its current high and reach $5800 by the end of the year.

Their optimism is shared by multiple technical analysts. Their analysis of the coin indicates that the altcoin will most likely rebound and aim for a new all-time high within the next 5 years. Analysis by the Wallet Investor, for instance, indicates that ETH could grow by close to 600% and reach $11780 by this time in 2027. An even more optimistic analysis by Gov. Capital expects it to break above $18000 within the same period.

Over the next 10 years, renowned hedge fund manager and crypto analyst Cathie Wood - CEO of Ark Investment - is strongly bullish on Ethereum rice action. She argues that Ethereum’s market cap will possibly exceed $20 Trillion by the start of the next decade.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Ways To Buy Ethereum (ETH)

There has been a mushrooming of crypto exchanges and other platforms that allow for the trade of Ethereum. These have created multiple ways through which one can invest in Ethereum. 

In this section, we look at the three most common ways to buying Ethereum today.

How to Buy Ethereum (ETH) With Credit Card and Debit Card

By virtue of being one of the most accessible payment options, credit cards and debit cards have been widely adopted by Ethereum trading platforms. They have, in effect, become one of the easiest and most common ways of buying Ethereum in 2022.

The upside to buying ETH with cards is most crypto trading platforms don’t charge you a deposit processing fee. The deposits are also instantaneous and reflect in your trader account within minutes.

How to Buy Ethereum (ETH) With PayPal

You can also buy Ethereum via PayPal. There are two ways to achieve this. First, you can buy Ethereum with PayPal directly from the PayPal website or mobile app. This buy method is, however, only available to residents of select countries, especially the UK and the US. 

In jurisdictions where PayPal doesn’t support buying ETH via their platforms, you have the option of registering a crypto trader account with an exchange that supports PayPal deposits - like eToro.

As is the case with cards, most crypto exchanges won't charge a PayPal deposit processing fee. Additionally, PayPal deposits are instantaneous and reflect in your user account in minutes.  

How to Buy Ethereum  Bank Account

You could also choose to buy Ethereum with the most accessible payment option globally - bank transfer. Virtually all the most popular crypto exchanges, including the 3 we have discussed above, support bank deposits and do not charge a processing fee. They also have relatively high deposit limits for bank transfers. 

The only downside to buying Ethereum with the bank is that transfers take long before reflecting in your trading account. At eToro, for instance, bank deposits may take between 3 and 8 business days before reflecting on your user account. 

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Best Ethereum (ETH) Wallet

Virtually all the popular crypto wallets support Ethereum - by virtue of it being one of the most popular crypto-assets. The Ethereum official website even provides users with a list of 40 Ethereum wallets. 

The majority of these are online wallets that store the private keys for your purchased ETH tokens in the cloud. But as always, we advise you to buy a premium hardware wallet that stores your coins offline - away from such common crypto investing threats like hacking. 

How To Buy Ethereum (ETH) - Tutorial

There goes everything you need to know about buying Ethereum. We have touched on top exchanges to buy Ethereum and some of the reasons why you may consider investing in ETH. 

Ready to start buying ETH? Follow this step by step guide:

Step 1: Create a crypto trader account with eToro 

Ope the official eToro website and use the ‘Join Now’ button to begin the onboarding process. Complete the user registration form that pops up. It will ask for such personal details as your name, email, phone and physical address. It will also ask about your trading experience and source of income. 

open trading account

Step 2: Verify your identity

Complete the registration by verifying your identity. Furnish the multi-regulated crypto exchange with a copy of your government-issued identification document like I.D, driving license, or passport. 

Step 3: Deposit funds

Log in to your approved eToro crypto trader account and press the ‘Deposit’ button on the user dashboard. A deposit tab indicating all the supported payment options will pop up. Choose one and follow the prompts to complete the cash transfer. 

fund account

Step 4: Search for Ethereum 

Still on the user dashboard, hit the ‘Discover’ tab and select “Crypto” from the list of supported asset classes. The exchange will provide you with a list of supported cryptocurrencies - tap on Ethereum. 

Step 5: Buy Ethereum 

By hitting the buy icon, a trading window will pop up. Customise the trade by indicating the number of ETH tokens you wish to purchase or the amount of cash you wish to spend on the trade. 

Note: The purchased ETH tokens will be deposited into the exchange-provided wallet. You, however, are free to move them to the eToro mobile wallet app from whence you can transfer them to a third party wallet or exchange. 

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

How To Sell Ethereum (ETH)

It is simple. Log in to eToro or the crypto exchange where you purchased the Ethereum tokens. Assuming you had already moved them off the exchange and into an offline hardware wallet, transfer these private keys back to th exchange. 

Open a sell order. If you want to sell the tokens immediately - at the prevailing market rates, choose to open a market order. If you want to set a unique price for your ETH holdings, open a limit order and set the selling price for the ETH tokens. 


Buying Ethereum, the second most valuable crypto asset doesn't have to be complicated. You only need to create a trader account with a reputable crypto exchange, deposit funds herein, and start buying ETH. 

Throughout this guide, we have taught you everything you need to know about Ethereum. We even discussed what you need to know before buying Ethereum. 

We have also gone over where to buy Ethereum and discussed, in detail, three of the top exchanges to buy the altcoin in 2022. 

And to help you get started with buying ETH, we have provided you with a step-by-step guide on how to buy your first ETH token on eToro. Follow this guide and begin your journey to crypto buy.  

eToro – The Best Place To Buy Ethereum

Open an account with eToro, deposit some funds with USD, and finally – buy ETH from just $10.

trade crypto on etoro

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

FAQs About Buying Ethereum

What will Ethereum be worth in 2022?

The majority of crypto analysts and investors are confident that Ethereum will sustain its current uptrend and probably be worth more than its current value. A few are even confident that ETH can break its current all-time high, reaching $5000 by December 2022.

Is Ethereum worth buying today?

Several factors make Ethereum worth buying today. First, it is highly resilient suggesting it will most likely rebound from the current dip. There also is a lot of investor interest in ETH and significant developments on the Ethereum network suggesting that ETH will continue rallying in the foreseeable future.

How do I buy Ethereum? 

Find a reputable crypto trading platform - we recommend eToro - and create a trader account here. Verify your identity and proceed to deposit funds into this account. Buy Ethereum. 

Is it better to buy Ethereum or Bitcoin? 

A number of factors make Ethereum a better investment. First, it has consistently outperformed Bitcoin’s return of investment in the past and is expected to sustain this trend in the future, largely based on Ethereum’s ow market cap. Additionally, Ethereum reports higher developer activity and investor interest than Bitcoin. 

Will Ethereum rebound?

Yes, it is highly likely that Ethereum token prices will rebound and resume the 2021 price run. 

What will Ethereum be worth in 5 years? 

Well, no one can tell with utmost accuracy what Ethereum will be worth in the next 5 years. The majority of analysts are however confident that it will have recorded a new high. Technical analysis platforms Wallet Investor and Gov Capital, for instance, expect it to reach $11000 and $18000, respectively. 

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