Can XLM Realize The Target Of $10 Any Time Soon?

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Cryptoasset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Last Updated August 26th 2021
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Stellar Lumen long-term price analysis shows that the XLM token could reach the $10 mark. This could be achieved if gains are achieved month-on-month and if the Stellar blockchain increases adoption. The rally towards $10 is hence a long-term prediction for XLM that could happen in 2022 after a period of consistent bulls. 

As it stands, the native crypto of Stellar, lumen (XLM), has been trading at its peak since June. Such an outcome has been inspired by the bullish opinions dominating the crypto space. Since XLM hit rock bottom back in July, the crypto has been able to bounce back many times over to currently stand at more than 84%.

The crypto has set strategies to reduce the gap that separates it as crypto from traditional finance. The XLM blockchain makes it possible for fiat currencies, among other assets, to operate concurrently amongst each other and with all players in the crypto space. As such, XLM blockchain simplifies the process of transferring fiat currency into cryptocurrency. 

The price of XLM was trading over the $0.40 level by mid-August, which was the highest it had reached since 5th June, when the entire crypto ecosystem was in turbulence. With the rebounding of the market following the ruthless selloff witnessed in May, the price reached $ 0.7965 in August, taking the crypto to the peak of its crypto rally.

Short-term price analysis for the XLM crypto reveals that there is a rather neutral belief for the token. While some feature bullish signals about the crypto, others are displaying a more bearish signal. More precisely, the current price prediction about Stellar is that the crypto will decrease in value by -17.77% by late August 2021, an outcome that will take the company to a $0.299838 valuation by the end of the month. On the other hand, other predictions show a strong market bull run will happen in the coming months, and new highs will be created. 

What's New In The XLM Bull Rally? 

Sentiments by investors concerning the crypto industry show that despite the price of Stellar Lumens being very volatile, the crypto still bears a very promising future. Analysis from XLM traders and experts within the crypto space show that the value of XLM will be so high in 2026 compared to its current market value. This is a long-term prediction. 

To make a short-term prediction of the value of XLM crypto, we must look at three important factors; the current price and its recent performance in terms of price, factors that influence the prices of Stellar Lumens, and the predictions made by industry professionals concerning the future of XLM coin price. 

As it stands, XLM ranks in the 19th position on the CoinMarketCap roll, where some of the largest cryptos are recorded. They have a live market cap of $8.834 Billion alongside a circulating 23.126 Million supply of XLM coins. 

Over the past seven years, the XLM coins have ranged. They have a history of being entangled in two amazing market rallies. The first one was during the third 2017 quarter when XLM coin prices went up to set the coins prevailing all-time high at $0.938, and the second instance took place early in 2021. During the second phase, XLM recorded its best at $0.796. 

Even in the presence of multiple endorsements and partnerships with giant players in the finance and tech spaces, XLM is still struggling to break past the $1 level. However, such an outcome does not prevent it or limit the coin's ability to attain and shoot beyond the $10 target. This follows the fact that the volatility and market fluctuations that the crypto space represents are very unpredictable.

The only challenge that may stand in the way of XLM reaching the $10 target is that each time the market takes a run, XLM cannot generate or achieve enough momentum to carry it past the $1 parity before the market collapses again. This sends the tokens down to a place where it has to fight for investor attention again to get where it was previously.

While the first and second market runs have not been very favorable for XLM, there is no saying what the third market rally will achieve for Stellar Lumens. It may perhaps help it hit past the $1 ceiling resisted its growth for some time now. 

While Stellar Lumens are among the most promising cryptos today, the crypto community has mixed emotions about the ability of XLM to reach $10. The ability of this crypto to recover from the previous and expected market crumbles leaves little to no room for certainty. 

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

XLM Price Analysis 

XLM Price Analysis

Stellar Lumens (XLM) coins are trading at $0.3577. Within the past 24 hours, the coin's value has gone up by a margin of 0.48% and more than 200% on a scale of one year. This outcome is even though the crypto lost more than 50% in the peak price of the current season within the past one month when it recorded $0.796.

When Stellar was trading at almost $0.356, resistance was witnessed at between $0.379 and $0.414, while the support was recorded at between $0.344 and $0.309. Wallet Investor, an algorithm-based site, performed predictions on the Stellar crypto and revealed that the price of XLM would go up to $0.416 before the month closes. If this happens and the trend maintains, it would follow that the price will record an approximate value of $0.537, $0.787, and $1.534 through the end of 2021, 2022, and 2025 respectively.

From DigitalCoin's price prediction, XLM stands at an average coin value of $0.570. Meanwhile, results of the Stellar crypto forecast conducted by GovCapital indicate a bearish outcome in the foreseeable future. In their prediction, the price is expected to withdraw to $0.360 before the year's close. However, despite this outcome, they also expect the price of XLM to shoot by early 2022.

It is imperative to note that the volatility characteristic of crypto markets is extreme, an attribute that makes it hard to come up with an accurate prediction of the price of any coin in the next one hour or two. As such, it is even harder to forecast how much a coin will be valued in the next months or years.

Long term estimations are harder than short term predicctions because the space between today and the end of the year is open to many things that may shift the market towards either direction. However, XLM's rally towards $10 remains a possibility. 

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

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