Could Immutable X (IMX) Be A Millionaire-Maker Coin

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Last Updated May 30th 2022
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With the NFT market roaring, find out if IMX is a good investment for the future. 

The NFT boom of 2021 inspired several projects to focus on specific solutions for those unique assets. The metaverse gaming cryptos have also felt the increase in demand lately. Although the prices of most non-fungible tokens have taken a hit recently, a few tokens have been spared from that fate. As a result, NFT cryptos represent one of the fastest-growing segments in the cryptocurrency market. 

One such unique project that is attempting to get back on solid footing is Immutable X (IMX). It offers convenient solutions for companies, creators, and independent developers and addresses the issues of Ethereum. This makes crypto enthusiasts wonder if Immutable X could be a millionaire-maker coin. Let’s see. 


Immutable X (IMX): What Is It? 

The purported goal of IMX is to promote NFT adoption to make it easier than using regular cryptocurrencies.

Immutable X offers the DeFi market a second-layer solution for non-fungible tokens on Ethereum. It is an open, decentralized ecosystem that allows users to trade non-fungibles with zero gas fees without risking account or asset security. In addition, the crypto offers improved scalability as the network boasts a capacity of over 9000 TPS. 

The structure of the Immutable X makes it convenient for use by new users who seek to issue NFTs. The best feature of the IMX is that it has zero gas fees for minting or launching a play-to-earn ecosystem. Instead, immutable X uses a STARK zk-roll-up technology to overcome the limitations of Ethereum’s high gas fees, low scalability, poor user experience, slow developer experience, and liquidity. 


Is Immutable X (IMX) A Millionaire Maker Investment? 

With its sustainable approach, Immutable X has become one of the top millionaire-maker coins in the crypto community.  

A couple of key factors make IMX one of the best cryptos to buy for future returns. One is that Immutable aims to alleviate the investor onboarding process. With an easy-to-navigate interface, anyone can take advantage of its services.

Moreover, the protocol has a non-custodial layout, making it more secure than custodial networks, as users never have to lose ownership of their assets. If, in any case, a non-custodial exchange is hacked, users' funds are safely stored in their wallets. Additionally, the network’s zero-knowledge proofs allow users to verify their withdrawals easily and anonymously.

Yet another factor that makes IMX one of the top millionaire-maker coins is its commitment to helping create a green, decentralized ecosystem. The developers have promised to offset any carbon footprint with certified climate-conscious partners, Trace and Cool Effect. Eventually, the project's final goal is to become the first 100% carbon neutral NFT chain.


Factors That Could Make IMX A Millionaire Maker 

Thanks to established partnerships, IMX has solidified its position as the top millionaire-maker coin in the market. 

Partnership With GameStop

One key reason for the rising popularity of IMX is its recent partnership with GameStop. Immutable X has partnered with the videogame retailer to launch an NFT marketplace for GameStop. The partnership established an up to $100 million fund in Immutable X’s IMX tokens to support content creators. Furthermore, Immutable X will also become a layer-2 partner and platform for GameStop’s NFT marketplace, which is expected to launch later this year.

The Addition Of New Projects 

The second factor that brings added value to IMX is the addition of new projects to the protocol. This helps to attract new users to the ecosystem. A few of the recent additions to the IMX ecosystem include Vy Worlds and Habbo NFT.

Partnership With NFTrade

Another partnership that has scaled the popularity of IMX is with NFTrade. The non-fungible token marketplace, NFTrade, has become the first layer two scaling solution implemented within the growing NFTrade platform. In addition, the coalition allows NFTrade to integrate Immutable X’s NFT-focused network to allow gas-free and seamless buying, selling, p2p swapping, and creation of Ethereum-based NFTs. These key partnerships are why experts predict that Immutable X could be a millionaire-maker coin. 


Can Immutable X Become A Millionaire Maker? 

A key factor that pushes IMX to the list of millionaire-maker coins is the ongoing popularity of the NFT sector.  

Few networks have the potential to have a drastic influence on Ethereum’s NFT market, and Immutable X is one of them. The purported goal of the project is to lower the barrier for the creators of NFTs and individual developers. The blockchain facilitates seamless creation and massive distribution of ERC-20 and ERC-721 assets. Additionally, numerous projects like Gods Unchained are being built on Immutable X. 

One can postulate that Immutable X could be a millionaire-maker coin as it claims to be a pioneer in non-fungible token technology, focusing on scalability and affordability while empowering the Ethereum NFT ecosystem. Moreover, IMX delivers instant trading and scalability for minting and trading non-fungible tokens without compromising the security of the assets.

Apart from this, offering gasless NFT transactions and a carbon-neutral environment while still being able to operate on the Ethereum network is yet another attractive proposition to emerging projects. Therefore, it will likely continue to attract new projects to IMX in the future.


Final Thoughts 

The idea of buying, selling, and trading the ownership rights to ostensibly exceptional digital pieces of art has turned into big business today. The world of non-fungible tokens has been the hottest and most controversial topic in the blockchain space. Therefore Immutable X could be a millionaire-maker coin as its highly garnering attention from investors worldwide.

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