Could Livepeer (LPT) Be A Millionaire-Maker Coin

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Last Updated May 31st 2022
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Livepeer, a crypto that's recently risen to new highs, is one of the top millionaire-maker coins to buy now. 

Video streaming is quite expensive as producers need to transcode videos before broadcasting them. Moreover, many video streaming companies sell user information and subject them to unwanted adverts to earn revenue. Livepeer is a unique cryptocurrency that aims to put an end to this practice through an incentivized, decentralized protocol. 

Livepeer is a platform where blockchain meets video streaming. The protocol is based on the Ethereum network. It has a strong focus on facilitating cheap, safe, and reliable infrastructure that caters to the high demand for video streaming for its coin holders and users. But could Livepeer be a millionaire-maker coin? Let’s find out. 


Livepeer (LPT): What Is It?

Livepeer is an interesting cryptocurrency definitely worth watching. 

Livepeer has positioned its place as one of the best decentralized live video streaming network protocols and infrastructures. LPT entered the market intending to enhance dApp developers and entertainers. It is built on Ethereum for on-demand video and live transcoding. 

Livepeer stands unique from the traditional video streaming platforms like Tiktok and YouTube. LPT does this by not storing, hosting, or distributing videos. Instead, it focuses on developing a technology that efficiently uses surplus computing power to share video from broadcasters to end consumers. 

Livepeer can provide HD quality streaming services in a cost-efficient manner, by taking advantage of the GPUs from users across the globe. Currently, it has +70,000 GPU nodes in operation. Moreover, reducing the cost of broadcasting and streaming will allow more opportunities for technological advancements in the sector. LPT also helps in enhancing the profit margins for content creators. 


Is Livepeer A Millionaire-Maker Investment?

Livepeer, the decentralized video streaming service, aims to reduce production costs, making it one of the best millionaire-maker coins to buy for future returns. 

The Livepeer network has grown to be a popular option since its launch in 2017. It continues to see support from the crypto and video sectors worldwide. Moreover, +12 million LPT tokens are staked in the network's smart contracts. These numbers saw a significant rise with the growth of the entire industry as the demand for streaming services rose considerably.

The token seeks to rectify multiple issues in the market. Firstly, the crypto is designed to provide an alternative to today's extensive centralized video hosting services, such as AWS, GCP, and Azure. Livepeer aims to offer a more free and democratic option to the market by providing a decentralized infrastructure for developers that is both secure and responsive. 

Livepeer uses a unique protocol known as the Platform-as-a-service (PaaS). It is highly scalable and suitable for startups and companies that want to possess live or on-demand video in their services. The major aim of the protocol is to transcode videos, helping to reformat videos to suit different bandwidths and devices. Additionally, it also offers a scalable infrastructure for developers seeking to meet today’s video infrastructure and streaming. All of these use-cases indicate that a timely purchase of LPT could very well be a millionaire-making investment. 


Factor That Drives LPT To Be A Millionaire- Maker Coin 

LPT has numerous real-world utilities, making it one of the best cryptos to buy now for future returns.

LPT’s Strong Real-World Use Cases

Livepeer leverages the benefits of blockchain technology to solve several real-world problems. This is one significant factor that sets it apart from many cryptocurrencies in the market. Generally, the process of transcoding videos, that is, formatting them to play them on different devices and bandwidths, is quite expensive. But Livepeer uses a distributed work protocol to reduce its infrastructure costs.

Furthermore, it rewards token holders for contributing their computer processing power and bandwidth to the task of transcoding videos. Token holders can also participate by staking their LPT and supporting the people contributing their bandwidth.


Could LPT Become A Millionaire- Maker Coin

Livepeer has positioned itself as one of the best cryptos to buy for securing a millionaire future. 

The Livepeer website is snowballing, with more than 3,500 delegators securing the system. Moreover, the crypto is designed to act as an incentive and coordination mechanism, assisting in keeping the network as secure, reliable, and cost-effective as possible. The crypto acts as a bonding mechanism to push orchestrators to perform reasonably, safeguarding the network.

Moreover, Livepeer offers video broadcasters a unique opportunity to tap into its decentralized and cost-effective infrastructure. Apart from video broadcasters, video streaming platforms also stand the chance of helping without selling users’ data and serving adverts. Additionally, it has gained massive attention in the crypto community, pushing the price of LPT and solidifying its position as one of the best millionaire-maker crypto. 

The team behind this crypto believes that the technology they have created has the ability to make a lot of other new services possible. For instance, better creator-economy streaming apps or pay-as-you-go content consumption, making LPT a future-ready blockchain network. 


The Bottomline 

Lately, content creators have been repeatedly taunted by large streaming services and their high costs. But Livepeer brings in a potential solution to this issue, which is why analysts predict that Livepeer could be a millionaire-maker coin. Moreover, the crypto industry will continue to grow, and crypto projects must improve their technologies to stay competitive. Cryptos without a reasonable use case will not successfully go the mile. This is where LPT can overtake a lot of its competition and secure a millionaire future for its investors.

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