Could Quant Be A Millionaire-Maker Coin?

Invest in the future of blockchain tech by investing in the Quant (QNT) project.

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Last Updated November 22nd 2021
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Since its launch in 2018, the Quant (QNT) cryptocurrency has gained much momentum. Even during a market downturn, this Ethereum token surpassed the rest of the cryptocurrencies. The growth trajectory of Quant has the crypto community wondering if it will be a millionaire-maker coin? 

Quant (QNT) operates as a second-layer architecture designed to bring universal interoperability to the market. The platform enables all types of DLT (distributed ledger technology) to communicate data between networks, including blockchain, DAG, and Tempo. Quant aims to bring enterprise software solutions to the markets that simplify DLT integration and expand the adoption of these technologies.  

Before analyzing the factors that could make Quant a millionaire-maker asset, let us understand the fundamentals better.


Quant: What Is It?

The Quant protocol aims to connect distributed ledgers across various blockchains for faster, more efficient growth. The backbone of the Quant project is its network, which uses the Overledger operating system.

As the first OS built for blockchains, this Overledger system immaculately functions between multiple blockchains and networks, particularly institutions that provide financial services, healthcare facilities, etc.

Overledger, Quant’s operating system, is designed to be both developers as well as regulator friendly. Here, developers can design and build applications on the said system, interacting with countless DLTs as well as other applications on the same DLT. 

While the mechanics of all the cryptos are like each other, Quant crypto uses unique and distinct technology, making it stand apart from other cryptocurrencies. Its strategy can be categorized into the following three:

  • Alpha: Quant is the first digital asset class to launch a new native source of alpha, i.e., the surplus return of an investment in relation to the benchmark index’s return through blockchain datasets.
  • Primitives: This second unique strategy of Quant is to make predictions and forecasts relating to the market scenario, thereby implementing actions and designing schemes based on the said predictions.
  • Unconventional Risk Models: Since its launch, Quant's strategy has effectively used risk management for various price-related approaches like hedging, volatility, etc.

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Factors That Could Make Quant A Millionaire Maker 

1. DLT Integrations 

Quant’s unique technical capabilities make it a must-buy crypto asset.

Quant solves one of the biggest problems facing the DLT sector currently – a lack of interoperability. In its current state, the market is filled with thousands of DLTs. However, the ability of these DLT-based data stores to work together is limited, leading to information islands, extra developer workload, and a host of technical barriers.

DLTs are tamper-resistant, immutable, decentralized databases that eliminate the need for a central authority or intermediary to process, validate or authenticate transactions. Blockchains are a subset of DLTs, and record transactions and data in sequential blocks.

Quant eliminates interoperability problems and connects public and private networks utilizing proprietary software called the Overledger. This protocol enables multi-chain communication seamlessly to allow developers to build more powerful and robust applications using Quant.

Quant has introduced a host of features and benefits that make it unique in the market. For one, it is designed from the ground up to remove all technical barriers to DLT integrations. The protocol is simple and easy to install. Users do not have to know smart contract languages, cryptography, or DLT data structures to set up their network. The interface reduces the technical complexity of the entire process.

The Quant platform enables users to connect to all types of DLTs. The network APIs make DLT technology accessible for mainstream enterprises. Developers, governments, and individuals can now leverage the full power of DLT technology without hiring professional programmers.

2. Overledger Network 

Investing in QNT now could help you make massive profits in the future.

The Overledger network is responsible for securing the exchange of data and value using Quant. The protocol accomplishes this task regardless of underlying technology by utilizing the Overledger Gateway. Once connected, the users can freely exchange data within the trusted ecosystem.

The Overledger DLT Gateway is among the first DLT interoperability protocols explicitly designed to service large enterprise clientele. The system enables any company to enjoy interoperability across different systems, networks, and DLTs. Notably, the system even allows the interoperation of any data, state changes, smart contracts, IDs, or digital assets (fungible and non-fungible) between ledgers.

Impressively, Quant’s Overledger DLT Gateway enables Smart Contracts to be written in any programming language on any DLT Overledger DLT Gateway. 

3. Security and Ease of Use

Security and compliance make Quant a reliable asset to invest and hold.

Quant works with existing technology stacks and protocols. The network leverages ISO DLT-interoperability standards to ensure the fast, easy deployment of business solutions. The protocol is also flexible. Users can exchange assets and information between any two networks regardless of the type.

Quant was designed by a team with years of experience in enterprise security and nation-level critical systems. The platform employs some high-level security features to keep your data safe. For example, the gateway does not store information. Instead, it operates as a second layer that orchestrates the interactions between the various ledgers. Notably, all data remains encrypted at the source.

This strategy adds no additional DLT, consensus, bottleneck, complexity, fork requirements, or single point of failure in the communication between the various ledgers. Specifically, the network utilizes single standards-aligned APIs to remain secure. The Quant protocol is 100% compliant too. This was seen as a requirement as part of the firm’s goal to service large enterprise clientele globally.

Notably, Quant’s unique approach is more cost-effective than the competition. Devs built the platform to operate as a software solution over the current networks in place. It does not require new infrastructure. In most integrations, the standard settings are all needed to get the operation going.

4. First Mover Advantage 

Buying Quant now could give you an advantage in the long run.

Quant is the only company that has been able to solve universal interoperability at scale with most systems currently, giving it a massive first-mover advantage in the booming DLT space.

Four different patents protect the core technology of Quant. Hence, trying to match their achievement will need someone to find a way to do the same thing differently and combat Quant’s first-mover advantage. 

The Quant Network team is establishing themselves as the true “Layer 0” of DLTs. This is where value can concentrate, based on the technology and standard, and it is tremendously exciting as Quant Network could capture a significant share of the DLT activity. 

It seems likely that a single-player embraced by large, global technology companies establishes itself as the standard in the field, making now a great time to invest in the Quant network. 

5. Future-ready 

Experts predict Quant to become a millionaire-maker coin in just a few years.

The Overledger can connect any isolated network. It can also link the next generations of blockchains and follow the technological advancements of the industry. This brings a notable benefit to their clients and the QNT holders. Quant's future-ready technology makes QNT a valuable asset to buy and hold over the long term. 

Investors and traders can use the QNT tokens for various activities across chains, including the movement of digital assets between them. Essentially, this provides a precious opportunity for holders to get exposure to the market segment seeing increasing DLT adoption.

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Bottom Line

The Quant ecosystem is built around Overledger, and it addresses blockchain interoperability issues without using any complicated software. The technology gives both individuals and institutions an equal opportunity to use the potential of blockchain. 

The protocol reduces the cost of DLT integration significantly and enables any business to enjoy the added efficiency and security these networks provide. You can expect to see more from Quant as interoperability continues to be the main concern for these communities.

For these and more reasons, experts believe Quant is likely to become a millionaire-maker coin. 

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