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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Last Updated March 24th 2022
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As 2021 had yield success stories across the cryptocurrency market, interest in blockchain technology has been rejuvenated and many investors are reassessing the potential of lesser-known altcoins to identify potential opportunities.

DASH Overview

Cryptocurrency Dash
Ticker Symbol DASH
Rank 156
Price $25.99
Price Change 24h 7.71%
Price Change 7d 10.55%
Market cap $308,680,218.53
Circulating Supply 11,876,300.162
Trading Volume $36,635,872.46

Dash once traded at over $1,200 per token but has suffered from diminished fortunes in recent years. However, the altcoin saw significant signs of recovery in the first few months of 2021. 

It’s fair to say that Dash has some pedigree too, being formed as a result of a Bitcoin fork back in 2014 with developers seeking to fix problems with the existing Bitcoin network - namely scalability - as well as increase security and privacy for users. 

Dash is aimed at everyday consumers - consumers who are increasingly concerned about privacy in the age of identity theft and digital fraud. It therefore stands to reason that a cryptocurrency that promises to completely anonymise transactions could well surge in popularity in the near future. 

So is Dash going to be a cryptocurrency to watch over the next few years? In the following article, we’ll look into Dash price predictions for 2025 and 2030, as well as considering Dash’s mission statement and its underlying technology. In doing so, we can build a much better idea of whether Dash is a worthy addition to a balanced investment portfolio. 


The History of Dash 

As we’ve mentioned above, Dash was actually formed as an offshoot of Bitcoin back in 2014. Naturally, this means it owes much of its architecture to the original cryptocurrency and co-founders Evan Duffield and Daniel Diaz unashamedly intended to build upon Satoshi Nakamoto’s original whitepaper with what they described as “the first privacy-centric cryptographic currency”.

However, Dash made several advancements on the original Bitcoin source code. Most notably, it moved away from the proof-of-work consensus mechanism that had caused BTC to become so bogged down with network delays and soaring transaction costs. Instead, Dash uses the X11 algorithm - which relies on a proof-of-stake (PoS) mechanism.

Proof-of-stake not only allows Dash to process transactions at a much faster rate than its predecessor but it is also less resource-intensive, which in turn make it a much more suitable medium for everyday transactions than the costly and power-hungry Bitcoin blockchain. 

In addition to being much quicker than many of its predecessors, Dash is also known for protecting the anonymity of users on the network. It does this by making use of PrivateSend - a mixing technique that uses at least three parties in each transaction. Effectively, the three users are merged into a single unit of senders, with no way of knowing who sent what to whom. 

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Looking at Dash’s Price History

Dash reached parity with the US dollar within a few months of having launched in 2014, then by May of that year it had surged to over $15 per token as investors saw promise in Dash’s suitability as a genuinely anonymous payment method.

However, despite this initial success, the price of Dash quickly dipped back under $3.00 and remained fairly subdued for the next year or so, rarely creeping above that barrier. Then, in 2016, Dash started to climb fairly steadily. Having started the year at just $3.28, DASH reached $8.10 by May - representing growth of almost 150%. Prices continued to creep up and the token had broken $10 by the end of December.

Dash was then on a protracted upswing for much of 2017, reaching $393.46 by May before recording its all-time high of $1,493.59 in December. Unfortunately, when the Bitcoin bubble burst in early 2018, so did Dash’s impressive price run. Before the year was out the price of DASH had tanked to around $62, representing significant losses on the period a year earlier. 

Whilst Dash has failed to recover anything close to its highest price, the altcoin performed well in 2019 and much of 2020, with prices increasing steadily before the market upswing hit in December. Prices then surged from $88 in January 2021 to $327.33 in February - representing growth of some 270% in the opening 5 weeks of the year. Dash rallied again in April, reaching a high of $381.95 before going into decline. Dash touched the $440 mark in May but since then hasn't managed to trade over $250.

At the time of writing, DASH was trading at just over $89 per token. 

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Dash Developments in Venezuela

Venezuela has rarely been out of the news in recent years, as continued civil unrest and economic turmoil have led to significant issues in the Latin American nation. One such issue is hyperinflation, which has led to Venezuela’s national currency becoming all but worthless.

In light of this, many Venezuelan’s have turned to cryptocurrency as an alternative means of payment. The organisation behind Dash was quick to recognise this and expanded into Venezuela in 2018, with Ryan Taylor, CEO of Dash, commenting that cryptocurrency is “critical” for “survival” in the country. 

The strategy appeared to meet with some success, as by 2019 Dash director of media and PR Mark Mason announced that there had been a 562% increase in active Dash wallet usage in Venezuela between May and December of that year. Naturally, this is a huge vote of confidence for Dash’s viability as a genuine payment method for consumer goods.

So what interest is all this to anyone looking to invest in Dash in 2021? Well, before the onset of COVID-19 in March 2020, Dash’s head of business development, Ernesto Contreras, mentioned that Dash’s plans to expand to national businesses and retail chains in Venezuela. If this expansion resumes post-pandemic, then the value of Dash could rise significantly. 

Can Dash Compete with Bitcoin?

As we’ve mentioned, Dash was very much out of the Bitcoin mould, with a similar objective and many similarities in its architecture. However, Dash fixed certain issues that were arguably preventing Bitcoin from ever being a truly viable peer-to-peer payment system.

Realistically, Bitcoin is more of an investment vehicle than anything else now. The transaction costs and block-creation time are simply too high for it to be used for small retail transactions. However, whilst Dash advocates may claim their token is a superior payment system, this does not equate to its being a better investment. 

In reality, a cryptocurrency investment portfolio should have a diverse mix of high risk and (relatively) stable inclusions. As such, a token like Dash would complement Bitcoin as the high-risk alternative, as it is unlikely to rival the original cryptocurrency any time soon. 

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What’s Next: Dash Price Predictions for 2025

It’s fair to say that Dash is one of the lesser-known altcoins, especially when compared to household names like Ethereum and Litecoin. This often makes price forecasts trickier for analysts as the slightest development can have a significant impact upon price movement. However, existing Dash price predictions for 2025 are the best information we have to go on when forming a longer-term investment strategy. 

One platform predicting growth for DASH is TradingBeasts. According to its technical analysis, the altcoin’s price will remain fairly steady for 2022, finishing the year on $93.84 before continuing an upward trend in 2023 and most of 2024. The platform then has DASH reaching a potential high of $241.01 before the end of 2025. 

TradingBeasts’ Dash price prediction is confirmed by DigitalCoinPrice. DigitalCoinPrice believes the altcoin will hit $122.12 before 2022 is out and continue to climb in price, breaking the $160-mark in 2023 and soaring to a potential high of $219.55 by mid-2025. 

Coinpedia is also expecting Dash to perform well in the medium to long term. Having reviewed other Dash price predictions, the platform believes the altcoin might reach a high of $830 by the end of 2021. Looking further ahead, Coinpedia believes Dash could soar as high as $3700 in the next five years. 

A more conservative prediction was made by Coin Price Forecast. Its analysis has DASH reaching a remarkable $141.90 before the end of 2022, growing rather slowly through 2023 and reaching only $150.11 by the end of the year. Prices are predicted to dip slightly at the end of 2024 but still reach $156.18 by 2025. 

DASH/USD long-term price prediction chart

Image: DigitalCoinPrice

Looking Further Ahead: Dash Price Predictions for 2030

Long-term Dash price predictions should be approached with caution. The crypto market changes quickly and no one should build their investment strategy based solely on price forecasts. However, Dash price predictions for 2030 can be useful in gauging current market sentiment for the altcoin. 

DigitalCoinPrice has DASH continuing to perform well over the long term, reaching $161.66 in 2026 before a slight decline in value going into 2027. However, the altcoin will recover well in 2029 reaching a potential high of $393.83 per token.

Of course, this is somewhat optimistic and presumably, this growth would depend on a lot going right for Dash.

Coin Price Forecast’s Dash price prediction for 2030 is still conservative. It has the altcoin worth over $170 as early as 2026 and continuing to rise rather sluggishly, trading at $258.80 per token at the end of 2030.

A research firm by the name of Crypto Research is expecting DASH to reach $1,800 by 2025, and $3,150 by 2030.

Again, this is highly speculative and no investor should add Dash to their portfolio based on these predictions alone. 

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Conclusion: Should you Invest in Dash?

Dash is definitely a riskier investment than some of the more well-established cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, but it is also one that has the potential to yield significant returns. As with all cryptocurrencies, Dash’s success depends on widespread adoption and support from big business.

However, one advantage Dash has is that it is seemingly gaining ground as a mainstay currency for an entire country. If the altcoin can prove its worth as an alternative to the traditional monetary system, then it may be enough to reignite investor interest and see Dash re-establish itself as one of the top cryptocurrencies.

The enhanced anonymity of Dash may also carry considerable appeal in the near future. In a more connected world, an increased emphasis is being placed on privacy and Dash promises exactly that. It’s also worth remembering that the altcoin solved many of the scalability issues associated with Bitcoin and could well prove far better suited for real-world transactions.

Most DASH price predictions suggest that the digital coin can expect to see a significant growth over the coming years.

If you want to invest in Dash over the long term, then you’ll need to keep a close eye on its development. There is definitely potential in the altcoin, but we’d recommend investing in Dash only as part of a diversified strategy - there are no guarantees in the world of crypto and Dash does not have the market foothold that some of the bigger players do.

Where to Invest in Dash

If this article has piqued your interest and you wish to invest in Dash, then you’ll need a broker or exchange to gain access to the market. If you’re already a seasoned crypto investor, then you probably already have a provider, but if you’re new to the market, we recommend starting out with eToro.

The platform has a very approachable trading interface and is easy for novice users to get to grips with. There is also plenty of information available for those new to the cryptocurrency markets and trading in general.

eToro – Best Broker To Buy DASH

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.


Is it worth investing in Dash?

Dash has not had the impact that some of the bigger cryptocurrencies have had, despite having some interesting features in its architecture. Whilst investing in Dash does carry a certain degree of risk, it could also yield serious returns if the altcoin takes off in the coming years. As always, you should only invest if you understand the risks involved.    

How much will Dash be worth in 2025?

No one can say for sure how much Dash will be worth in 2025, but most analysts are predicting growth. TradingBeasts has made one of the more realistic projections, with Dash reaching a potential $241.01 by the end of 2025.    

Where can I buy Dash?

If you want to buy Dash and don’t already have a go-to exchange or broker, then we’d recommend opening an account with eToro. The platform offers access to several major cryptocurrencies and you can open an account within minutes.     

Is Dash better than Bitcoin?

Dash is effectively an offshoot of Bitcoin and the development team behind it sought to address shortcomings with the original cryptocurrency. Not only is Dash much faster and more scalable, it also offers a higher degree of anonymity than its predecessor. However, this hasn’t been reflected in the price war and Dash is a long, long way from competing with BTC in terms of token value.     

What are Dash price predictions for 2030?

Realistically, a long term forecast has very little weight in the world of cryptocurrency. As such, Dash price predictions for 2030 represent guesswork at best and should not be used to form investment strategies. However, they do tell us a little about current market sentiment. At the time of writing, DigitalCoinPrice was predicting that Dash could reach as high as $393.83 by 2029. 

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