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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Last Updated May 2nd 2023
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The Fantom token (FTM) was a hotcake in January 2022. For some months now, however, the price of the coin has been on a downward trend. Investors are still drawn to the blockchain project, which is seen as a cheaper alternative to Ethereum. It is still an attractive investment, which is why we strongly feel it is normal for people to be searching for Fantom price predictions and forecasts. 

Check out the Fantom coin details below before we jump to a detailed and closer look at Fantom Price Prediction in the price chart below.


If you are interested in Fantom and you are considering a long-term approach to investing, then you are at the right place. This Fantom price prediction article will cover 2023 till 2030. To ensure that this article is as useful as intended, we will not rush you through these predictions. Rather, we will go into details in a manner that you will find helpful. 

We understand that price predictions and forecasts alone are never enough when it is time for investing money. We will touch on other important things you need to know to invest right and improve your chances of making profits from Fantom (FTM) token. 

What You Need To Know About Fantom 

A large number of Fantom followers are keen to track how FTM's price will perform, being ranked the 42nd by market cap. Many of them also believe in a bright near future results for Fantom price which is undoubtedly feasible. 

Fantom is a DAG-based smart contracts platform that has become really popular among DeFi users, enterprise applications, and EVM developers. It can also be referred to as a scalable project that provides DeFi services to a wide range of users, using a bespoke consensus mechanism and independent consensus layer called Lachesis. 

Fantom is a Layer-1 blockchain that was created as an alternative to Ethereum. Its infrastructure hosts decentralized apps (DApps) and digital assets on the basis of smart contracts. It is mainnet is called the Fantom Opera and it is open-source and fully permissionless. Its unique design means network nodes reach consensus individually. Transactions on the network are finalized within a few seconds. 

fantom price prediction

Fantom was primarily created to solve the scalability issues of existing public distributed ledger technologies. That is one of the reasons it is based on directed acyclic graphs (DAG). Compared to other smart contracts platforms, it is highly regarded for its incredible transaction speed, which has been reduced to less than two seconds, according to developers. 

Just like other cryptocurrency projects, Fantom has a native currency, and this digital currency is the primary subject of this article. Also called Fantom or Fantom token, the native currency of the network trades under the ticker symbol (FTM). 

The Fantom token (FTM) is the utility token of the network as well as the governance token. It is also the primary investment vehicle in the Fantom ecosystem. Within the network, it can be used to pay all kinds of transaction fees. Users can stake it to become validators and earn accompanying rewards. As the governance token of the Fantom community, it gives holders the power to vote on proposed changes to the network. 

Just like other digital assets, Fantom token can be bought and sold across a wide range of cryptocurrency exchanges, brokerages and related platforms. Like other cryptos, it is a volatile asset, which is why it is important to have an idea of how its price will change over time when you are trying to invest. 

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Fantom (FTM) Price History 

Fantom was launched through a successful ICO that was held from 15th to 16th June 2018. Coingecko started tracking the price of the coin a few months later, and we will rely on its historic price data for this section. 

On 30th October 2018, FTM was trading at $0.0139 per token. Nothing much changed throughout November, and on 31st December 2018, Fantom traded for $0.00661 per token. On 3rd January 2019, Fantom was trading for $0.0064 per token. On 1st February 2019, the price was $0.00356. By 11th April 2019, it had improved to $0.01462. By 11th July, it had improved to $0.03454. 

By 1st October 2019, the price of Fantom token had risen to $0.0108 per token. By 25th November 2019, it had dropped to $0.00970. On 2nd December 2019, it traded for an improved price of $0.0126 per token. On 31st December 2019, the coin traded for $0.0113. 

On 3rd January 2020, Fantom (FTM) traded for $0.01026 per token. By 1st February, it had dropped to $0.00921. Fantom dropped to an all-time low price of $0.00195 on 13th March 2020. By 26th March 2020, the price of the coin had improved to $0.00303 per token. On 16th May 2020, the price of the Fantom token was $0.00511 per token. By 13th July, it had improved to $0.01177 per token. On 4th August 2020, Fantom traded for $0.01330 per token. 

On 5th September 2020, the price of Fantom token was $0.0444. On 30th September, the coin traded for $0.0389 per token. On 3rd October 2020, FTM traded for $0.0311 per token. By 20th November, the price had dropped to $0.0180 per token. On 1st December 2020, FTM traded for $0.0208 and by 30th December, the price had reduced to $0.0163. 

2021 was the year Fantom exploded, to the joy of many investors. On 2nd January 2021, FTM traded for $0.01714 per token. By 31st January, the coin had improved to $0.131. On 4th February 2021, the Fantom token traded for $0.1409 per token. By 26th February, it had reached $0.6015 per token. It grew in March and April, and on 2nd May 2021, the coin traded for $0.8051 per token. It started dropping in the second week of May and by 2nd July 2021, the price of the coin was down to $0.2225. 

On 3rd August 2021, Fantom traded for $0.2514 per token. By 1st September 2021, it had risen to $0.7219 per token. On 5th September, it reached $1.07 per token. On 4th October 2021, FTM traded for $1.47 and by 8th October, it had reached $20.4. Fantom reached an all-time high price of $3.48 on 28th October 2021. 

On 2nd November 2021, Fantom traded for $2.71 per token, and by 23rd November, it had dropped to $1.95. On 27th November, the coin traded for $2.11 per token. On 1st December 2021, FTM traded for $2.14 and on 30th it traded for $2.13 per token. 

On 2nd January 2022, Fantom (FTM) traded for $2.59 per token. By 17th January, it had climbed to $3.29. It started dropping and by 31st January, it was trading for $2.03 per token. On 4th February 2022, the coin traded for $1.95 per token, and by 5th March 2022, it was down to $1.67 per token. At the end of 2022, FTM was trading for $0.1981 per token

FTM price chart

Fantom FTM/USD price chart. Source: Coinmarketcap

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Fantom Forecast: Taking Mentor’s Advice

Based on our Fantom price forecast and price analysis, a long term price increase is expected, the price prognosis for the next 5 years is $3.5, which is its maximum price. With a 5-year profitable investment advice, the revenue is expected to be around +235%.  

Wallet Investor

As per our Fantom prediction and fundamental analysis, there are good possibilities for Fantom price to reach $3 in the year end 2023. By 2025, Fantom FTM might reach $5. And according to Fantom price prediction, by the next five years in the long run it will go way beyond that level.  


As per many crypto experts and price analysis for Fantom forecast, a great time to invest in Fantom price as it may cross $4.5 in the next five years!

 Price Prediction 

According to our technical analysis, at the end of 2023, Fantom prediction should show great potential and could cross $2 as long term increase. 

Trading Beats 

According to Fantom prediction, the future price of Fantom might cross the $3 mark by the end of 2023 and over the next five years, the price would be $5.6.  

Digital Coin Price

Hence in the long term, Fantom price may have a large fan following brining the FTM's price to $4.5 by 2025.

Fantom Price Predictions 

Now that we have provided the perfect background information on Fantom and discussed its price history from the time it was launched to the present moment, it is time to consider how the price will change in the coming months and years. 

Volatility being at the core of all other cryptocurrencies, Fantom is indeed no exception. As stated above, it has to face the competition heat as well as crypto market moods. That makes the growth rate of Fantom price highly unpredictable.

It is also surmised that Fantom's price momentum may have a slow but consistent growth over the long term return potential.

It is important to note at this point that price predictions are not infallible at all. In the following section, we are going to discuss the results of our forecasts and predictions. These forecasts are made by analyzing the price history of the digital asset and considering other factors that can affect market performance. It is best to take them as suggestions of what the price will be in the future and not as infallible prophecies.  

fantom price prediction

Fantom Price Prediction 2023

From what we have covered so far, you can tell that we believe that Fantom (FTM) is most likely to improve in monetary value in the coming years. The platform is solid and has already won the hearts of many. With time, it will gain several new users and the price of its token could explode. 

Some of the encouraging price predictions indicate that the FTM price forecast and prediction in 2023 may even go up by 280% by the end of this year taking it to $1.95 in the short term. The Fantom price in the first half of the year would be $1.55. If you are looking for virtual currencies with a good return, Fantom can be an option. 2023 Fantom price would definitely rise.

According to Fantom price prediction 2023, in the short term, there are chances of gaining a maximum price of FTM as compared to the current price. While in the second half, there may be changes in the current ATH.

As per Fantom FTM price prediction, on an optimistic scale, the Fantom price forecast may reach $2.12 that is predicted for the year end 2023 for short term. The mass adoption rate by institutional investors and individual players may even push the price on an upward bullish trend, taking it to $2.3 on the bright side. However, this is only an exaggerated Fantom forecast system for one year.

It all depends on the number of alliances that further join the Fantom ecosystem. It would be a matter of great impact and motivation on the 2023 Fantom price predictions for the coming years 2024 and beyond. One needs to closely watch out for the latest high profile partnerships happening inside Fantom forecast that may pose an exemplary turn of events. Conclusion Fantom has a bright future ahead and by the end of 2023.

If you are going to invest in Fantom crypto and hold the coin, then it is important that you understand how the FTM coin is likely to perform in the coming years. 

Fantom Price Prediction 2024 

By 2024, Fantom must have become one of the top platforms for many blockchain developers. It is also expected that regular cryptocurrency users will start making use of Fantom and its DeFi services. Once this is the case, the price of the token is expected to increase further. 

It has been forecasted that the minimum price traders and investors will buy Fantom token in 2024 will be $1.68. The maximum price of the coin is expected to improve slightly to $2.39. The average price of the digital asset is projected to be in the region of $1.99. 

Fantom Price Prediction 2025 

2025 is about three years away, and that is enough time for Fantom to gain several loyal users. This is also the year we expect that the price of the native currency of the network will establish a support level above the $2 mark. 

An encouraging Fantom price prediction for the later year of 2025 indicates that the highest price of FTM hit is poised for an amazing journey posting a massive growth rate within the next three years. The long term Fantom (FTM) price prediction and the Fantom technical analysis also estimates that the crypto asset will surprise its fans by pegging at $2.10 and $2.75 by 2025 in the first half and in the second half respectively. The average price would be $2.54 by the end of the year. According to our Fantom (FTM) token price prediction, the minimum price for the coin should be about $2.14. The maximum Fantom price will then be $2.86 in 2025. 

Fantom Price Prediction 2026 

Fantom has the potential to grow at a faster pace than we have predicted so far. But then, there is also the possibility that it will not perform as great as we have foreseen. But being realistic is the key to making meaningful investments, and there is currently no reason to doubt that Fantom will not reach the height our analysis has shown for 2026. 

Once there is no major drawback to the advancement of Fantom, the token should trade for a minimum price of $2.35 in 2026. The maximum price of the coin could be in the region of $2.87. The average price is most likely to be in the region of $2.69. 

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Fantom Price Prediction 2027 

If you are a long-term investor who is normally curious about the potential yield of your investment in five years intervals then 2027 is the year you want to look out for Fantom price prediction. Getting a realistic view of what the asset could be worth can be helpful in many ways. 

According to the technical analysis and Fantom price predictions, in the first half of the year 2027, the price would be $2.94. What will Fantom be worth in the next 5 years? Price increase is expected in the year 2027 to $3.10. In the first six months the FANTOM price would be $2,87. The Fantom prediction is the price expected. Fantom forecast helps in knowing how much year investment can be done. In 2027, in the next five years, the all time high (New ATH) price would be totally different. The fantom price accordingly will change. Fantom has been projected to grow at a modest rate. The projected minimum price for 2027 is $2.56 while the maximum price is projected to be $3.45. 

Fantom Price Prediction 2028 

Six years is enough time for a solid cryptocurrency platform to expand and gain millions of loyal users. Fantom has all it takes to reach this level and we believe the platform will not underperform. We also believe that the price of its native token will benefit from all the developments that will come to the ecosystem. 

As per our Fantom (FTM) price prediction for 2028, the minimum price of the coin will be $3.83 while the maximum price will be $4.45. The average price is projected to be in the region of $4.15 per token. Of course, there are possibilities that the prices could be lower or higher, but what we have presented are realistic predictions from our analysis and research. 

Fantom Price Prediction 2029 

A solid cryptocurrency project like Fantom will attract several partners in the coming years. Already, the platform has several partners who use its infrastructure and resources for several enterprise solutions. Once the network expands to some level, the price of its native currency will reciprocate in a positive manner. 

Our FTM price prediction for 2029 shows that the coin can be traded for a minimum price of $4.36 and a maximum price of $5.69. The average price of the coin in 2029 is projected to be about $5.08 per token. 

Fantom Price Prediction 2030 

2030 is the last year in this Fantom (FTM) price prediction article. Obviously, 2030 is eight years away, and we know it is enough time for any reasonable cryptocurrency platform to find its market and start conquering its niche. Fantom has everything it takes for a crypto platform to gain widespread adoption and become very valuable. 

According to the technical analysis and the long-term Fantom price predictions, the minimum price of Fantom (FTM) will be $5.48 per token. The maximum price of the coin is not expected to be anything less than $6.57. According to our forecast, the average price of the coin should be in the region of $6.05 per token. 

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Should You Invest In Fantom (FTM)? 

From everything we have covered, you can tell that the Fantom network has the potential to become one of the most used platforms for DeFi and smart contracts services. It was built as an alternative to Ethereum, and while we are not projecting that it will surpass Ethereum, we are projected that it will expand and attract millions of users. If that happens, then its token will gain value. 

There are several reasons to believe in Fantom and invest in its token. Besides the features and uniqueness of the Fantom ecosystem, its price history has shown that it can grow significantly with time. Some of the earliest investors must have made reasonable profits, and we don’t believe it is too late to start investing. 

Judging from our Fantom (FTM) price prediction section, you can also tell that FTM is likely to become more valuable in the coming years. Though we were as conservative as possible, it is evident that Fantom price will rise considerably in the coming years. So yes, it is a decent investment, and you can start investing now. 

fantom price forecast

Before moving on to the next section, it is important to state that Fantom (FTM) token is a volatile asset. You can tell from its price history that the coin can rise and fall at any time. It is considered a risky investment, so you need to be careful when buying. You also need to be sure that you have the stomach for the risks involved in cryptocurrency investing and trading before buying Fantom (FTM)

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

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FAQs Fantom Price Prediction

Is Fantom a profitable investment?

Yes, Fantom token should be considered a profitable investment. Though the price of the coin has fluctuated significantly, its ROI is $8878.15%, which is pretty solid. Our forecasts also show that the price will increase in the coming years.

Is Fantom a good investment for the future?

Yes, Fantom (FTM) looks like a good investment for the future. The Fantom network is expected to grow significantly in the coming years, and the value of the token is also expected to rise considerably.

Is 2023 a good time to buy Fantom (FTM)?

Yes, 2023 is a good time to buy Fantom. Though there were times the coin traded for far less than its current price, our analyses show that the value will continue to improve and investors will earn more returns.

Will Fantom go up?

Yes, according to our forecasts, Fantom crypto will go up in the future. Fantom price prediction is expected to reach $2.07 in 2023. In the next five years (2027) our forecasts show that FTM could reach a maximum price of $3.45. The coin is also expected to grow meaningfully and reach $6.57 in 2030.

Will Fantom cross or reach 10 dollars?

According to FTM price prediction and our own research, of course, yes Fantom can reach $10. We will lively see Fantom FTM hit and reach the 10 dollars mark. As crypto space is now filled with surprises, and if demand and prices boost, it may reach the target.

Will Fantom token (FTM) reach $100?

We can’t rule out the possibility of FTM reaching $100, but the odds are just too much at the moment. Even if it can get to that height, it will take several years, perhaps decades.

What will Fantom token worth in the next five years?

According to our Fantom Price forecasts, FTM could record a minimum price of $2.56 and a maximum price of $3.45 in 2027, which is exactly five years away.

What will Fantom (FTM) be worth in ten years’ time?

Ten years is enough time for Fantom to go mainstream with the rest of the cryptocurrency industry. We expect that the coin will become a lot more valuable by then. Our prediction is that FTM could be worth between $12 and $15 in 2032, which is ten years away.

Will FTM crash?

Not according to our forecasts. The chances of Fantom crashing is almost non-existent.

Is Fantom (FTM) token a risky investment?

Yes, Fantom is a risky investment. All cryptocurrencies are classified as risky investments because of their volatile nature and the current state of the evolving industry.

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