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Cryptoasset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Last Updated April 24th 2024
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Ripple (XRP) is one of the oldest and most well-known cryptocurrencies and has the most institutional backing of any coin to date. After catching up with the crypto market, what could be Ripple’s future price? Before we get to that, let’s look at how much Ripple is worth and where it stands in the market. Here’s Ripple’s price today and Ripple’s market cap.


According to the latest long-term Ripple price forecast, XRP will reach $0.75 by the end of 2023 and $1.2 by the end of 2025. Ripple will then rise in value to $2.45 in 2028, and $3.81 in 2030.

But how realistic are these beliefs? If you’ve ever wondered ‘is Ripple a good investment?’ or ‘Can XRP be worth more than Bitcoin?’ — read on. We’ll be exploring some of the top Ripple forecasts to see how much the crypto might be worth between 2023 and 2030.


Ripple price predictions 2023, 2025, 2030

The Ripple XRP coin price is expected to hit the following milestones according to our XRP price prediction forecast.

  • End of 2023: Recovering from its SEC issues in 2023, Ripple XRP is expected to shine and hit a high of $0.75.
  • End of 2025: Expect Ripple to more than double its current all-time high in 2025 as it hits a record $3.2.
  • End of 2030: Competing with the likes of Visa by 2030 can take Ripple XRP to an enormous high of $6.81 by 2030.


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Ripple was first launched in 2012 and, much like Ethereum (ETH), its name is commonly used to describe both its payment platform and native currency. Technically speaking though, the platform is called RippleNet, while its crypto is Ripple XRP or just XRP. (On exchanges, it’s often just listed as XRP.) Ripple was originally called ‘OpenCoin’.

There is a max supply of 100,000,000,000 XRP. XRP’s maximum supply gives the asset a supply and demand factor similar to Bitcoin, though its much larger supply means it will take much longer for it to be considered scarce.

Some of Ripple XRP’s rivals include:

  • Stellar Lumens (XLM)
  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Dash (DASH)
  • Ethereum (ETH)

Arguably, Ripple’s real rivals are not other cryptocurrencies but established payment providers.

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Cryptoasset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Historical Ripple (XRP) Price Movements

analyzing the past performance of XRP crypto is one of the most important steps to take if you’re looking to invest wisely, so let’s take a look at Ripple’s price history and how the price of Ripple XRP has changed in the past.

What was Ripple XRP’s earliest price?: When CoinMarketCap first started tracking the price of XRP, it sold for a meager price of $0.005613 on the 5th of August 2013.

What is the highest XRP has been?: XRP reached an all-time high of $3.84 on the 4th of January 2018.

What is Ripple XRP’s all-time low?: XRP reached an all-time low of $0.002802 on the 7th of July 2014.

In 2022, XRP started the year at $0.8313, reached a 52-week high of $0.91 and a 52-week low of $0.29. XRP ended 2022 at $0.345.

Ripple XRP/USD Price Chart

XRP price Prediction chart

XRP/USD price chart. Source: Coinmarketcap

Technical Analysis Of Ripple (XRP) Price Movements

As we can see from the XRP Ripple price graph above, there have been a few significant Ripple price spikes over the years. The biggest and most dramatic event took place in 2018.

More recently in 2021, the fluctuations in Ripple’s price have been much larger than in previous years. However, even before the 2018 bull run, Ripple was a highly volatile asset, though looking at XRP from today it might not look that way.

Now the Ripple price forecasts are a center of interest for many investors. The overall recommendation is buy! Below is the technical analysis signal of the cryptocurrency. 

A crucial thing to note about XRP’s price performance is that while it generally follows the market (and more specifically Bitcoin), it struggled to get the attention it deserved in the most recent bull run because of its lawsuit with the SEC.

XRP Price Prediction technical analysis

Technical Analysis for XRP/USD by Trading View

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Cryptoasset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Expert’s Take On Ripple XRP Price Predictions

How high can Ripple get? Well, let’s see what the experts are saying across the web.

According to the latest long-term forecast, Ripple price will hit $0.39 by the end of 2023 and then $1 by the end of 2029.

Coin Price Forecast

Our Forecast System predicts that XRP could possibly increase in value in the short term by +19% to $0.4138 from $0.3479. The system forecasts a +27% move from $0.3479 to $0.4432 over the next month, XRP has a price prediction of $0.7064 in over a years time.


Based on our forecasts, the price of XRP may drop to $0.221 by the end of 2023.


he price of XRP is predicted to reach at a minimum level of $1.11 in 2026. The XRP price can reach a maximum level of $1.27 with the average price of $1.14 throughout 2026.


By the end of 2023, the XRP price is forecasted to be on average $0.5129. The expected maximum price is $0.6411, minimum price $0.4359.

Trading Beasts

According to our current XRP price prediction, the value of XRP will increased by 224.47%, reaching $1.25 by end of 2025.


Future price of the asset is predicted at $0.9855 (185.655%) after a year according to our prediction system.

Gov Capital

XRP price is forecast to reach a lowest possible level of $2.04 in 2027. As per our findings, the XRP price could reach a maximum possible level of $2.49 with the average forecast price of $2.10.

Price Prediction

As per the forecast and algorithmic analysis, [the] price of 1 Ripple (XRP) will be around $2.2823 in 2028.


XRP Price Prediction Long Term Outlook

As a long-term investment, it is projected that Ripple could perform very well. According to predictions, the value of the Ripple  XRP token could rise to $0.5 in 2023, and achieve a mean price of $1.2 by 2025.

In addition to analyzing Ripple’s historical prices, it’s important to identify the key factors that could affect its price in the future. This will make it easier for you to make your own predictions based on current cryptocurrency trends and find an informed answer to the question ‘should I invest in Ripple?’ 

In late December 2020, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a lawsuit against the Ripple XRP platform, Brad Garlinghouse, and Chris Larsen for selling unregistered securities worth $1.3 billion. Garlinghouse called the lawsuit “an attack on crypto at large” — and although the incident hasn’t yet had a particularly devastating effect on the price of XRP, investors could expect to see a price crash if the lawsuit succeeds.

In a statement, Garlinghouse said the SEC’s case was “fundamentally wrong as a matter of law and fact”, and that the “SEC has permitted XRP to function as a currency for over eight years, and we question the motivation for bringing this action just days before the change in administration”.

The dawn of new cryptocurrency regulations is likely to affect the price of almost every crypto on the market. But as we mentioned earlier in this article, many experts believe that Ripple is better placed to weather the storm of strict government intervention. As a result, while new regulations are likely to cause investor uncertainty and could lower the price of conventional cryptos, it could send the price of Ripple soaring. 

The presence of so-called ‘whale bots’ on cryptocurrency exchanges can massively manipulate the price of cryptocurrencies. Whale bots are large holders who run software to execute trades automatically, often on a huge number of different platforms and assets simultaneously. This results in artificially creating volatility, which consequently drives the price of cryptocurrencies up or down.

The higher the demand for any cryptocurrency and the lower the supply, the more likely we are to see a price increase. Unlike cryptos such as Bitcoin, the value of Ripple is tightly controlled by its parent company, Ripple Labs. The company currently holds more than half of all total Ripple tokens to keep the price under control. However, if Ripple Labs suddenly decided to sell these off, it would flood the market with new tokens, which would have a huge effect on the price.

Digital transformation is one of the biggest buzzwords in the financial sector these days. According to data collected by PwC in 2017, over a third (35%) of major UK companies have appointed a digital transformation leader, emphasizing its increasing importance.

It looks like time is on XRP’s side and it could make an excellent short-term investment (one year) or long-term investment (five to 10 years). Here are our Ripple XRP price forecasts for 2023 to 2030.

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Cryptoasset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

XRP Price Prediction 2023

With the SEC off Ripple’s back, XRP could see a massive boost in investors from all walks of life.

Overall, if this happens, we would expect more demand for XRP from institutional investors. As such, our  XRP Ripple price prediction for 2023 estimates that the XRP coin could reach $1.5 – an increase of 47% from today’s levels. 

Ripple Price Prediction 2024

Improvements to crypto regulation could give more traditional investors the confidence they needed to start investing in Ripple in.

Because of that, our Ripple XRP price prediction for 2024 is forecast to trade between a high of $2.9 and a low of $2.44. The coin is also anticipated to end with an average price of $2.67.

If you’re wondering ‘should I invest in Ripple?’, the short-term XRP predictions do look good, ranging from $2.35 to around $2.9 from 2023 to 2024. However, if you favor a long-term investing strategy, let’s take a look at the Ripple price forecasts for 2025 and beyond. What could we expect to see in the long-term? 

XRP Price Forecast 2025 And Beyond

Unveiling new and improved services in 2025 could see Ripple XRP retake the third spot in terms of market cap.

Assuming this is the case, Our Ripple price prediction for 2025 estimates that the coin could cross $1, and potentially beyond that level. 

The long-term Ripple price forecast has a high target of $3.2, a low target of $0.65 and an average estimate of $3.925.

2026 will see Ripple forge partnerships and MOUs with many of the top financial regulators across the globe. If Ripple XRP can rally to the $4.2 level, it is forecast to reach a record high of $4.56 in 2026. Our Ripple prediction also foresees XRP holding strong at $4 at the lowest and indicates that XRP/USD will wrap up the year at a median of $4.2.

In 2027, Ripple’s list of partners will likely increase several times over as it becomes the go-to platform for building blockchain projects. The Ripple price can reach a high of $4.73 and a low of $4.45. Our 2027 prediction also surmises that XRP will accomplish an average price of $4.59.

2028 will likely be the year that XRP sees massive institutional investment like never before as it proves it is immune to strict regulators. Bullish momentum can take XRP to a top price of $5.45 while on the flip side, it could see a low of $5.58. The 2028 Ripple price calculates an average of $6 at the end of the year.

Further applications for the XRP token could provide the asset with further utility, increasing demand. Continuing its long-term bullish trend, the XRP prediction has determined that in 2029, the token will cross $6.5 per coin. The expected high for 2029 is $3.6 and the low will be $6.36. The average price for the end of 2029 is $6.98.

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Cryptoasset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Paul Grewal is the Chief Legal Officer at Coinbase talking about the SEC regulation and relisting XRP

Ripple Price Forecast 2030

If you invest in cryptocurrencies for a long time, you will definitely be interested in XRP price prediction and long term price forecast. Is there a possibility that XRP can reach new heights by 2030? We believe that this is possible.

With high exchange rates and legacy systems making it difficult for companies to make online payments, it is becoming increasingly more likely companies will look towards technological solutions such as Ripple. Plus, the news that Ripple will soon be able to offer smart contracts makes this all the more likely — and if more banks start to adopt it, the demand for XRP will increase, successfully driving up the price.

Right from the beginning of this XRP price prediction guide, we asserted that Ripple is one of the top cryptos to invest in right now. This is because we believe in its long term prospects. The Ripple Network is unique and very attractive. It is sensible to expect XRP to be the next crypto to explode.

By 2030, Ripple’s network could overtake Visa as the number one payment provider around the world.

Our long-term 2030 Ripple price forecast points to a 3,883% increase since today's price with the token expected to hit an impressive all-time high of $7.81. XRP will also sink no lower than $6, securing an average of $7.4 in 2030.

Potential Highs And Lows Of Ripple (XRP)

It’s worth considering that the crypto market has changed a lot during 2022. The crypto community is awaiting the ruling in the court case with the SEC which has entered its third year.

With the ever-growing decentralized finance (DeFi) sector, it begs the question: has XRP become redundant? No, probably not, but Ripple will have to work a lot in 2023 and the coming years.

Turning the argument on its head once more, perhaps Ripple doesn’t need to play the DeFi game. As long as Ripple continues to bring in institutional partners, DeFi will likely mean very little to XRP.

Through our in-depth research for this XRP price forecast, we’ve been able to select key areas of the internet on the XRP price movements. These levels have been identified through technical and fundamental analysis based on the price chart over the last five years. 

Just like the price of other digital currencies, XRP price will fluctuate regularly. This section of our Ripple price prediction guide will summarize potential highs and lows for the coming years in a tabular form:

Year High Low
2023 $1.5 $0.31
2024 $2.9 $0.44
2025 $3.65 $1.2
2028 $4.58 $2.45
2030 $7.81 $3.00


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Cryptoasset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

What’s The Point Of Ripple XRP?

what is ripple used for xrp prediction

Many altcoins have been designed to solve some of the problems of Bitcoin, the so-called king of cryptocurrency. Many, such as Bitcoin Cash (BCH), have focused on Bitcoin’s lack of scalability. However, Ripple aimed at another defining feature of the crypto: its decentralisation. 

Instead of offering traders and investors a way to make online transactions without having to go through a centralized financial body (which can be slow, potentially insecure, and costly), Ripple was designed to make it easier for those very same centralized financial bodies to make payments themselves. Cross-border payments can be even slower, with much higher transaction fees, than domestic payments — and global businesses can make hundreds of these transactions every day.

Some of Ripple XRP’s benefits include:

  • One of the quickest payment protocols — 1,500 transactions per second with transactions settled in 3.89 seconds.
  • Transactions cost a fraction of a penny — $0.0001344.
  • Ripple can be used to source liquidity by banks on-demand.
  • More direct transactions in comparison to the traditional banking system.
  • Working with banks to create private blockchains for central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).

Who Is Behind Ripple XRP?

Ripple was first conceived in 2004 by Ryan Fugger, a few years before Bitcoin and blockchain technology had been invented. Fugger’s idea was to create a global payment network for the online community.

Crypto pioneer Jed McCaleb (who had previously founded Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox) along with Arthur Britto and David Schwartz later approached Fugger and took over the project in 2012 and began to create what we now know as Ripple Labs, Ripple (the platform) and the XRP token.

In 2013, McCaleb left Ripple disagreeing with the direction the company was taking and founded Stellar where he is the acting CTO. Stellar has since become Ripple’s biggest rival and the two projects are very similar technologically but have different aims and audiences.

Today, Ripple Labs Inc is headed by CEO Brad Garlinghouse, Executive Chairman Chris Larsen, and David Schwartz as the Chief Cryptographer and CTO.

Recent Ripple XRP updates include:

  • Negative UNL — upgrade to reduce XRP’s ledger to vulnerabilities without sacrificing decentralisation.
  • A $250 million fund to explore NFTs and other tokenisation projects on Ripple.

What Is Ripple XRP Used For?

To avoid sky-high transaction fees and unfavorable exchange rates, Ripple enables corporations to send and receive payments in Ripple XRP. It provides a globalized currency that bypasses some of the issues that can plague both fiat currency and decentralized cryptos.

Users of Ripple can transact any currency to anyone, and they will receive it in their own currency where they are based. The XRP token is used to transfer the value from the sender to the receiver.

Processes transactions every three to five seconds by validator nodes. Supposedly anyone can become a validator node. Validator nodes need to come to a consensus on the order of transactions and their validity.

As a centralized cryptocurrency, Ripple is neither proof-of-work nor proof-of-stake, which they claim makes them even more eco-friendly than other cryptocurrencies. Ripple also uses its own blockchain and is not built on top of another platform like Ethereum.

Who Uses Ripple XRP? What Banks Are Using Ripple?

Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other big names, it doesn’t market itself on its decentralisation. Instead, the crypto is closely aligned with a variety of banks, investment firms, and businesses around the globe. This may seem counterproductive when many traders believe that cryptocurrency’s biggest selling point is its freedom from external companies.

Some of the banks and businesses which currently support Ripple include:

  • Santander
  • Axis Bank
  • Crédit Agricole
  • UBS
  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • Westpac
  • American Express
  • International Foreign Exchange

In total, there are approximately 1.3 million wallets with XRP.

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Cryptoasset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Where To Buy XRP

Knowing that XRP is one of the most undervalued crypto in the market today, you may be thinking of buying XRP right away. Of course, now is a good chance to get the coin at a cheap price. However, you need to buy from the right source.

While there are many best crypto exchanges you can buy XRP, we can confirm that not all platforms are genuine and secure. Therefore, you need to be extra careful when choosing your preferred exchange or platform.

Over the years, we've identified eToro as one of the best place to buy XRP today. The platform is secured and very safe. It is one of the first online brokers to enable crypto investing, attracting over 30 million users in the process.

buy XRP on etoro


Another reason to trust eToro ahead of the other only places to buy XRP is its low barrier of entry. With as little as $10, you can start investing on the reliable platform.

There is even a demo account to get you started at no cost at all. eToro’s fees are also very friendly. It charges only 1% on buy and sell orders.

How about deposits? eToro supports various payment methods, including PayPal, bank transfer, as well as credit and debit cards.

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Cryptoasset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Ripple Price Prediction — Conclusion

In this guide, we’ve provided you with the most comprehensive XRP price prediction, including short term and long term Ripple price forecasts. We also discussed the coin's utility and value potential.

Based on XRP price prediction, the token is expected to see significant growth over the coming years. Leading experts vary wildly on their forecasts and data - but if even the most conservative forecasts pan out, anyone who chooses to invest in XRP could see good returns.

That said, Ripple’s battle with the SEC is not over yet, so investors should be careful. Though it looks like Ripple will likely win, nothing is 100% sure at this point and if the SEC wins, it could cripple the price of XRP.

On the flip side, if Ripple beats the SEC, XRP will come back even stronger. It will look almost invincible to banks and institutions, and it could lead to further investments. In the eyes of institutional investors, XRP would look immune to regulation and perhaps the safest investment option in the crypto market.

If you’ve been looking for the most recent Ripple XRP price prediction, we hope you’ve found this article helpful. Cryptocurrency investing is notoriously risky and it’s vital to have a robust risk management strategy in place if you’re considering adding Ripple to your portfolio — however, cryptocurrency trends suggest the value of XRP will ultimately rise by around 700% by the year 2025.

According to these forecasts, and the advice of Ripple Labs CEO Brad Garlinghouse himself, it seems that it’s best to invest in Ripple XRP if you’re prepared to play the long game. We may see a dramatic price increase and the charts suggest it could be a smart investment for those who are happy to take long-term positions.

In conclusion, Ripple's price prediction is difficult to predict with certainty, and it is important to conduct thorough research and analysis before making any investment decisions.

XRP Price Forecast

Cryptoasset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

If you’ve been looking for Ripple XRP prediction and forecasts, we hope you’ve found this article helpful. Cryptocurrency investing is notoriously risky and it’s vital to have a robust risk management strategy in place if you’re considering adding Ripple XRP to your portfolio — especially as the current cryptocurrency predictions vary hugely when it comes to the price of XRP in the coming years.

According to these predictions, it seems that it’s best to invest in Ripple XRP if you’re prepared to play the long game. We may be unlikely to see a dramatic price increase, but the charts suggest it could be a smart investment for those who are happy to take long-term positions. 

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FAQs XRP Price Prediction

Will Ripple XRP Hit $10?

It's not likely that Ripple (XRP) could hit $10 within the next 10 years. For Ripple XRP to reach a value of $10, the current circulating supply would need to be worth around $10 billion, while the total supply would need to be worth approximately $23 billion — so, we may have a little bit of a wait on our hands. If we see another bull run, this target could be hit a lot earlier.

Will XRP Reach $1,000?

No, it is extremely unlikely Ripple XRP will reach $1,000. This is because its total circulation is less than 100 billion, which means it would need to have a market cap of $100 trillion for XRP to hit a price of $1,000.

Is Ripple A Good Investment?

Yes, Ripple is a good buy. Since its launch in 2013, it has increased enormously in the long term and is backed by some of the largest banks and financial institutions in the world. Here are some important questions investors should be asking themselves right now.

Is It Too Late To Buy XRP?

If anything, buying Ripple now is perfect timing. XRP has been held back considerably because of its SEC issues and with them now appearing to be mostly out of the way, the XRP is expected to increase,

Where To Buy Ripple?

When buying crypto-assets such as Ripple’s XRP, stick to well-known crypto exchanges. We highly recommend eToro. Make sure you check reviews of different exchanges beforehand and be cautious of exchanges that encourage new users.

Will XRP Price Go Up?

Yes, it certainly looks like Ripple XRP is set to increase for the next few years based on the XRP forecast and data we have gathered. The long-term trajectory currently outlined for Ripple’s XRP indicates that a rise is on the horizon. 

What Will Ripple Be Worth In Ten Years?

In ten years, we may find that Ripple could increase beyond $5 per coin, according to the XRP/USD pair forecast.

What Will Ripple Be Worth In Five Years?

The Ripple price in 5 years is forecast to accomplish an average of up to $4.45, a 800% increase since 2023.

What is The XRP Price Prediction In 2023?

Expecting the XRP asset to climb past $1.5, which could provide the crypto with a launchpad for higher highs in the next few years.

What is the XRP Price Prediction In 2025?

By 2025, Ripple’s price will be a vastly different story. It will double up to a maximum of $3.2.

Will XRP reach $1?

Many analysts agree that XRP could reach $1 this year. Coinswitch predicts that by the end of 2023 Ripple can reach $1 and actually exceed it by going all the way to $2. Digitalcoin also predicts XRP could get close to $1, forecasting it to reach $0.92823112 by December 2023. And Trading Beasts seems to validate this prediction, believing that Ripple may get close to $1 by reaching $0.89 by December 2023.

Will Ripple Eventually Reach $5?

Forecasts are largely positive and many experts seem to believe that the price of Ripple could reach $5 in the near future. This would be a tremendous achievement for the coin and would bring investors great profits. Ripple has collaborations with many well-known financial companies around the world and it is only expected to grow and play an important factor in the financial world. Although the SEC’s court case caused Ripple to lose a great deal of value, analysts believe Ripple may still reach the figure of $5. Ripple Coin News predicts that it could actually exceed the figure of $5 by reaching $8 by 2025.

Is XRP A Good Long-Term Investment?

Ripple has big goals for the future, so it may eventually turn out to be a great long-term investment. One of these goals includes replacing SWIFT, which is often seen as the standard of sending money internationally and one of the main ways transactions are sent. The cryptocurrency market is constantly changing and to keep up with it can mean changing your daily habits to monitor how prices are fluctuating. Ripple could turn out to be an amazing investment in the long run, but also keep in mind the nature of the crypto world - it can surprise you.

Will XRP reach $5?

Experts agree that XRP reaching $5 looks pretty likely. In the short term, crypto experts estimate the Ripple XRP currency to keep increasing, with a potential high of $5. PrimeXBT predicts XRP to hit the $5 level and reach a possible high of $12.

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